Xiao Lu

Xiao Lu

Xiao Lu
Visual artist, performer
Location: Sydney (Australia)


Xiao Lu (born 1962 in Hangzhou, China) is a Chinese artist who works with performance, installation and other art forms. However, she is best known for her performance. She rose to fame in 1989, when she participated in the 1989 Chinese Avant-Garde Exhibition with her work Dialogue. Barely two hours after the exhibition opened, she suddenly shot her own work with a pellet gun, causing the exhibition to stop immediately. When the Tiananmen Square Massacre occurred four months later, his actions were heavily politicized, referred to as “Tiananmen’s first shots.”


Preparations for the Chinese avant-garde exhibition began in 1986. It was the first time that an art exhibition for contemporary Chinese artists was organized and organized solely by Chinese organizers. After being postponed in 1987 by the launch of the Chinese Communist Party’s political movement, “Against Bourgeois Liberalization”, the exhibition finally received official permission to open at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing on February 5. 1989.


At approximately 11:10 a.m. on February 5, 1989 – two hours after the opening of the Chinese Avant-Garde Exhibition – Xiao Lu fired two shots into his own work, Dialogue, with a pellet gun. The exhibition was immediately shut down by public security, and Xiao Lu attracted national and international media attention.


Xiao Luتويتر \ #WOMENSART على تويتر: "Chinese artist Xiao Lu, Polar–2, 2016 performance art piece #womensart https://t.co/MEmFi45cRI"XiaoLu | Performance art, National art museum, ExhibitionXiao Lu (Performance Artist)

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