Theo Mercier

Theo Mercier

Theo Mercier
Visual artist
Location: Paris (France)






As a true autodidact, Théo Mercier has claimed great formal freedom since his beginnings. Working to deconstruct the mechanisms of art history. Thus, objects and representations in which he goes back to harmonious contradictions. He imposes paradox, strangeness and humor as a plastic point of view. The result is a protean and iconoclastic work where images and clichés clash. Dominant and dominated discourses. Fantasies, unconscious and collective memories in an ordered cacophony.


Drawing from the world and during his travels the raw material of his work, Théo Mercier leads a reflection located at the crossroads of anthropology, geopolitics and tourism. Between the staging of objects and explorations of matter, he combines the practice of creator and collector. Through which he sets up an abundant exchange between past, present and future, life and death. Animated and inanimate, true and false, artisanal and industrial. Profane and sacred, real and fiction. Oscillating indiscriminately between facticity and authenticity, his work questions the artificiality of our collective representations and the fabric of History.



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