Thomas Lerooy

Thomas Lerooy

Thomas Lerooy
Location: Brussels (Belgium)


Thomas Lerooy is a Belgian artist, who was born in Roeselare in 1981. He now works in Brussels. In his workplace, a 1960s garage that was converted into a studio by OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen in 2015, and which features plenty of concrete, glass and aluminium, Lerooy makes drawings, bronze sculptures and recently also paintings.

Lerooy’s work.

Transience, the fleetingness of life and the sense(lessness) of our existence are recurring themes in Lerooy’s work. He draws inspiration from classical sculpture and seventeenth-century vanitas paintings, but also from book illustrations, anatomical drawings and grotesque prints. Through a game of creation and destruction, he manipulates classical art and places himself squarely in the Belgian artistic tradition. The humour, the use of the skeleton as a symbol for transience and the nods to Surrealism and trompe l’oeil are all reminiscent of artists such as Félicien Rops, James Ensor and René Magritte.

Sculpture and painting.

Thomas Lerooy flirts. With classical sculpture and painting as well as Surrealism. He provokes, plays and challenges. He seduces and deceives. He unites drama and humour, reconciles the theatrical with the intimate, but also strays into the field of tension between transience and timelessness, between old and new, life and death. Duality and tension are inherent in his work.

Living creatures.

New in his oeuvre are the paintings, which Lerooy sees as living creatures. They need time to mature both in terms of visual language and content. You don’t need to understand them, but rather to feel them by surrendering to the softness of his brushwork. Together with his sculptures and drawings, his paintings form a complex oeuvre that simultaneously touches and troubles, shocks and takes root.


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