Vanha Lam

Vanha Lam

Vanha Lam


Location : New-York (US)





Vanha Lam seems to be rebelling against traditional notions of design and composition. Both embrace elements of chance and distortion as a means of creation. Lam, from geometric elements on paper or canvas, creates folds and cuts that divide the familiar into the unexpected. For the artist, geometry is used less as a tool of composition than as a symbolic representation. It is a distortion. An iconoclastic impulse that recognizes the paradox of composition by chance. The end product finding the perfect balance between order and chaos.


Vanha LamVanha Lam — Superposition, 2018 in 2020 | Life words, Paper art, PaperPin on ARTDrawings — Vanha Lam in 2020 | Drawings, Paper art, Art


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