Wayne Thiebaud

Wayne Thiebaud

Wayne Thiebaud
Location: California (US)


Wayne Thiebaud (born November 15, 1920). He mainly grew up around the time of the Great Depression, which influenced his current candy paintings. Pastries that were considered a luxury by him at that time. Thiebaud’s successful paintings were mainly based on food and sweets. Such as pies, cakes and suckers. They are classified in the American pop art movement. This is the time when a lot of people have been trying to be content despite the economic downturn. The children spoiled themselves with candies and other candies to be happy. Find joy and rid their thoughts of depression.

Pop Art.

With the mix and repetition of bright colors and iconic American everyday consumer goods. Thiebaud expresses his nostalgia: for his childhood and for America through his paintings, classified as pop art. He has been classified as a pop artist due to his interest in objects of mass culture. But his works, completed in the fifties and sixties, are slightly older than the works of classical pop artists. Thus, one can suggest that Thiebaud may have had an influence on the new artistic movement at this time.


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