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Art Gallery Museum

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Art Gallery



Gallery Perrotin – Until Dec 21, 2019 Hong Kong (China)


Rendez-vous à la galerie Perrotin. Rendez hommage au regretté artiste français Georges Mathieu. Lors de la première exposition consacrée à Hong Kong. Représentant le langage calligraphique des années 1950. Sous une forme totalement nouvelle. Les œuvres haut de gamme de Mathieu. Sont constituées de gestes véhéments. De lignes brisées. D’explosions de peinture et de couleurs très contrastées.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "GEORGES MATHIEU"Image associéeArt Gallery






Art Gallery


The Broad – Until Feb 16, 2020 Los Angeles (USA)


The retrospective of Broad. Covers 30 years of photo and video work by the artist of Iranian origin. Brand the first major exhibition of Neshat in the western United States. And the museum made him count, filling his galleries. On the first floor with more than 230 photos. Eight video installations that tackle the story. Politics and identity with austere elegance.


art gallery museum (Photograph: Michael Juliano)Shirin Neshat — AWARE Women artists / Femmes artistes

The Broad – 221 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA




Art Gallery

Mario Merz

Palacio de Velázquez – Until March 29, 2020 Madrid (Spain)


The Reina Sofía Museum dedicates a retrospective to the Italian artist Mario Merz. Deceased, member of the group Turin Arte Povera. He died in 2003. The exhibition plunges the viewer into the Italian socio-political context of the 1960s and 1970s. When Merz, through his works. Made with raw or found materials. He was already questioning the established system. The role of individuals as social agents in a predetermined structure. Merz has returned to traditional forms almost ancestral. Including household objects. Animals and archaic constructions. Such as the igloo, with organic materials. Daily and symbolic. He sought to deepen the origin of society. As well as the traces of this life. Models in current times


Events near meVista de la exposición Mario Merz. El tiempo es mudoVista de la exposición Mario Merz. El tiempo es mudo

Palacio de Velázquez Parque del Retiro, Paseo Venezuela, 2, 28001 Madrid, (Spain)



Art Gallery

Anselm Kiefer

White Cube Bermondsey – Nov 15, 2019 to Jan 26, 2020 London (England)


Anselm Kiefer. It is always a pleasure to see a new exhibition of this type. The painter, sculptor and installation artist. Creates cryptic works. Intelligent and convincing for more than four decades. A Kiefer business card is the use of found materials. So, that of various natural substances. Such as straw and sand. Inorganic color chips. Grey. Black. Moles and unexpected appear regularly in the works of Kiefer. In the past, have confronted German history and symbolism.


Installation view of Walhalla (2016). Courtesy of White Cube.01_AnselmKiefer_PaintDetail_resized

White Cube Bermondsey – 144-152, Bermondsey St, Bermondsey, London SE1 3TQ (England)



Art Gallery

Francis Bacon

Centre Pompidou – Until Jan 20, 2020 Paris (France)


This retrospective Francis Bacon. The second in Paris after the Grand Palais in 1971. More important since the exhibition of the Tate Gallery in London in 1985. Constitutes an event. Gathering a selection of 86 works. 79 paintings including 16 large on triptychs. 7 works on paper including 4 unpublished. Public and private collections. French and foreign. Auusi, this exhibition pays tribute to the one who has already been appreciated. The greatest English painter of the twentieth century.


art gallery museumRésultat de recherche d'images pour "bacon beaubourg"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "bacon beaubourg"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "bacon beaubourg"

Centre Pompidou – Place Georges-Pompidou, 75004 Paris (France)



Art Gallery

William Blake (1757- 1827)

Tate Britain – Until Fev 20, 2020 London (England)


William Blake was a painter. Engraver and a poet. He created some of the most iconic images of British art. Radical and rebellious. He is an inspiration to visual artists. Musicians, poets and performers from around the world. His personal struggles. In a period of political terror and oppression. His technical innovation. His vision and political commitment. May have never been so relevant.


art gallery museumRésultat de recherche d'images pour "William Blake"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "William Blake"

Tate Britain – Millbank, Westminster, London SW1P 4RG, England



Art Gallery

Zao Wou-Ki 

Gagosian Gallery – Until Oct 26, 2019 New-York (USA)


Gagosian is pleased to present. A series of paintings by the Chinese-born French artist Zao Wou-Ki (1920–2013). The exhibition pays homage to the close. Enduring friendship between Zao Wou-Ki and the Chinese-American architect I. M. Pei (1917–2019).

Throughout his career, Zao Wou-Ki merged Eastern. And Western aesthetic traditions in his paintings. Retaining technical elements of Chinese painting styles. While embracing European Modernism. As a student in China, he studied ink drawings and classical Eastern painting.


Art Gallery Museum#zaowouki#zaowouki

Gagosian Gallery – 976 Madison Avenue,New York, ny 10075, USA



Art Gallery

David Nash

Gallery Lelong – Sept 05 to Oct 05, 2019, Paris (France)


david Nash explores the very essence of trees. Their materials and their symbolism. In their natural environment. Mostly known for his sculptures. Often using burnt wood. David Nash is working in 2D here. Producing simple forms with a strong expressive force. Having started his career as an artist and painter. David Nash accords great importance to colour. Related to details he observes in the landscapes. Here, red and black are the dominant colours in his works on paper.


Art - David Nash

Gallery Lelong 13 Rue de Téhéran, 75008 Paris (France)



Art Gallery

Leonardo da Vinci’s St. Jerome

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Until Oct 06, 2019 New-York (USA)


This year marks the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). To pay tribute to this occasion. The Metropolitan Museum Of Art offers New Yorkers. A unique opportunity to see his unfinished masterpiece, St. Jerome Praying in the Wilderness. The work portrays one of the principal theologians of the early Christian Church. During his two-year stay as a hermit in the Syrian desert. It was not unusual for Leonardo to leave his works in an incomplete state. Since other interests – science. The design of weapons. The construction of a flying machine – often distracted him from his art. Saint Jerome still shows Da Vinci at the height of his powers.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art – 1000 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10028 (USA)



Art Gallery

Adriana Varejão

Museum of Modern Art Aloísio Magalhães – Until Sep 08, 2019 Recife (Brasil)


With about 25 works quite representative of his career of more than 30 years. Adriana Varejão, carioca artist. Present at the Museum of Modern Art Aloisio Magalhães (MAMAM). In Recife, the show For a Cannibal Rhetoric. After visiting Salvador. The exhibition organized by Luisa Duarte arrives in the capital of Pernambuco. With some additional works. All produced between 1992 and 2016.


Adriana Varejão, Drosera (triptych), detail, 2012, Oil and plaster on canvas, three panels each; 99 x 297 cm, 39 x 116 7/8 in, Courtesy the Artist and Victoria Miro, London, © Adriana VarejãoAdriana Varejão, Drosera (triptych), detail, 2012, Oil and plaster on canvas, three panels each; 99 x 297 cm, 39 x 116 7/8 in, Courtesy the Artist and Victoria Miro, London, © Adriana Varejão

Museum of Modern Art Aloisio Magalhães – R. da Aurora, 265 – Boa Vista, Recife – PE, 50060-010, Brasil



Art Gallery

Olafur Eliasson

Tate Modern – July 11 / Junuary 5, 2020 London (England)


In Eliasson’s captivating installations you become aware of your senses. People around you and the world beyond.

Some artworks introduce natural phenomena. Such as rainbows to the gallery space. Others use reflections and shadows to play with the way. We perceive and interact with the world. Many works result from the artist’s research into complex geometry. Motion patterns, and his interest in colour theory. All but one of the works have never been seen in the UK before.


Art Gallery MuseumPhotograph of Olafur Eliasson's artwork Stardust particle, 2014Photograph of Olafur Eliasson's artwork Your spiral view 2002

Tate Modern : Bankside, London SE1 9TG (England)




Art Gallery

Alexander Calder

NGV International – Until August 4, 2019 Melbourne (Australia)


It is no exaggeration to say that Alexander Calder has changed the face of modern art. Known as “the man who moved the sculpture”. His gravity defying motives are immediately recognizable. In concert with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The Victoria Museum of Fine Arts. Presents the first retrospective of Calder’s work in an Australian public institution. Gathering over 100 works by the artist. Ranging from childhood works to three-dimensional wired portraits. Moving through mobiles and “stabiles” (anchored sculptures). With whom he made himself known. The heart of the exhibition will be an immersive canopy exhibition. The suspended mobiles of Calder, including “Jacaranda” (1949) and the flagship monument “Black Mobile with Hole” (1954).


art gallery museumAlexander Calder ‘Self Portrait’ crayon on paper, 1907 - drawn when he was 9 years old @ngvmelbourne #ngvcalder #alexandercalder

NGV International – 180 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3006, Australia



Art Gallery

Joan Mitchell / Jean-Paul Riopelle

Gallery Jean Fournier – Until July 20, 2019 Paris (France)


Joan Mitchell and Jean-Paul Riopelle, a couple that still fascinates today. Similarly, if their love story ended badly. When they meet in 1955 in Paris. He has painted for three years small rectangles of color that look like mosaics. She is still under the influence of the first generation of American abstract artists. Of which one of the most eminent figures remains Willem de Kooning. Both have very different universes. Riopelle’s art is powerful and instinctive. While Mitchell’s is much more cerebral and intellectual.

The Parian years.

Yet it would be naïve to think that these artists did not influence each other. Throughout their life together, advising and exchanging on their impressions. By bringing together some fifteen works. The exhibition gives us to see the reciprocal influence of these two artists. She focuses on their Parisian years. Period of their meeting and their first exchanges with Jean Fournier. We are pleased to find works deeply related to the history of the gallery. Like an oil on canvas realized in 1964 by Riopelle. A work exhibited during the inauguration of the space.


art gallery museumart gallery museumArt Gallery MuseumRésultat de recherche d'images pour "jean paul riopelle galerie fournier"

Gallery Jean Fournier – 22 Rue du Bac, 75007 Paris, France



Art Gallery

Lorenzo Quinn

Building Bridges, 2019 Venise Biennale – Until Nov 24, 2019 Venise (Italia)


In May 2019, during the 58th International Art Exhibition of ‘Biennale de Venise 2019’. The monumental sculpture Building Bridges by Lorenzo Quinn. Will be installed in a basin adjacent to the entrance of the Arsenale. In the Castello District of Venice. Building Bridges is composed of six pairs of monumental ‘stone’ hands. Individually titled ‘Help’. ‘Love’. ‘Friendship’. ‘Faith’. ‘Wisdom’ and ‘Hope’. The installation engages with the history of Venice. As a meeting point of international history and culture.


Art Gallery MuseumRésultat de recherche d'images pour "lorenzo quinn biennal venise 2019 drawing"

Laurenzo Quinn Building – Arsenale Nord – Bacini Di Carenaggio, Venise (Italia)



Art Gallery

Norman Reedus

Curator : HappenArt, Géraldine Beigbeder & Laurie Dolphin.

Gallery Maison Sophie Lacasse – May 28/June 29, 2019 Paris (France)


Norman Reedus is a multi-disciplined photographer, director, filmmaker, and actor. He is widely known for his current role as Daryl Dixon on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Norman Reedus also has a successful new travel series. Ride with Norman featuring motorcycle road trips which is enter- ing its second season on AMC in 2017.

Norman has a deep passion for photography and has been taking photos throughout the en- tirety of his acting career. His photographs are beautiful and terrifying. Macabre and provoking. Alternately dark and sublime. The recurring theme in his images is making the disturbing beauti- ful. His work has been exhibited in Europe and in the United States. Berlin. Hamburg. New York City. San Francisco, and Los Angeles. His photographs have been published in a limited edition collector’s volume titled The Sun’s Coming Up…Like a Big Bald Head (Authorscape 2013).


Maison Sophie Lacasse – 33 Rue de Bellechasse, 75007 Paris, (France)

Curator : @happen_art, @geraldine.beigbeder, @lauriedolphin



Art Gallery

Cy Twonbly

Museum Brandhorst – Until May 31, 2019, München (Germany)


Cy Twombly returns to the top floor of the Museum Brandhorst with a new presentation. A retrospective  selection ranging from his early 1950’s. paintings.Sculptures. Drawings and photographes to a work from his final series. Completed in 2011 shortly before his death. With more than 200 works. Half of wich will now be displayed. From different stages of his career at its disposal. The Brandhorst Collection contains the most significant survey of the artist’s works enywhere in Europe.


twomblyCy Twombly

Museum Brandhorst – Theresienstraße 35, 80333 München, Germany



Art Gallery


Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca’ d’Oro Palazzo Biennale Arte 2019 – May 8/Nov 24, Venise (Italia)


Carpenters Workshop Gallery, in partnership with the Lombard Odier Group. Are proud to present DYSFUNCTIONAL at Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca’ d’Oro Palazzo on the Grand Canal during Biennale Arte 2019.

The exhibition will present works by established. And rising artists seeking to break the thin boundaries between art. Architecture and design. The site-specific works combine extraordinary craftsmanship. With strong artistic and emotional expression.

Italian masters

17 artists from the Carpenters Workshop roster. Have been invited to create a dialogue between the jaw dropping architecture of Ca’ d’Oro. Its impressive collection of Italian masters. And the best of contemporary collectible design. To name a few, Atelier Van Lieshout. Studio Drift. Maarten Baas. Nacho Carbonell. Vincent Dubourg. Verhoeven Twins and Virgil Abloh, who recently joined the gallery.


Studio Job

Random International, Audience, 2008. Miroirs, métal

Random International

Studio Drift

Galleria Giorgio Franchetti – Calle Ca’ d’Oro, 3934, 30121 Venezia VE, Italia



Art Gallery

Nathan Sawaya

Buffalo Museum of Science – Until May 5, 2019 New-York (USA)


Named  one  of  CNN’s  Top  Ten  ‘Global  Must-See  Exhibitions.  THE  ART  OF  THE  BRICK  exhibit  by  artist  Nathan  Sawaya. Is  a  critically-acclaimed  collection.  Of  inspiring  artworks  is  made  exclusively.  From  one  of  the  most  recognizable  toys  in  the  world.  The  LEGO®  brick.  From  child’s  toy  to  sophisticated  art  form.  And  beyond,  the  world’s  most elaborate display  of  LEGO  art.  Ever  features  original  pieces  as  well  as  re-imagined  versions  of  the  world’s.  Most  famous  art  masterpieces  like  Van  Gogh’s.  Starry  Night  and  Da  Vinci’s.  Mona  Lisa  as  well  as  a  gallery  showcasing  an  innovative.  Multimedia  collection  of  LEGO  brick  infused  photography  produced  in  tandem.  With  award-winning  photographer Dean West.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Nathan Sawaya"Nathan Sawaya

Buffalo Museum of Science – 1020 Humboldt Pkwy, Buffalo, NY 14211, USA



Art Gallery

Edvard Munch

Bristish Museum – Until July 21, 2019 London (England)


Loneliness, anxiety, jealousy, fear and torment. Norwegian artist Edvard Munch (1863-1944). Probably wasn’t much fun at parties. But he sure had a knack for art. This exhibition doesn’t make for easy viewing. It’s heavy, dour stuff that’ll hang over you like a dark cloud.

But don’t come here expecting a massive in-depth show of his iconic paintings. Tthis is all about his prints. Munch worked extensively with woodcuts. Lithographs and etchings, and the results are often lovely.


Everything that’s in Munch’s paintings. Except for colour – is also in his prints. There are lovers whose bodies merge. Couples tearing themselves apart in separation. Solitary figures lost in unbearable anguish. Beautiful unattainable women. ‘The Kiss’ is filled with a naked lust that’s almost Shockingly intense; the eyes of the lovers in ‘Attraction I’ are sunken and hollow; and ‘. The Scream’ – yes, it’s here, relax – is colourless. Stark and almost more haunted than the painted version.



British Museum – Great Russell St, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3DG, England



Art Gallery

Urban Art Fair

Carreaux du Temple – Until April14, 2019 Paris (France)


First international fair of urban art. Urban Art Fair is the unmissable meeting place dedicated to the market of urban art. Since 2016, the three Parisian editions and the New York edition have each welcomed of 20,000 visitors. Bringing together an audience of enthusiasts, professionals. Collectors and amateurs come to discover the work of hundreds of international artists.
For this fourth year. Urban Art Fair wants to focus on the wealth of urban creation
Contemporary. His message carried universally within the public space.


Urban art fairRésultat de recherche d'images pour "urban art fair paris 2019"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "urban art fair paris 2019"

Urban Art Fair – 4, Rue Eugene Spuller 75003 Paris, France



Art Gallery

Art Basel Hong Kong 2019

Convention and Exhibition Centre – Until March 31, 2019 Hong-Kong (China)


Undeniably Hong Kong’s biggest annual art even.  Art Basel returns on March 29 for its sixth edition. And three-day takeover of Hong Kong Convention Center. Featuring masterpieces and contemporary artworks from 242 leading international galleries. People from all walks of life. From first-time visitors to A-List celebrities. Be on the lookout for regulars like Leonardo diCaprio. David Beckham – converge in Wan Chai. To make a turn at Art Basel to admire and discover weird and wonderful works. While it’s literally impossible to check out every piece of artwork. The fair is never boring.


Imi Knoebel

art basel 2019

Jo de Gruyter & Harald Thys

art basel 2019


Art Basel 2019 – 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong (China)



Art Gallery

Erwin Wurm

König Galerie – Until April 21, 2019 Berlin (Germany)


With The Serious Life of a Ridiculous Man KÖNIG GALERIE. Is pleased to present Erwin Wurm’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. It is also the artist’s first solo presentation in Berlin since Bei Mutti at Berlinische Galerie in 2016.
The title of the exhibition refers directly to the artist’s legendary retrospective The Ridiculous Life of a Serious Man. The Serious Life of a Ridiculous Man at Deichtorhallen Hamburg in 2007. And in his opinion, the world has become no better since then.


art gallerie
König Galerie, Berlin 121, Alexandrinenstraße 118, 10969 Berlin,Germany



Art Gallery

Vivian Maier (the color work)

Les douches The Gallery – Until March 30, 2019 Paris (France)


One of photography’s truths is that the best street photographers learn to be invisible or. At the very
least, to convince themselves that they are. Over the years, I’ve walked the streets with Henri CartierBresson. Garry Winogrand. Tony Ray-Jones. Diane Arbus. Lee Friedlander, Tod Papageorge, and some of today’s younger shooters. Gus Powell. Melanie Einzig. Ben Ingham, and Matt Stuart. And we have all developed our own sleight-of-hand street act. We dodge, feint, twirl, two-step, and eye-shift our way through crowds and rallies. Along avenues and backstreets. In parks and on beaches. Anywhere that ordinary life draws our attention and desire. It is our invisibility that helps us get away with stealing fire from the gods.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Vivian Maier (the color work)"

Les douches The Gallery – 5 Rue Legouvé, 75010 Paris (France)



Art Gallery

Julie Béna

Contemporary Art Museum of Bordeaux – Until May 05, 2019 Bordeaux (French)


The opening exhibition of Satellite 2019 by French artist Julie Béna presents a sculpture (Flexibility, 2015). And a new film (Anna & the Jester in Window of Opportunity, 2019). Which, through storytelling and the use of animation. Brings to life characters that otherwise would remain anonymous and inanimate.


Museum exhibitionRésultat de recherche d'images pour "JULIE BÉNA"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "JULIE BÉNA"

Musée Art Contemporain de Bordeaux – 7 Rue Ferrere, 33000 Bordeaux (France)



Art Gallery

Antony Gromley

Le Gallerie Degli Uffizi – Until May 26, Florence, (Italy)


This exhibition is intended as a form of adventure that invites both physical and imaginative participation. The body in Gormley’s work is not a protagonist in a narrative. Nor an ideal, a portrait or a memorial. It is the body in and as space.

Early experimental sculptures, objects and drawings. Often made using his own body as a primary tool, material and subject. Are brought together with large scale environments made especially for the RA. Using organic. Industrial and elemental materials, such as iron. Steel. Lead. Seawater and clay. The solidity and certainty of sculpture is put to the test. Acknowledging entropy, disintegration. The experience of disorientation. Our understanding of matter itself is under scrutiny. What it means to have a body. When every ‘thing’ is essentially space and energy.


art gallery

Le Gallerie Degli Uffizi – Piazzale degli Uffizi, 6, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy



Art Gallery

Pierre Bonnard

Tate Modern – Until May 06, 2019 London (England)


This is the first major exhibition of Pierre Bonnard’s work in the UK. Since the much-loved show at Tate 20 years ago. It will allow new generations to discover Bonnard’s unconventional use of colour. While surprising those who think they already know him.

Born 1867. Bonnard was, with Henri Matisse. One of the greatest colourists of the early 20th century. He preferred to work from memory. Imaginatively capturing the spirit of a moment. And expressing it through his unique handling of colour and innovative sense of composition.


art galeryPierre Bonnard, ‘The Bowl of Milk’ c.1919Pierre Bonnard Nude in an Interior 1935 circa National Gallery of Art (Washington, USA)

Tate Modern – Bankside London SE1 9TG



Art Gallery


Macba – Until April 22, 2019 Barcelona (Spain)


This solo exhibition of Jaume Plensa at MACBA. Offers a broad overview of the work of one of the Catalan sculptors. With the widest international profile. Awarded the National Visual Arts Prize of the Generalitat (1997). The Velazquez Prize for Visual Arts of the Ministry of Education. And Culture (2013) and the City of Barcelona Prize (2015). Among others, he is recognised worldwide for his public works in cities such as Chicago. London. Montreal. Nice. Tokyo. Toronto and Vancouver.


Jaume Plensa paseando entre sus obras 'Glückauf?' y 'Self-Portrait with Music' en la exposición del Macba. galleryRésultat de recherche d'images pour "JAUME PLENSA"

Macba – Plaça dels Àngels, 1, 08001 Barcelona, Spain



Art Gallery

David Goldblatt

Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) – Oct 19 / March 03, 2019 Sydney (Autralia)


David Goldblatt was internationally renowned for documenting South Africa’s people. And turbulent history with a quiet determination and unflinching sense of what is right and just, and what is not.

Capturing seven decades of his work. David Goldblatt: Photographs 1948–2018features. His compelling portrayal of the rise and dismantling of Apartheid. This Sydney-exclusive exhibition includes. His striking key black-and-white and colour photographic series. As well as never-before-seen material from his personal archive.

This exhibition, exclusive to Sydney. Will be the largest retrospective of Goldblatt’s work in the region and marks the photographer’s final project before his death.


MCA – 140 George St, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia



Art Gallery

Charlotte Salomon – (Berlin, 1917 – Auschwitz, 1943)

Monestir de Pedralbes – Until Frb 17, 2019 Barcelona (Spain)


Charlotte Salomon’s life was short but intense. Marked by love. Death and a family history of suffering. Art was a refuge where she could overcome the past. And come to terms with a present that saw her being deported to Auschwitz. Where she would die in 1943. The Monastir de Pedralbes, continuing its commitment to resarch and disseminating information. On silenced women. Gives a voice to this Jewish artist. And the time she lived in, with some of the 782 gouaches that make up her ‘Life? Or theatre?’

Monestir de Pedralbes – Baixada del Monestir, 9, 08034 Barcelona, Spain



Art Gallery

Vanessa Safavi

The Approach Gallery – Until Feb 10, 2019 London (Engand)


The Breeder participates at Condo London 2019, hosted at The Approach, with a presentation of works Vanessa Safavi.

Vanessa Safavi uses the conceptual systems of language. And a personal narrative to explore in her work the experience of the dearticulated body. Questioning the relationship between the brain and the flesh. Her work recalls the weakness of our bodies and also. The poetry that emerges from them. She employs the modernist idiom of geometric abstraction. And the fluorescent-flavoured vernacular of contemporary pop culture. Delineating a landscape where both languages are spoken fluently. Silicone is a recurrent medium in her works. As the artist is interested in its materiality and is fascinated. By its analogy with the human body and skin.

Vanessa Safavi (1980) is Swiss-Iranian and she lives and works in Berlin.She has been awarded the Luci d’Artista award in Turin (2013).


art gallerygallery museummuseum

The Approach Gallery – 47 Approach Rd, London E2 9LY, England



Art Gallery

Paula Rego

Musée de l’Orangerie – Until Jan 14, 2019 Paris (France)


The only female artist to be part of the London Group. Paula Rego set herself apart with her highly figurative. Literary, incisive and unusual work.

Born in Lisbon in 1935. Paula Rego left Portugal and Salazar’s oppressive dictatorship. As an adolescent to study in London. Where she has now lived for over fifty years. As a student at the Slade School of Arts. She rubbed shoulders with the likes of Francis Bacon. Lucian Freud. Frank Auerbach and David Hockney.

Dark narratives. Ser paintings seem to be taken from a cruel tale. And evoke the female condition in strange scenes. Going against social codes. “My favourite themes are power games and hierarchies. I always want to turn things on their heads. To upset the established order, to change heroines and idiots”.


Poaua RegoRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Paula Rego"Image associée

Musée de L’Orangerie – Jardin Tuileries, 75001 Paris



Art Gallery

Julio Le Parc 1959

The Met Breuer – Feb 24, 2019 New-York


Mounted on the occasion of the artist’s 90th birthday. This survey constitutes the first solo exhibition in a New York museum of this mid-century Argentinian modernist. Whose Op-y. Pop-y geometric abstractions evoked a sense of movement through the repetition. And sequencing of varied motifs. He was also a pioneer of kinetic art. A role most notably represented here by an immersive psychedelic installation from 1962 titled. Continual Light Cylinder.


Julio Le Parc (Argentine, born 1928). Rotation in Red and Black (Rotación en Rojo y Negro), 1959. Gouache on cardboard. 16 1/8 × 16 1/8 in. (41 × 41 cm). Promised Gift of Julio Le Parc. © Julio Le ParcRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Julio Le Parc"

The Met Breuer – 945 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10021, USA



Art Gallery

M. C. ESCHER (1892-1972)

National Gallery of Victoria – Until Apr 07, 2019 Melbourne (Australia)


The National Gallery of Victoria is bringing a world-first exhibition of works by MC Escher to Melbourne this summer. Between Two Worlds | Escher X nendo will feature more than 160 prints and drawings from the renowned Dutch artist. As well as an immersive Escher-inspired environment created by Japanese design studio Nendo.

We can’t wait to see how they’ll respond to Escher’s most iconic image. The physically impossible, Hogwarts-esque staircases.

Escher rose to prominence in the 20th-century art world for his mind-bending and mathematically complex works like. ‘Hand with Reflecting Sphere’. ‘Relativity’ and ‘Balcony’. Though he considered himself to have little mathematical ability. Sis art has become iconic for its seamless tessellation, warped perspectives and impossible objects. Like endless, connected staircases and mirrored self-portraits.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "M. C. ESCHER oeil"Opening exhibitionImage associée

National Gallery of Victoria – 180 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3006, Australia



Art Gallery

Nick Cave

Carriageworks Gallery – Until March 03, 2019 Sydney (Australia)


American artist Nick Cave – not to be confused with the Australian singer-songwriter. Is bringing 16,000 wind spinners, 24 chandeliers, 10 miles of crystals. Thousands of ceramic birds and one crocodile to Sydney. Cave’s Until is a mammoth new installation work coming to Carriageworks from November 23 2018. It will be open until March 2019. So you’ve got plenty of time to explore every nook. And cranny of this extraordinarily detailed, opulent, kitschy world.

Cave is best known for his ‘soundsuits’. Brightly colourful, full-body costumes covered in noise-making materials. Made of everything from dyed human hair to plastic buttons. He made his first soundsuit in 1992. As a response to the Rodney King bashing. And in late 2016 brought a herd of horse-shaped soundsuits to Carriageworks for a memorable performance parade.


 (Photograph: Daniel Boud) (Photograph: Daniel Boud) (Photograph: Daniel Boud)

Carriageworks – 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh NSW 2015, Sydney, Australia



Art Gallery

Peter Kogler

Chiostro Del Bramante – Until May 05, 2019 Rome (Italy)


The Chiostro del Bramante in Rome presents Dream. Arte incontra i sogni, an enchanting exhibition of works of art on the theme of dreams. Guides the viewer through a “physical, surreal, mental and dreamlike journey”. Through site-specific installations by great artists. From 29 September to 5 May 2019. The Austrian artist Peter Koger, whose mesh of stripes. And knotted lines distorts the space and leaves the viewer almost stunned. Whose mesh of stripes and knotted lines distort the space. And leave the viewer almost stunned.


art gallery

Chiostro Del Bramante – Arco della Pace, 5, 00186 Roma RM, Italy



Art Gallery

Fredy Alzate

Cultural Center of Medellín – until Feb  03, 2019 Medellin (Colombia)


The “Contingents” exhibition was inaugurated at the Cultural Center of the Bank of the Republic of Medellín. Inhabiting the border “of the Antioquian artist Fredy Alzate. A monographic exhibition that is part of the “Destacados” chapter of Imagen Regional. The emerging art promotion program of the Banco de la República. Which seeks to highlight the career of artists. Who have forged their careers in cities other than Bogotá. The center of the national plastic par excellence.


galerie d'art

 Cultural Center of Medellín –  Cra. 52, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia



Art Gallery

Not Vital

Galeria Nara Roesler –  Until Jan 19, 2019 São Paulo (Brasil)


Galeria Nara Roesler, São Paulo is pleased to present Not Vital. Saudade [Longing], solo exhibition by the Swiss artist. That brings a slice of his vast and renowned production. The sculptures and drawings featured in the show highlight. Sis particular knack for decontextualizing. Reconfiguring and relocating cultural symbols and fragments.

The various worlds contained in Vital’s work derive from his life experience. He was born in 1948 in Sent, Switzerland. At 18 he moved to Paris; a little later. To Rome; and to New York, in 1976. Since then, he has traveled incessantly to the four corners of the world. Having lived and worked periodically in Agadez (Niger). Lucca (Italy). Beijing (China). Patagonia (Chile) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).


art gellerieRésultat de recherche d'images pour "not vital the moon"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "spoon"

Galeria Nara Roesler –  Av. Europa, 655 – Jardim Europa, São Paulo (Brasil)



Art Gallery

Luis Camnitzer

Museo Reina Sofía – Until March 04, 2019 Madrid (Spain)


This retrospective offers a global. Contextualised view of Luis Camnitzer’s multi-faceted work. Spanning nearly sixty years. As an essayist. Art critic. Curator. Teacher. Lecturer and a creator of objects, actions and musical compositions, Camnitzer focuses on art’s transformative capacity. Viewing it essentially as a product of reflection. His practice, whether it be artistic. Or through his essays or teaching. Is defined by its approach to the controversial issues of our times.

the criticism of art-commodity, the demystification. And obsolescence of the role of the artist in consumer society. The strategies power uses to impose its logic and perpetuate its control. Or the capacity of neoliberal societies to turn education. Into an instrument of propaganda and thus render it irrelevant. All through the signifying role of language. With its ambiguities and arbitrariness. And images’ power to evoke. With these tools Camnitzer seeks to awaken the active participation. Of the viewer and their involvement in the artistic process.


Image associée Luis Camnitzerart gellerie

Museo Reina Sofía – Calle de Santa Isabel, 52, 28012 Madrid, Spain



Art Gallery

Do Ho Suh

Frist Center for the Visual Arts – Until Jan 06, 2018 Tennesse (USA)


Artist Do Ho Suh. Creates astonishingly detailed and lyrical sculptural installations. That alter perceptions of built environments and how the body relates to space. The centerpiece of this exhibition will be his Specimen Series. Which explores details of Suh’s domestic existence such as light switches. Door handles, electric panels and appliances taken from his living spaces. And recreated in fabric. By isolating these objects. Suh invites the viewer to reflect on their everyday interaction with the seemingly mundane.


art galleryDo Ho Suh: Specimens - Frist Center for the Visual Arts

Frist Center for the Visual Arts – 919 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203



Art Gallery

“Gutai” Group

Hauser & Wirth Gallery – Until Dec 22, 2018 New York (USA)


The work of Gutai.  The postwar, Japanese neo-avant grade group that roughly coincided with Abstract Expressionism. Pop Art and Minimalist in the US.  Has been shown in several NYC exhibits over the years since the Guggenheim staged. The first major revival of the movement in 2013. This one at Hauser & Wirth’s uptown space will put you up close. And personal with paintings and sculptures by Gutai’s major players.


Art Gallery

Atsuko Tanaka (1976)

art gallerie

Atsuko Tanaka (1969)

art gallerie

Shozo Shimamoto (1954)

art gallery

Takesada Matsutani (1966)

Hauser & Wirth Gallery – 32 East 69th Street New York 10021 USA



Art Gallery

Franz West

Museum Centre Pompidou – Until Dec 10, 2018 Paris (France)


A retrospective of Austrian artist Franz West at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Begins where most biographical tales perhaps should – with his mother. Emilie West. Born to a well-to-do Viennese Jewish family. She espoused communist ideals and the artist’s father, Ferdinand Zokan, a Serbian coal merchant. The family lived in a public housing complex. Out of which Emilie ran a private dental practice. Her clients included many artists and poets. Among them Reinhard Priessnit. A poet and theorist who would give the name Paßstücke (Adaptives). To West’s most iconic series of sculptures. This early contact with Vienna’s artistic milieu. Would have a profound impact on the young West’s later career. As would the sounds of whirling drills. And the image of his mother creating white and pink moulds of teeth from plaster and resin.


art galleryRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Franz West"

Centre Pompidou–  Place Georges-Pompidou, 75004 Paris (France)



Art Gallery

Pieter Bruegel (1525-1569)

Kunsthistorisches Museum – Until Jan 13, 2019 Vienna (Austria)


Pieter Bruegel the Elder was a much sought-after artists even during his lifetime. Which is why his works achieved unusually high prices at the time. On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of his death. The Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna dedicates a special exhibition. To the most important Flemish painter of the 16th century. It is the world’s first major monographic show on his work. Only just over forty paintings. And sixty prints by the master remain in existence today. With 12 panel paintings, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna owns. The world’s biggest collection of Bruegel paintings. That is also mostly because the Habsburgs prized. The quality and originality of Bruegel’s imagery as early as the 16th century. And went to the effort of acquiring famous. Prestigious works by the artist.


art gallerieart galleryART galleryart gallery

Kunsthistorisches Museum –  Maria-Theresien-Platz, 1010 Wien, Austria



Art Gallery

Andy Warhol “Shadows”

Dia Art Foundation – Oct 26 / Dec 15, 2018 NY (USA)

Created between 1978 and 1979. Shadows is one of Andy’s most abstract and enigmatic pieces. Consisting of variously colored silk screened. Canvases hung edge-to-edge in a site-specific installation. Some 102 paintings were produced in all. Though the total number of panels varies from one location. To the next, depending on the dimensions of a given space. Each silk screen is limited to a palette of two contrasting colors. While the picture itself—which flips between positive. And negative—comes from the same photo of the eponymous subject taken at Warhol’s Factory studio. Taken together, Shadows resembles a film strip capturing an indeterminate play of light.


Warhol Shadows 2-cropped for Dia News 09 15 08

Dia Art Foundation –  535 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10011, USA



Art Gallery

Biennale of Australian Art

Art Gallery of Ballarat – Until Nov 6, 2018 Melbourne (Australia)


This will be the first year Ballarat has played host to this brand new art biennale. But we feel that we can already confidently declare it. The daytrip of every Melbourne art lover’s dreams. The only problem might be that it could take you a little more than a day to get around all of Ballarat. And take in the works from more than 150 artists. across three different “villages”. Much like a European biennale. The Biennale of Australian Art will properly take over Ballarat. With 14 different venues playing host to artworks.





Art Gallery of Ballarat – 40 Lydiard St N, Ballarat Central VIC 3350, Australie



Art Gallery

Saul Leiter

Fundación Foto Colectania – Until Oct 21, 2018 Barcelona (Spain)


This exhibition is dedicated to the work of American artist Saul Leiter. Who was one of the early adopters of working with colour photography. Leiter combined photography and painting his whole life. And he was still painting daily until he died in November 2013 at the age of 89. But the camera was the medium that helped him. Capture and interpret live in New York City in many-layered compositions. As well as intimate scenes as nobody had done before. Leiter also played an important role in the formation of the New York school of photography in the 1940s and 1950s.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Saul Leiter"Image associéeRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Saul Leiter"

Fundación Foto Colectania – Passeig de Picasso, 14, 08003 Barcelona (Spain)



Art Gallery

Hilma af Klint

Guggenheim Museum – Oct 12 / Apr 23, 2018 New York (USA)


Hilma af Klint (1862–1944) was a pioneer of abstract painting, though admittedly. Something of an accidental one. Although she produced purely non-objective paintings. Well before the likes of Vassily Kandinsky or Kasimir Malevich. She created them as part of her involvement in occult and mystical practices. That sought contact with the spirit realm. When Klint did exhibit. She mostly showed conventional portraits and landscapes. Nonetheless, there’s no denying that the Swedish artist anticipated one of the most important aesthetic revolutions in 20th-century art. This show takes the measure of her singular artistic achievement.


Image associéeRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Hilma af Klint?"Buddhas Standpoint In The Earthly Life No. 3 Hilma Af Klint Art Print featuring the painting Buddhas Standpoint In The Earthly by Hilma af KlintRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Hilma af Klint?"

Guggenheim Museum – 1071 5th Ave, New York, NY 10128, USA



Art Gallery

Yasumasa Morimura

Japan Society – Oct 12 / jan 13, 2019 New York (USA)


Often referred to as the Cindy Sherman of Japan. Yasumasa Morimura has put a gender-bending spin on a photographic genre. That might be called performative self-portraiture. Staged entirely for the camera His work is a form of drag that involves elaborate customs and sets to deconstruct icons of pop culture and art history—and. Very often, the overlap between the two. Famous paintings and photos are the grist for his work. Which channels Marilyn Monroe. Che Guevara. Frida Kahlo and Vincent Van Gogh, among many others.


Self-Portraits through Art HistoryYasumasa Morimura, Une moderne Olympia, 2018Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Yasumasa Morimura"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Yasumasa Morimura"

Japan Society – 333 E 47th St, New York, NY 10017, USA



Art Gallery

Takashi Murakami: Change the Rule!

Gagosian Gallery – Until Nov 10, 2018 Hong Kong (China)


While most audiences would often relate Takashi Murakam.i To imagery and motifs featuring clusters of cartoon sunflowers with smiley faces on it. His repertoire expands far beyond it. Continually evolving while blending everything from traditional Japanese painting. To otaku subculture to Western art theory to hip-hop. Presenting new paintings seen by the public. For the first time, the solo exhibition features variations of Murakami’s. Own larger-than-life characters and a mural-sized painting that perfectly encapsulates. His flirtation with high art and popular culture.


Takashi Murakami: Change the RuleTakashi Murakami: Kiki from Kaikai Kiki (208)Takashi Murakami: Tan Tan Bo aka Gerotan

Gagosian Gallery – 7/F Pedder Building 12 Pedder Street Central, Hong Kong



Art Gallery

Mike Parr

Anna Schwartz Gallery – Oct 06 /Dec 21, 2018 Melbourne (Australia)


Australia’s favourite performance artist is showing his latest sculpture works as part of Melbourne Festival.

Mike Parr is best known for his innovative performance artworks (earlier this year he was buried under a main road in Hobart). But for Melbourne Festival he’ll be showing his latest project. Self portraits made from glass sculpture. But all of the sculptures have been created through. “Blind negative modelling,” which essentially means Parr has replaced his sight with other senses.


Mike Parr Melbourne Festival 2018

Anna schwartz Gallery – 85 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia



Art Gallery

Modern Master Photography

Hamiltons Gallery – Until Nov 23, 2018 London (England)

Hamiltons’ group show Modern Masterspresents. A selection of work by some of the greatest names in Modern and Contemporary photographic history. Including Helmut Newton. Irving Penn. Richard Avedon. Herb Ritts. Robert Mapplethorpe. Robert Frank. Sir Don McCullin. Peter Beard. Hiro and Erwin.


Robert Mapplethorpe

Erwin Olaf

Don McCullin

Hamiltons Gallery – 13 Carlos Pl, Mayfair, London W1K 2EU, Royaume-Uni



Poppies: Weeping Window

Imperial War Museums – Until Nov 18, 2018 London (England)


Remember Paul Cummins and Tom Piper’s mega-popular installation. ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ and it’s torrents of ceramic red poppies sweeping over the Tower of London? When it went on tour around the country. London lost a seriously emotive work of art. But. The poppies are back in the capital this year for ‘Weeping Window’. This time they’ll be filling the grounds of the Imperial War Museum.


Poppies: Weeping WindowRésultat de recherche d'images pour "THE POPPIES TOUR IS COMING TO IWM"

Imperial War Museum – Lambeth Rd, London SE1 6HZ, Royaume-Uni



Art Gallery

Zao Wou-Ki

The Musée d’Art Moderne of Paris – Until Jan 06, 2019 Paris (France)


His work has now achieved the fame it deserves. But the opportunities to appreciate its complexity have been too rare here. This exhibition sets out to consider it in a new light while. Also inviting the viewer to reflect on the question of large-format paintings.

The exhibition itinerary begins with Zao Wou-Ki’s adoption of a new, “abstract” approach – even. If he found the term too restrictive. With the 1956 painting titled Traversée des apparences. This decisive step preceded a first stay in the United States, in 1957. That encouraged him in his quest for an ever-larger picture space.


Zao Wou-Ki, Sans titre, 2006, Encre de Chine sur papier, 274,5 x 213,5 cm.Image associéeImage associée

The Musée d’Art Moderne of Paris – 11 Avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris (France)



Nam June Paik

Santa Barbara Museum of Art – Until Oct 14, 2018 Santa Barbara (US)

Korean-born, American artist Nam June Paik (1932–2006). Blazed a trail with video art that remains influential to this day. Paik’s TV Clock, one of SBMA’s most important media art works. Is on view for the first time in nearly a decade. TV Clock consists of 24 color televisions mounted upright on pedestals that are arranged in a gentle arc. And displayed in a darkened space. Paik created each electronic image by manipulating the television to compress its red, green. And blue color into a single line against a black background. Called a “fixed-image television” by Paik. Each TV does not involve a videotape. disc, or computer chip but an image.

The artist created by ingenious manipulation of electronic elements. Read in sequence, each static line tumbles. Into the next to form a dynamic yet elegantly spare. Rhythm that resembles a universally recognized way to measure time. A crucial work in Paik’s long career. TV Clock offers audiences the chance to experience. The art and thought of one of the 20th century’s most innovative. And enduringly vital artists.

NAM JUNE PAIK Installation ViewFish flies on Sky

Santa Barbara Museum of Art – 1130 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, US

Hans Op de Beeck

Galleria Continua – Until Sept 30, 2018 Boissy le Châtel (France)

For his solo exhibition at Art Gallery Continua. Which also presents his latest film ‘The Girl’.Op de Beeck brings together new sculptural. And photographic works into one larger whole, a feast for the senses.
On the ground floor. He stages a kind of hiking trail with gravel and small sculpted ponds. As if it were a small, indoor park. In which the spectator discovers life-size sculpted figures of children and
a young woman. These silent figures in everyday poses. All of them with their eyes closed. Seem lost in thought yet simultaneously caught in a moment of high concentration. There is, for example, a boy meditatively holding a crystal ball in his hands. A boy who just closed his eyes before shooting. An arrow with a toy bow, and a young woman listening to music

Kids, cabinets, pictures and pondsHappenArtKids, cabinets, pictures and ponds

Galleria Continua – 46 Rue de la Ferté Gaucher, 77169 Boissy-le-Châtel -France

DRAG: Self-portraits and Body Politics

Hayward gallery – Until Oct 14, 2018 London (England)

This free exhibition features the work of more than 30 artists. Who have used drag to explore or question identity. Gender, class and politics, from the 1960s to the present day.

Alongside key figures such as Pierre Molinier. VALIE EXPORT. Robert Mapplethorpe and Cindy Sherman. The exhibition also includes self-portraits by a younger generation of contemporary artists. Who have recently embraced drag as an art form, including Adam Christensen and Victoria Sin.

Rather than offering a linear or chronological narrative. This exhibition aims to present a multitude of voices that explore cultural shifts of the past 50 years. And touch on topics that include the 1980s AIDS crisis and post-colonial theory.

Focused on photography but spanning a variety of other media. DRAG is accompanied by a programme of tours led by drag performers.

The Hayward Gallery has a new exhibition and it's all about dragArts and Culture Platform

Hayward Gallery – Southbank Centre, 337-338 Belvedere Rd, London SE1 8XX, Royaume-Uni

Jack Whitten

The Met Breuer – Sept 06 / Dec 02, 2018 New York (USA)

For much of his career the veteran African-American artist Jack Whitten (1939–2018). Was somewhat under appreciated by the art world. Even though he had major shows at the Whitney (1974). The Studio Museum in Harlem (1983) and the New Museum (1993). A moment of “re-discovery”. About a dozen years finally put him on the map as an artist to contend with. As appreciation grew for his over-all abstracted paintings. That touched on themes from race to cosmology. This show introduces viewers to his sculptures. A heretofore, little-known aspect of his practice notable for its frequent references to African art.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Jack Whitten"“Odyssey: Jack Whitten Sculpture, 1963–2017”Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Jack Whitten"IMG_2505

The Met Breuer – 945 Madison Ave New York

Michelangelo Pistoletto

Galleria Continua – Until Oct 21, 2018 – San Gimignano, (Italie)

A leading figure in the development of Arte Povera and Conceptual art. Michelangelo Pistoletto is best known for his “mirror paintings” beginning in the 1960s. Which first used grounds of metallic paint on canvas before rejecting canvas entirely for polished steel. Pistoletto’s life-size. Photo-silkscreened images of people atop. Highly reflective surfaces integrate the environment and viewer into the work. In his “minus objects”. Sculptures that explore how objects become artworks through the ideas they express. Pistoletto uses “poor” materials as a liberation from the traditional art system,.As in his 1967 work Venus of the Rags. A copy of the classical figure set against a mound of old clothes and rags. An early performance art innovator. Pistoletto founded The Zoo in the late 1960s. Which joined artists. Intellectuals, and the public for collaborative “actions”. That unified art and daily life.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "MICHELANGELO PISTOLETTO"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "MICHELANGELO PISTOLETTO"

Galleria Continua – Via del Castello, 11, 53037 San Gimignano SI, Italie

Caravaggio’s Roman Period

Jacquemart-Andre Museum Sept 21 to Jan 28, 2019 Paris (France)

These extraordinary canvases from major Italian museums. Such as the Galleria Nazionale in Palazzo Barberini. The Art Gallery Borghese and the Musei Capitolini in Rome. The Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan. The Musei di Strada Nuova in Genoa. And the Museo Civico Ala Ponzone in Cremona. Not to mention the prestigious loan. Of the Lute Player (1595-1596) from the Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg. Presented in France or the first time. Nine Caravaggio will retrace Caravaggio’s Roman period from 1592. Until he fled into exile in 1606. They will be complemented by the works of leading contemporary painters. such as Cavaliere d’Arpino. Annibale Carracci. Orazio Gentileschi. Giovanni Baglione, and José de Ribera. In order to highlight Caravaggio’s innovative genius. And the artistic effervescence that reigned in the Eternal City at the time.

Fichier:Caravaggio - David con la testa di Golia.jpg

Jacquemart-Andre Museum – 158 Boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris

Kader Attia

Fundacio Joan Miro – Until Sept 30, 2018 Barcelona (Spain)

The Japanese ‘kintsugi’ technique involves restoring broken ceramic pieces. With a type of gold varnish. It’s done to transform a cracked object into a unique element. Making the fissures stand out. It’s more than a reconstruction procedure. It’s a philosophy of life. Dealing with trauma as a way to achieve catharsis and overcome pain. The work of French-Algerian artist Kader Attia. Winner of the latest edition of the Joan Miró Prize. Looks at different scenes of suffering and reparation. This first Attia monographic in Spain is a highly emotional one indeed.

Kader Attia. Scars Remind Us That Our Past Is Real

Fundacio Joan Miro – Parc de Montjuïc, s/n, 08038 Barcelona, Espagne


Acquavella Galleries – Until Sept 28, 2018 – New York

The premise of this high-concept uptown exhibition is simple enough. Present works in black and/or white by major figures such as Keith Haring. Robert Longo and Andy Warhol. While the selection isn’t terribly challenging. It is elegant and serves as a reminder of how unlimited visual possibilities. Can be wrought from a limited palette.

Arts & Culture platform

Andy Warhol

Arts & Culture Platform

Keith Haring

Arts & Culture Platform

Jean-Paul Riopelle

Acquavella Galleries – 18 E 79th St, New York, NY 10075, États-Unis

Antony Gormley

Kettle’s Yard Gallery – Until Aug 27, 2018 (Cambridge, England)

Devised for the new Art Gallery and spaces at Kettle’s Yard. ‘SUBJECT’ highlights many of Antony Gormley’s interests. Including how sculpture can activate both the space that it occupies and the body of the viewer. The exhibition offers a series of physical and metaphysical encounters. Exploring our relationship to space and our sense of self.

‘SUBJECT’ will encompass both galleries. The Learning Studio and the Research Space. The exhibition includes the first in a new series of works. Subject (2018), from which the title of the show derives. And the first UK showing of Infinite Cube II(2018). Made of one-way mirror glass and 1,000 LED lights.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Antony Gormley"Image associée

Kettle’s Yard Gallery – Castle St, Cambridge CB3 0AQ, Royaume-Uni

Anselm Kiefer

White Cube Gallery – Until Aug 25, 2018 (Hong Kong)

Anselm Kiefer has produced a diverse body of work comprising painting. Sculpture and installation that has made him one of the most important European artists of the past four decades.

After studying law, and Romance languages and literature. Kiefer devoted himself entirely to painting. He attended the School of Fine Arts at Fribourg-in-Brisgau. Then the Art Academy in Karlsruhe, while maintaining contact with Joseph Beuys. But soon began to develop his own deliberately indigenous set of subjects and symbols. That he used to explore the fraught territory of German history and identity. In his artistic language. Physical materiality and visual complexity enliven his themes and content with a rich. Vibrant tactility.

His subject-matter ranges from sources as diverse as Teutonic Mythology and history. Alchemy and the nature of belief. All depicted in a bewildering variety of materials. Including oil paint. Dirt. Lead. Photography. Woodcuts, sand, straw and all manner of organic material. By adding found materials to the painted surface of his immense tableaux. He invents a compelling third space between painting and sculpture. Recent work has broadened his range yet further, and in 2005 he showed a series of paintings based around the little-known work of the modernist poet Velimir Chlebnikov (1885-1922). Few contemporary artists match Kiefer’s epic reach, and his work consistently balances powerful imagery with acute critical analysis.

White Cube Hong Kong – 50 Connaught Road Central – Hong Kong

Erwin Wurm’s outdoor installation

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Until Aug 26, 2018

It’s a gray, dreary day at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, on Furman Street. And Austrian sculptor Erwin Wurm is going somewhat off topic whil. Discussing his new installation for the Public Art Fund. “In my country, it’s an insult to call someone a virsli”. He says, referring to a local variety of sausage. “If you call someone a virsli. It means you’re calling him, um, how would you say?” A dick? “A dick, yes.”

Hot Dog Bus.

Sometimes a virsli is just a virsli. Though for the purposes of Wurm’s project, Hot Dog Bus. This delicacy, or rather its American cousin, is being elevated to art. The piece comprises a mustard-colored VW bus. That is handing out free hot dogs this summer at Brooklyn Bridge Park. The vehicle itself looks like it has consumed too many tube steaks. Bulging across its grill. Trunk and fenders as if it were wearing the automotive equivalent of a fat suit. “I work quite often with sausages”. Says Wurm, “because it’s such an iconic Middle-European food.”

Erwin Wurm, <em>Hot Dog Bus, 2018</em>Erwin Wurm’s outdoor installation at Brooklyn Bridge Park is more than just a sausage fest

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Old Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY 11201


Tate Modern – Until Oct 14, 2018 (London)

Shape of Light. Is the first major exhibition to explore the relationship between the two. Spanning the century from the 1910s to the present day. It brings to life the innovation and originality of photographers. Over this period, and shows how they responded. And contributed to the development of abstraction.

Key photographs are brought together from pioneers including Man Ray. Alfred Stieglitz, major contemporary artists such as Barbara Kasten. And Thomas Ruff, right up to exciting new work by Antony Cairns. Maya Rochat and Daisuke Yokota, made especially for the exhibition.

Man Ray Rayograph 1922 Private Collection © Man Ray Trust/ADAGP, Paris and DACS, London 2018

Man Ray (1922)

John Divola 74V11 1974 Jack Kirkland Collection, Nottingham © John Divola

John Divola (1974)

Antony Cairns (2017)

Tate Modern – Bankside London SE1 9TG

Alexander Calder

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts – Sep 21 / Feb 24, 2018 Montreal (Canada)

The first major Canadian retrospective of Alexander Calder (1898–1976). Presents the work of one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century. The exhibition centres on the inventive talent of this American painter and sculptor.

Calder questioned artistic conventions and reimagined the very nature of drawing and sculpture. With his pioneering use of industrial materials. Such as steel wire and sheet metal as well as found objects. By introducing the fourth dimension of time into sculpture. He entirely transformed the way objects animate space. And his invention of the mobile, as he explained. Opened up “a new possibility of beauty.” Calder also created stationary abstract works, which Jean Arp dubbed “stabiles” in 1932. From Paris to New York . Later Montreal with Trois disques (Man). Created for Expo 67. Calder moved in premier artistic and intellectual circles. (Cocteau. Duchamp. Le Corbusier. Léger. Mondrian. Miró. Prévert. Sartre. Varèse. among others). And established himself as a forerunner of the international avant-garde.

Major loans are among the 100 works. Also, that illustrate this ingenious artist’s extensive means of  expression. Ranging from paintings and drawings to wire circus figures. Hanging and standing mobiles. Sheet-metal stabiles as well as jewellery.

An exhibition organized and circulated by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. In collaboration with the Calder Foundation. It is presented in Montreal thanks to the support of the Terra Foundation for American Art and Pembroke.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "calder montreal museum of fine arts"

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts – 1380 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H3G 1J5, Canada


The Marciano Art Foundation – Until Aug 12, 2018 Los Angeles

The Marciano Art Foundation presents Line Packers”, a special exhibition. Conceived by Cornelius Tittel, of two German painters. Peppi Bottrop (b. 1986, Bottrop) and Albert Oehlen (b. 1954, Krefeld). Beginning March 1. The foundation’s Lounge Art Gallery will feature Bottrop’s.Lline-drawing paintings responding to the architecture. Of the LoungeArt  Gallery itself alongside works from Oehlen’s Computer Paintings. A series that the artist began in the early 1990s. Which is now regarded as a turning point for contemporary painting.

The Marciano Art Foundation – 4357 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90010

“John Russell: DOGGO”

Bridget Donahue Gallery – Until Sep 05, 2018 new-York

The British artist and writer is known for his gonzo meditations. On death and nature, and on that score. The eponymous video centerpiece for his current show doesn’t disappoint. In it, a pair of performers respectively wear rubber. Over-the-head masks of a pug dog. And housefly as they search London. For a person gone missing from a nursing home. This “fairy tale” as the artist calls it. Also, is joined by paintings. Sculptures and backlit digital prints on vinyl. Hence, that find inspiration in sources ranging from Richard Bach’s new age-y tale. Jonathan Livingstone Seagull. To the work of the 19th-century English Romantic landscapist. Samuel Palmer.

Bridget Donahue Gallery – 99 Bowery, New York, NY 10002, (USA)

John Mawurndjul

Museum of Contemporary Art – Until Sep 23, 2018 Australia, Sydney

Bark painting is among the most recognisable Aboriginal art, but you mightn’t know that it was only popularised in the 1930s. Until then, the familiar imagery was used as body paint and in caves. Occasionally the patterns were painted onto bark as a record of the designs, but it’s only relatively recently that the bark has been considered its own canvas.

One of the greatest exponents of bark painting – and one of the greatest exponents of Aboriginal art in general. Is John Mawurndjul, who rose to international fame in the late 1980s and ‘90s. The Kuninjku artist, based in Arnhem Land, is getting a major career retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art, made up of 165 works.


They’ll take over the third level of the MCA this winter, the same space where English artist and provocateur Grayson Perry presented a blockbuster show in 2015. At the time, Perry sparked debate when he controversially said Aboriginal art should not be considered contemporary art.

Clothilde Bullen, one of the curators behind Mawurndjul’s exhibition and a Wardandi (Nyoongar). Aboriginal woman, strongly disagrees. “I think all Aboriginal art being made here and now is contemporary, and I’d absolutely stand by that.” she says. “But it’s OK that [Perry] is given the opportunity to say those things at the MCA, and we have this kind of rebuttal.”

Not only is Mawurndjul one of the major pioneers of the bark medium. He has evolved and pushed traditional practices, like rarrk, which refers to a close and meticulous cross-hatching that creates an almost shimmering effect on the bark. And he has been deeply involved in shaping the narrative and layout of this exhibition, which explores elements of Kuninjku culture and then covers parts of his country in Central Arnhem Land.

“In a sense, you’re working through country in the way you should – in the way John would want you to walk through,” Bullen says. “We’ve had a collaborative approach, and allowing the artist to guide what we do rather than us being the gatekeeper – that’s a very contemporary approach to Aboriginal curation.”


The exhibition will also show his evolution as an artist, starting with figurative works which show natural elements like barramundi, frogs and turtles. In his mid-career, he started to push his use of ‘rarrk’ even further with paintings of the weeks-long Mardayin ceremonies that take place in Arnhem land. In the later stages of his career, his work became more abstract.

Bullen says that although both Mawurndjul and the MCA consider his work contemporary, his output stands on its own terms. And while his work is imbued with stories and images stretching back thousands of years, visitors shouldn’t be worried about interpreting the paintings incorrectly.

“It’s actually okay – it’s an artwork and people will have different experiences with it and different takes on it, and can interpret it in lots of different ways. I think people need to drop that fear.”

Image associéeLightning Spirit

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia – 140 George St, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australie

Modern Couples

Centre Pompidou Metz – Until August 20, 2018 Metz (France)

Pablo Picasso and Dora Maar, the Delaunay’s, Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz, Man Ray and Lee Miller, the Eames’s are some of the around forty artist couples showcased in this important cross-topical exhibition organized by Centre Pompidou-Metz in collaboration with Barbican Centre, London. With a comprehensive mix of visual arts, architecture, design, cinema, and literature from the first half of the twentieth century, this show displays master-pieces, including some one hundred from Centre Pompidou, Musée national d’art moderne and from international prestigious collections.

This exihibition looks into creative pair-work and the mechanisms of an artistic companionship. Does each approach dissolve into one, are they complementary or do they oppose each other? Here, are explored the creative processes and artistic approaches which interact and evolve within the intimacy of a twosome to give us a broader understanding of Art History and the soul and fringes of its essential movements. The very idea of modernity, as impacted by social, artistic and technical evolutions. Is reviewed here through the prism of the couple.

Artists couple.

Alvar & Aino Aalto. Eileen Agar & Paul Nash. Anni & Josef Albers. Louis Aragon & Nancy Cunard. Jean Arp & Sophie Taeuber-Arp. Jean Badovici & Eileen Gray. Hugo Ball & Emmy Hennings
Clive & Vanessa Bell. Vanessa Bell & Roger Fry. Vanessa Bell & Duncan Grant. André Breton & Valentine Hugo. André Breton & Jacqueline Lamba. Romaine Brooks & Natalie Clifford-Barney. Til Brugman & Hannah Höch. Claude Cahun & Marcel Moore. Benedetta Cappa & Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. Leonora Carrington & Max Ernst. Marie Cerminova (Toyen) & Jindrich Styrsky. Jean Cocteau & Jean Desbordes. Jean Crotti & Suzanne Duchamp. Nancy Cunard & Henry Crowder. Robert & Sonia Delaunay. Elise & Georges Djo-Bourgeois. Marcel Duchamp & Maria Martins. Charles & Ray Eames.

Max Ernst & Dorothea Tanning. Emilie Flöge & Gustav Klimt. Natalia Gontcharova & Mikhail Larionov. Raoul Hausmann & Hannah Höch. Jindřich Heisler & Marie Cerminova (Toyen). Barbara Hepworth & Ben Nicholson. Walter Holdt & Lavinia Schulz. Joris Ivens & Germaine Krull. Alexej Jawlensky & Marianne von Werefkin. Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera.Wassily Kandinsky & Gabriele Münter. Oskar Kokoschka & Alma Mahler. Germaine Krull & Eli Lotar. Dora Maar & Pablo Picasso. Alma & Gustav Mahler. Man Ray & Lee Miller. Tina Modotti & Edward Weston. Lucia Moholy & Lazlo Moholy-Nagy. Ditha & Koloman Moser. Charles & Marie-Laure de Noailles. Georgia O’Keeffe & Alfred Stieglitz. Wolfgang Paalen & Alice Rahon. Wolfgang Paalen & Eva Sulzer. Alexander Rodchenko & Varvara Stepanova. Arpad Szenes & Maria-Helena Vieira da Silva. Théo van Doesburg & Nelly van Moorsel. Leonard & Virginia Woolf

Dorothea Tanning and Max Ernst with his sculpture, Capricorn, 1947Charles and Ray Eames, 1947 (Photo © Eames Office LLC, Courtesy Vitra Design Museum)Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Couples modernes"

Centre Pompidou-Metz – 1 Parvis des Droits de l’Homme, 57020 Metz

Daniel Buren

Carriageworks – Until Aug 12, 2018 Sydney (Australia)

Daniel Buren is one of France’s leading contemporary artists and has exhibited work at an astonishing ten Venice Biennales. He’s best known for his site-specific stripe installations, and there’ll be glimpses of those stripes (which have featured in his artworks since the 1960s), in the mammoth installation he’s bringing to Carriageworks.

‘Like Child’s Play’ features 100 oversized children’s wooden block toys arranged into a colourful cityscape. It’ll be a little like stepping into a Toy Story movie. The toys that we once played with and held dominance over as children now tower high above our heads. The installation was first shown in 2014 at Musée d’Art moderne et contemporain of Strasbourg in France.

 (Photograph: Supplied) (Photograph: Supplied) (Photograph: Supplied)

Carriageworks – 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh NSW 2015, Australie

Alberto Giacometti

The Guggenheim Museum – June 8/Sept 12, 2018 New-York

When they think of him at all, most people remember Alberto Giacometti (1901–1966) as the artist who created skinny figures. That’s true, of course, though it neglects the context in which he made those sculptures in the late 1940s. After war and genocide left the world both devastated and numb. Though it may be simplistic to draw a correlation between the death camps and Giacometti’s. Emaciated forms, his treatment of the body. Transforming it into something resembling a burnt matchstick, exemplified a zeitgeist stunned by catastrophe. The Guggenheim’s magisterial survey of his career affirms as much, while noting that Giacometti defined the figure in existential terms. As a manifestation of the vulnerability, anguish and mystery of the human condition.

Born in Switzerland into a family of artists, Giacometti moved, in 1922. To study art in Paris, where he discovered the work of Constantin Brancusi and Pablo Picasso. He assimilated aspects of their styles. Also found inspiration in the artifacts of ancient cultures, like the Bronze Age’s Cycladic civilization. All of these influences are evident in Giacometti’s totemic sculpture Spoon Woman (1927)., In which a female torso takes the shape of the eponymous implement. A rather blatant vaginal reference that also recalls a fertility fetish.

André Breton.

Around this time, Giacometti fell under the sway of André Breton and the Surrealists, a group known for hitting the mother lode of eroticism by mining the subconscious for subject matter. Giacometti followed suit with his seminal 1932 construction, The Palace at 4 a.m. (which is not on display, though a preparatory study of it is). By his own admission, the piece—a sort of 3D drawing of a house or stage set haunted by an enigmatic cast that includes a woman, a spinal column and a flying creature—came out of a torrid love affair that consumed him for six months, suggesting that Palace totes some major sexual baggage. In any case, Giacometti drifted away from Surrealism by the mid-1930s.


He remained in Paris after the Nazi takeover in 1940, but a 1941 trip to Geneva to visit his mother left him in exile after he was denied reentry into France. He sat out World War II in a hotel room. Where he made work at a diminished scale, necessitated by his cramped surroundings.

Whether due to his isolation during the war or the horrors precipitated by it, Giacometti, upon returning to Paris in 1946. Embarked on the attenuated figuration that would remain his signature style until his death in 1966. His postwar reunion with friends and family also sparked a body of portrait paintings featuring people close to him.

Regardless of medium or personal familiarity, though. Giacometti set his subjects at a seemingly unbridgeable distance from the viewer. His use of dashed-off schematic lines for his portraits, and gnarled textures for his sculpture.Cconveys the sense of something consumed or atomized by elemental forces—as indeed the world had been by 1945. Since then, Giacometti’s art has continued to remind us of humanity’s inability to escape its own folly.

Sculpture of three tall thin people in the Solomon R. Guggenheim MuseumGiacometti

Website :

Antoni Tàpies

Fundació Antoni Tàpies – Until 24 Feb 2019 Barcelona, (Espagne)

Antoni Tàpies exploded on to the art scene in the 1950s when he began to incorporate waste paper, mud and rags into his paintings, eventually moving on to the point where his works included whole pieces of furniture, running water and girders. Today, he’s Barcelona’s most celebrated living artist, and his trademark scribbled and paint-daubed pieces are sought after for everything from wine bottle labels to theatre posters.

The artist set up the Tàpies Foundation in this, the former Montaner i Simon publishing house, in 1984, dedicating it to the study and appreciation of contemporary art. In a typically contentious act, Tàpies crowned the building with a glorious tangle of aluminium piping and ragged metal netting (‘Núvol i Cadira’, or ‘Cloud and Chair’). The building remains one of the earliest examples of Modernisme to combine exposed brick and iron, and is now a cultural centre and museum dedicated to the work and life of the man himself, with exhibitions, symposiums, lectures and films.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Antoni Tàpies"Image associée

Fundació Antoni Tàpies – 255, Carrer d’Aragó, 08007 Barcelona, Espagne

Summer Exhibition/The Great Spectacle review – a Grayson revolution

Royal Academy – Untl 19 August, 2018 London

This year, the committee included Phyllida Barlow, Conrad Shawcross and Cornelia Parker and was helmed by none other than dotty potter and art world everyman Grayson Perry, who has given more space than ever to plucky, undiscovered amateurs. But it’s not all weekend paintbrush warriors: there are major works by the likes of Anish Kapoor, David Shrigley, David Hockney and Rose Wylie too. Even everyone’s favourite wall-botherer Banksy is involved, displaying a work of art made out of a Ukip placard, priced at £350m. £350m! Like the Brexit bus! More like Bants-y, amirite?

250 years.

Every year for the past 250 years, the Royal Academy has bravely opened its doors and allowed literally any old schmuck to have a go at getting their art on its walls. The annual Summer Exhibition is an open submission show: that means plebs and haughty fine artists alike can send in their work for consideration by a jury of Royal Academicians, who sift through thousands of works of art before choosing the best 1,300 pieces to display.

Almost everything in the Summer Exhibition is for sale, so this could be your chance to nab a bargain painting by a future superstar, or to finally invest your riches in a Tracey Emin. And this year, to help celebrate that whole 250 years of being a leading light in the UK art scene thing, the RA is taking the Summer Exhibition out into the street as well, with works by artists spilling out onto Piccadilly and Regent Street.

The Summer Exhibition is an annual highlight: 250 years of tradition, art and giving the little guy a chance. Long may it continue.

Grayson Perry in front of his Summer Exhibition

Royal Academy of Art –  Burlington House, Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1J 0BD, Royaume Unis



Yayoi Kusama

Exhibition Infinity Mirrors – USA

  • Cleveland Museum of Art (July 9-September 30, 2018)

  • The High Museum, Atlanta (November 18, 2018-February 17, 2019)

Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors will provide visitors with the unique opportunity to experience six of Kusama’s infinity rooms. The artist’s most iconic kaleidoscopic environments. Llongside large-scale installations and key paintings, sculptures and works on paper from the early 1950s to the present, which contextualize the foundational role the concept of infinity has played in the artist’s work over many decades and through diverse media. The traveling exhibition marks the North American debut of numerous new works by the 88-year-old artist, who is still actively creating in her Tokyo studio. These include large-scale, vibrantly colored paintings and her most recent infinity room, All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins, 2016.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors"Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors

Cleveland Museum of Art: 11150 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44106, USA

The High Museum, Atlanta: 1280 Peachtree Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA

Yves Klein Exhibition

 Blenheim Art Foundation – 18July/07Oct 2018 – (England)

A major exhibition of French artist Yves Klein’s work is to go on display at Blenheim Palace from 18 July – 7 October. The show will mark what would have been the visionary French artist’s 90th birthday and will explore concepts of “beauty, sensibility and the sublime”.

Klein is considered one of the most important figures in post-war European art, combining traditional artistic mediums with innovative techniques. His imaginative creative approach influenced movements in conceptual art, minimalism and performance art; his Anthropometryseries, which will be on display at Yves Klein at Blenheim Palace, saw Klein employ models as “living brushes” to create marks on the canvases in front of a live audience, breaking down the boundaries between artistic process and finished product.

Blenheim Palace

Yves Klein at Blenheim Palace will feature a total of 50 artworks including painting, sculpture and large-scale installation. Visitors can expect to see Klein’s large-scale Monochrome Paintings,which were decisive in the artist’s fascination with and focus on the colour blue. Klein is perhaps most famous for developing his own vivid, ultramarine pigment, International Klein Blue, which became a symbol of reaching the ‘infinite’ or the ‘sublime’ through pure colour.

The exhibition is hosted by the Blenheim Art Foundation, which aims to inspire visitors of Blenheim Palace with modern and contemporary art inside the 18th-century building, and will mark the institution’s 5th anniversary.

Daniel Moquay of Yves Klein Archives said in a statement: “We are very happy to collaborate with Blenheim Art Foundation on the occasion of Yves Klein’s 90th birthday year and to present his artworks in a totally different environment from the usual exhibitions that we organise. This exhibition Art Gallery will present Yves Klein’s artworks from a new angle and bring contemporary and neo-classical art into unprecedented dialogue, as a fluid tradition.”

Yves KleinYvesklein-yveskleinatblenheimpalace-itsnicethat-exhibition-1Yves Klein

Blenheim Palace – Woodstock, Oxfordshire OX20 1PP


The Centre Pompidou – Until 03 Sept 2018 (Paris)

A regular event, the exhibition of recent acquisitions by the Graphic Art department reveals new historical and contemporary works to the public. This edition features a selection of a hundred or so works on paper acquired by the Centre Pompidou since 2011. This varied and eclectic exhibition opens with Henri Matisse’s large-scale stained-glass window project for the Chapelle de Vence and a large collage by the contemporary artist Pierre Buraglio, clearly inspired by Matisse’s chasuble designs for the same chapel. Modern and contemporary drawings are given equal billing in a chronological circuit illustrating incredible diversity, with artists like Kandinsky, Klee, Picabia, Wols, de Staël an



De Stael

De Stael

John Cage

John Cage

Museum Pompidou – Place Georges-Pompidou, 75004 Paris

Isamu Noguchi (US)

Art Gallery Opera 14 july/24Sept (Tokyo)

Isamu Noguchi (1904-88) is an artist representing the 20th century with extensive activities. The fusion of different cultures aimed for by Noguchi and integration with living and the environment. Can be said to be the precursor of the 21st century seeking connection between art and society. Its activities have greatly influenced many artists, architects. And designers until today. In this exhibition. Noguchi always kept conscious of “body” even. In the field of abstract sculpture, and that consciousness headed towards the environment. Surrounding humans such as children’s play equipment design and landscape, and Noguchi himself said ” Sculpture.

To the passion for the garden. Stage related work by collaboration with modern dance pioneer Martha Graham, young Noguchi drawing in Beijing. Paintings made in Japan, light sculpture “Akari”, New York’s “Chase Manhattan. We introduce about 80 points which selected carefully the whole picture of Noguchi art, from garden such as “sedimentary garden for bank plaza” and models and materials related to landscape, and even stone carvings of later years.

Bust of A. Conger GoodyearPortrait of Anna Marie MerkelHead of a Young Girl

Tokyo Opera City Art Galler3-20-2 NishishinjukuShinjuku 163-1403


Museum Rodin until 22 July Paris (French)

From the 1890s onward, the art of dance was transformed, with new experiences revolutionizing what was sometimes an urbane and codifi ed form of entertainment. Rodin’s keen interest in these innovations led him to meet such exceptional figures as Hanako and Loïe Fuller. A particular highlight was his encounter with the dancers of the Cambodian royal ballet during their visit to Paris to perform at the World’s Fair. When they left, in the sculptor’s words.

They “took the beauty of the world with them”. Inspired by his complicity with the shapers of this revolution. Rodin associated dance and sculpture, both of which explore the possibilities of the human body. He turned his attention to all forms of dance. Regional and oriental folk dances. Cabaret performances, outstanding contemporary dancers, and dance as it was practiced in Antiquity. An interest he shared with Isadora Duncan.


The exhibition, centered on the “Dance Movements” series, will survey all Rodin’s research and experimentation. The sculptor used assemblages to convey the body’s tensions. Inventing audacious portés that combine effects of void and solid, balance and imbalance. Rodin’s creativity focused on expressing the life force of the body.  Itsvital energy, strength and equilibrium – just as dance explores the body’s relationship with space and weightlessness through extension. Flexibility and freedom of line.

Dance Movement D, from Head of the Slav WomanPas de deux A, Auguste Rodin

Museum Rodin, 77 rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris, France

Picasso and Dance

Palais Garnier/Paris Opera –  June 19/September 16, 2018 (French)

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) was without a doubt one of the most versatile artists of the 20th century – a painter, draftsman, sculptor and engraver. He never stopped investigating a wide range of techniques, exploring the most diverse fields and forms of expression. In the 1910s, he discovered the world of show business and started working on the creation of sets and costumes. That would mark the history of ballet. Parade (1917), The Three-Cornered Hat (1919), Pulcinella (1920) and Mercure (1924) are all major landmark works for this art. Picasso’s legacy remains alive in the Ballet repertoire of the Paris Opera, which demonstrates how important a role he played in the choreographic landscape of the time.

In dance

However, looking beyond the world of ballet, we can see that Picasso expressed an interest in dance from a young age. From the circus dancers of the 1900s. To the bacchanal scenes of the 1940s to 1960s, to the erotic dances of Picasso’s later work. Everything seemed to be a pretext to depicting bodies in movement. The dynamics of the danced movement thus featured in all of the master’s work. Sometimes going so far as to in fact fuel his artistic expression.
The exhibition held by the Bibliothèque nationale de France and the Paris National Opera explores the different aspects of Picasso’s relationship with dance. From company life and creative research, to fine arts and performing arts.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "picasso et la danse opera garnier"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "picasso 3 danseuse"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "picasso dansant devant baigneur"

Palais Garnier – Opera of Paris – Entrance at the corner of rue Scribe and rue Auber, Paris 9th

The Polaroid Project

The exhibition at C/O Berlin focuses on the use of the cult instant camera Polaroid in art, film and pop culture.

Museumsportal –  7 July /23 September 2018 Berlin (Germany)

The Polaroid camera has been an integral part of photographic history since the early 1970s: the self-developing images, the classic square format with the white edge and the light composition of the photos are the personification of the snapshot.

The Polaroid photo in art

In recent decades they have also enjoyed great popularity among artists. Andy Warhol used the Polaroids as a reference for his pop art and documented his work with it, Dennis Hopper researched with the camera for his films, and Richard Hamilton painterly redesigned the snapshots. In a collection of 250 photographs, the exhibition portrays the many possible uses of the Polaroid camera.

Andy SneezingAndy About to SneezeOhne Titel

Museumsportal – Hardenbergstraße 22 – 10623Berlin


 The Musée Unterlinden, Colmar, France.

June 10 / October 29, 2018.

To coincide with Georg Baselitz’s 80th birthday, the Musée Unterlinden is devoting a major exhibition to the German artist.

The event in Colmar, entitled Corpus Baselitz. Will mark the first exhibition in a French museum of a new and significant body of works (paintings, drawings and sculptures). Produced between 2014 and 2017, in which the artist examines his own body, and through it, his place in the history of art.

Since his first inverted paintings of 1969. The representation of his own body has proliferated in Baselitz’s work with varying degrees of regularity.  Either alone or accompanied by the body of his wife Elke, in the tradition of the nude and the self-portrait.

Whilst his gaze was previously that of a distant observer, in the series of works. That he began in the winter of 2014–15. He confronts the reality of his advanced years and the ravages of time. In this introspective work, he summons up his masters (Duchamp, Dubuffet, Dix, Picasso, or De Kooning) for what resembles a descent into hell.


The mutilated, incomplete, and fragmented body. Yet the violence of the subject of old age is counterbalanced by the movement of walking downstairs (a reference to Duchamp’s 1912 work Nude Descending a Staircase). Which the inversion transforms into an upward movement. The generosity of the medium and a new painting technique transfigure the bodies, which become luminescent and vibrant.

The obsession with the subject of his body stripped bare explored by Baselitz on the cusp of his eightieth birthday and the transmutation of this black vision into a vigorous. Generous representation offered up to the public demonstrate the artist’s unwavering vital and creative energy.

The subject

The subject, the form (sometimes drawing upon medieval triptychs). The monumentality, the physical substance, and the color of the German artist’s works resonate like a contemporary echo. Of Grünewald’s panels in the Isenheim Altarpiece. The masterpiece of the Musée Unterlinden’s collections.

The exhibition constitutes an exceptional and unique tribute to a major contemporary artist. Following on from the retrospective of his work being held at the Beyeler Foundation. Near Basel from January to May 2018.

Georg Baselitz, Orangenesser IV, 1981 - Huile et détrempe sur toile, 146 x 114 cm, München, Pinakothek der Moderne, © Georg Baselitz, 2018Baselitz en pleines formes au musée Unterlinden de Colmar

Musée UnterlindenPlace Unterlinden 68000  Colmar- France.

Aurélien Froment – oe

Marcelle Alix Gallery – 31 May/21 July 2018 (Paris)

Aurélien FromentAurélien Froment’s not only reveals existing forms, but it also determines other ways of dreaming them by seeking the right transformation, that enables the past to build a future. The artist aims at making an effort of imagination to connect himself to faraway things in order to put them on a common stage and determine their importance together. In this light, he has conceived the inventory of the elements constituting the Ideal Palace of postman Cheval. A work which is so intense that only a closer vision may contribute to shedding light on this “work of one man”. Concerned about his own pace.


What these figures (imaginary animals, plants, ornaments, etc). Carved in rock and photographed separately depict. Is a different life pulse. A rhythm that the world needs as a kind of support.

These pieces translate performative thinking in relation to preexisting works: they seek to stress the path that starts with the gesture and leads towards the form, and vice versa. The exhibition will always be, for the artist, a way of not forgetting what might be called “the arising of the gesture”. The way in which the gesture enables us to truly make use of forms as much as it helps us become receptive.

Marcelle Alix Gallery – 4 rue Jouye-Rouve, 75020 Paris- France


Gallery Magda danysz 9 JUN – 20 AUG 2018 (Paris)

In this exhibition, SHAPING THE ESSENCE. Presented at Danysz Art Gallery in Shanghai. Chen Yingjie presents his most recent artworks. As the artist shares ?The concept of tangible and intangible, figurative and abstract is always presented in my painting. It helps me to explore and create an original form of urban art tinted with oriental traditional ink principles.? Combining landscape representation with abstract expressionism gets even more interesting. As the artist adds his splattered ink technique. In order to experience Chen Yingjie?s creative process, where movement meets painting in an unprecedented way. The large central artwork of the show is executed during a special live painting moment.

Magda Danysz – Paris 78 rue Amelot

– Shanghai 256 Beijing East Road x Jiangxi Road

– London 61 Charlotte St.


Exhibition Gallery: 24 March until 17 June 2018 you will be able to visit. (in our opinion) a ‘must see’ surf photo exhibition at the Cultuurcentrum Scharpoord in Knokke Heist, Belgium. This yearly event will be exhibitioning the work of Stephan  Vanfleteren. He has photographed numerous surfers from around the world and the result is a 2500 black/white collection of portraits. Named the ‘Surf Tribe’.

Famous surfers such as Kelly Slater. Laird Hamilton, John John Florence and more have stood in front of his lens for this collection and the journey through the pictures will take you on a trip around the world to the coasts of Hawaii, France, Bali, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Chocolate Islands and California in the effort of bringing this surf family together in to one place. Vanfleterens portraits show the purest form of what it is to be a surfer.


If you live near or are looking for a small road trip to do. We highly recommend visiting this once in a long time opportunity to see this beautifully crafted photo collection. In case you live further away. Roselien, one of our team members will be attending the event the 1st of April. And there will be an Instagram. Takeover on our Zarautz Surf Village account so you will not miss the chance to see some of these beautiful portraits!

In case you live in Belgium or close, you can actually get free tickets this weekend by purchasing the newspaper ‘DeMorgen’. The tickets can be found inside the newspaper so there truly is no reason not to go!

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "FOTO EXHIBITION: SURF TRIBE BY STEPHAN VANFLETEREN"Image associée

Practical information:

Entrance: 10€. 8€ if in a group of +10 persons

-16 have free entrance

Adress : Cultuurcentrum Knokke – Heist Maxim Willemspad 1, 8300 Knokke-Heist, Belgium

Here’s the Joseph Beuys myth: the hugely influential German artist was a pilot in World War II. He crashed his Stuka over the Crimea and was found by a tribe of nomadic. Tartars who wrapped him in fat and felt to keep him warm. They saved his life.

Out of that fable came a whole career based on felt, fat, electricity and medicine. The building blocks of survival, used to help deal with his country’s tormented recent past. His work took in sculpture, drawing, performance, political activism and lectures. It’s art as spiritual first aid for a damaged national psyche, sculpture as healing object. Performance as shamanic ritual – and it’s some of the most important art of the twentieth century.


The first room here is full of felt clipped to the walls, copper boxes and piles of relay equipment. In

one piece, rolls of felt nestle in smeared globs of fat. A hammer on the wall promises to rebuild something, a sled on the floor promises to whisk your broken body to safety.

Upstairs, the floor is littered with little coiled clay turds with tools stuck in them – like the charred faecal remains of some group of workers – cracked machinery and powerless electricity rods. It leaves you certain that once this was alive, but is now anything but. You’ve probably seen a bronze version of this landmark installation in the Tate. They are sad, forlorn, abandoned things.

In a side room, you find a bunch of early works – fragile little female figures and crucifixes, all on the edge of crumbling like disintegrating prayers.

Social cohésion.

These are all political statements too – works that scream for healing and social cohesion, not the destructive, nihilistic drive of capital. That they’re on show, and many for sale, in a huge international commercial gallery is pretty at odds with Beuys’s whole vibe.

But look past that and in this art of upheaval and pain, you might just find some balm for the soul, and we could all use a bit of that.

Sat 26 May to Thu 31 May

Gallery : Thaddaeus Ropac

Address : Ely House 37 Dover Street London W1S 4NJ 


“She logs on every day, and out of habit types in product names one after another as if panning for gold; she always finds a reason to add them to the shopping cart. One item leads to another, and the sea of merchandise only expands her bottomless appetite.”

This passage sums up a widespread 21st-century experience: the feeling of near-mindlessness or automation that accompanies online shopping. When we shop on the internet, we often become untethered from ourselves, and we feel, and then try to satisfy, needs we didn’t even know we had.

The words come from a short story contributed by artist Cao Fei to the catalogue for One Hand Clapping, an Exhibition Gallery Opening at the Guggenheim May 4. Cao Fei’s new video work—a commission for the Guggenheim’s Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation Chinese Art Initiative—is set in the place that makes online shopping possible: a package distribution center.



FEBRUARY 2 – MAY 13, 2018 –  Guggenheim Bilbao

An unclassifiable figure of the arts and literature of the 20th century, Henri Michaux (b. 1899, Namur, Belgium–d. 1984, Paris) greatly influenced the artists and writers of his time over the course of his long life. Both a “poets’ poet” and a “painters’ painter.” Lionized by figures in both fields like André Gide and Francis Bacon. Michaux feverishly produced thousands of works on paper whose full extent is only now becoming apparent.

Archives in Paris.

This Exhibition Gallery, organized in collaboration with the Michaux Archives in Paris, covers fifty years of Michaux’s creative activity. Focusing on his most important periods and series. Bringing together some 230 of the artist’s visual works. Documents, and personal objects, Henri Michaux: The Other Side is organized around three principal themes. Offering a panoramic view of each: the human figure, the alphabet, and the altered psyche.

The show emphasizes the formal and material parallels and convergences between these three themes, and reveals central aspects of the artist’s modus operandi. Underscoring his constant interest in science, musicology, and ethnography. Some of Michaux’s fundamental series. Like the fonds noirs (black backgrounds). The frottages (rubbings), the mouvements (movements), and the dessins mescaliniens (mescaline drawings). Are amply represented in this show, which includes works never exhibited before as well as pieces from major national and international collections.

Henri Michaux Untitled, 1981Henri Michaux Untitled, 1981

MARCH 17 TO AUGUST 26, 2018

(Ruchfeldstrasse 19, 4142 Münchenstein, Suisse)

The Schaulager dedicates a long-awaited retrospective to one of the most important artists of our time. The Exhibition Gallery “Bruce Nauman: Disappearing Acts” was organized by the Laurenz Foundation. Schaulager Basel and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

It has been 25 years since the work of Bruce Nauman was presented in its entire medial width. The exhibition includes video works, drawings, prints, photographs, sculptures, neon works and expansive installations. In addition to key works, lesser-known works are on show. And the world premiere will feature the Controposto Split 3D video projection. The monumental sculpture Leaping Foxes and, for the first time in Europe. The most recent Contrapposto Studies, i through vii.

Born in 1941.

Born in the Midwest United States in 1941 and now living and working in New Mexico. Also, the artist is a key figure in contemporary art because of his pioneering work. In his work he explores topics such as language and corporeality and explores power structures and rules. With his persistent questioning of aesthetic and moral values ​​and habits of seeing. Bruce Nauman constantly challenges our perception and imagination. «Bruce Nauman: Disappearing Acts». Offers an overview of the multifaceted work of this elusive artist spanning five decades. Which has lost none of its urgency and relevance to this day.

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Film. Theater. Festival.

Film. Theater. Festival.

Welcome to our section Film. Theater. Festival. The will of the HappenArt, Art & Culture Platform team is to offer you its best selections of films and events that will interest you.

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Directed by Prune Noury


SERENDIPITY Ability, art of making a discovery. Scientist, by chance.
The artist’s work has always explored issues around the human body. For 10 years, his work has been focused on gender selection. Also on the definition of femininity in different cultures. The possibilities offered by science. At age 31, she shows her career. By transforming a personal event into a true artistic epic.


film teather festivalFilm theater festival

Opening / Preview of the film: – Oct 21, 2019 MK2 Bibliothèque : 162 Avenue de France 128, 75013 Paris (French)




The Music of Regret

Directed by Laurie Simmons 


As an extension of Simmon’s work. In the form of miniatures. From idiosyncratic and imaginative photographs, The Music of Regret stars the legendary Meryl Streep. Alongside a vintage puppet cast. The story revolves around the turmoil. Provoked by two families in conflict. Also, it also includes a ballad. The subject of dependence and communication. As well as anthropomorphic pocket watches. A rare treat shot on 35mm that must be seen to be believed.


Oct 27, 2019 : Quad Cinema – 34 W. 13th Street New York, NY 10011



Double Happiness

Directed by Ella Raidel


In the Chinese region. Double Happiness is understood as that happiness. That automatically doubles when two people decide. To live together forever. Ella Raidel chose this beautiful optimistic image. As the title of her first long documentary. But perhaps we should not even talk about documentary. Certainly not the commercialized documentary on globalization. Because it is rather a film very intelligent. Sharp and especially empathy and flair cinematographic.


Dortmund / Cologne Women’s Film Festival 2019



The White Crow 

Directed by Phil de Semlyen


A young man of just 22. Dressed in a black beret and a dark narrow suit. Is on an airplane flying from St Petersburg to Paris. It is 1961 and Rudolf Nureyev. Not yet the imperious figure of legend. Is a member of the world-renowned Kirov Ballet Company. Travelling for the first time outside the Soviet Union.

Parisian life delights Nureyev. The young dancer is eager to consume all the culture. Art and music the dazzling city has to offer. But the KGB officers. Who watch his every move become increasingly suspicious. Of his behavior and his friendship. With the young Parisienne Clara Saint.



May 2019



International Festival of Vidéo Art of Casablanca

Franch Institute – April 23/27, 2019 Casablanca (Marocco)


The International Festival of Video Art of Casablanca (FIAV) will blow its 25th candle. In this edition of 2019, the focus will be on transhumanism. Organized by the Ben M’Sik Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Casablanca. This festival will be held in several spaces of the economic capital. the French Institute, the Studio of Living Arts. Marsam Art Galleries. H2 space. Among others, from the 22nd to the 27th of April. Facilities, 360-degree virtual reality experiences. Projects, conferences as well as Masterclass. Among other activities, are planned. We met Majid Seddati, artistic director of this UFO festival. Since unknown and not supported, to explain us. In three questions, this futuristic event. Who will bring together more than 50 national and international artists.


Festival International d'Art Video de Casablanca

FIAV Institut Français – 121, Boulevard Mohamed Zerktouni, Casablanca (Marocco)



Grand Hôtel Barbes

Directed by Ramzi Ben Sliman (French)


Ramzi Ben Sliman highlights the surprising marriage between the classical world. And the urban choreographic arts. Paris, the Goutte-d’Or neighbourhood. Spring 2018. Ulysse. An impoverished and listless 20-year-old runs into Wolfang Amadeus Mozart on the corner of a street. The Austrian composer could help him out of a tight spot. In exchange for a dance.




Dreams that money can buy (1947)

Directed by Hans Richter (German)


Surrealist painter and Dada film-theorist Hans Richter wrote, produced. And directed the experimental exercise Dreams That Money Can Buy. One of the most significant contributions to the 20th-century “avant garde” movement. The project began in 1944. While Richter was director of the Institute of Film Techniques. At City College in New York. Combining short scenarios written by such world-renowned artists as Max Ernst. Marcel Duchamps. Man Ray. Alexander Calder and Fernand Leger. Richter came up with a full-color. Feature-length study in dreamlike “wish fulfillment”. The film’s only nod to continuity is the presence of a self-styled heavenly psychiatrist.


Whose patients purportedly visualize the images which play across the screen. Described by one observer as “surreal yet somewhat Jungian”. Dreams That Money Can Buy cost $25,000. And was three years in the making (Richter liked to take his time. His later Dadascope took five years). Its New York premiere was greeted with a mixture. Of bravos and bewilderment. Especially when the projectionist elected to show. The film on the wall and ceiling rather than the screen. One assumes that the projectionist was less capricious. When Dreams That Money Can Buy won a special prize at the 1947 Venice Film Festival.


Full Version 1’19”39

dreams that money can buy



Vicious Cycle

Directed by Michael Marczewski (England)


Michael Marczewski is a Motion Designer and Director working at ManvsMachine. A Cannes Gold Lion award winning design. And motion studio based in London. However Michael’s new film, Vicious Cycle, is a passion project. That features cute robots driven by exponentially malfunctioning mechanisms. Which comedically destroy the lovable bots. I sat down with Michael to pick his brains about how he conjured. A particular aesthetic style to lull the audience into a false sense of automated security.


Website :



Human Flow

Directed by Ai Weiwei (Chinese)


Documentary by director Ai Weiwei. Which premiered at the Venice International Film Festival in February 2017. Human Flow tells the stories of a handful of individuals. Who lived through or have experienced humanitarian crises. Throughout the film, the spectator is transported. To over twenty countries where the migratory crisis is underway.

Offering the testimony of migrants fleeing war. Famine or repression, as well as that of executives. And humanitarian workers trying to assist them in their desperate search for security. Justice and dignity. A multiple award-winner. Human Flow is an artistic. Factual and moving visual expression of the profoundly personal consequences of the migratory crisis in Europe.


National Holocaust Museum – Dec 09, 2018 Amsterdam (Netherlands)




 Terrence Malick’s New project has Music by Jonny Greenwood (USA)


Cinephiles will probably want to sit down for this news. Terrence Malick and Jonny Greenwood are teaming up. The director is executive producing the virtual reality project “Evolver”. Which is set to feature original music from Greenwood. The project was originally announced to be included at the upcoming VR Days Europe. In collaboration with the Rotterdam International Film Festival. But it has since been confirmed not to be heading there next year.

“Evolver” allows users to experience the lifespan of the human condition. From birth to death. The project is produced by House of Secrets. An animation and VR studio located in the Netherlands. And features new music not only from Greenwood but also from Wu-Tang Clan and more. Greenwood earned an Oscar nomination earlier this year for his work on Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Phantom Thread”. And handled score duties on Lynne Ramsay’s “You Were Never Really Here.”

His taste for the experimental. Terrence Malick proves it already through an atypical narration filmography. With The Tree of Life. Wonderfully, Knight of Cups or Song to Song. By 2018, the Texas director had already tried the immersive experience with the short film Together. A dive of more than six minutes in a choreographic ballet. Where dance merged with technology.


“Together” Short movie 6′ (2018)



COLETTE  (2018)

Directed By Wash Westmoreland (USA)


After marrying a successful Parisian writer known commonly as “Willy” (Dominic West), Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette (Keira Knightley). Is transplanted from her childhood home in rural France to the intellectual and artistic splendor of Paris. Soon after, Willy convinces Colette to ghostwrite for him. She pens a semi-autobiographical novel about a witty and brazen country girl named Claudine. Sparking a bestseller and a cultural sensation. After its success. Colette and Willy become the talk of Paris and their adventures inspire additional Claudine novels. Colette’s fight over creative ownership. And gender roles drives her to overcome societal constraint. Revolutionizing literature, fashion and sexual expression.


In theaters Sep 21, 2018 USA



The Divine Order

Directed by Petra Biondina Volpe ( Swiss)


It is perhaps no accident that the heroine. Of this story of women’s liberation in early 1970’s Switzerland is named Nora. The legendary proto-feminist heroine of Ibsen’s 19th-century drama walked out of her doll’s house. About 100 years before the Nora of this movie walks out on her husband. Two sons, and borderline abusive father in law.

The Nora of this film, written and directed by Petra Volpe. Doesn’t seem likely to leave forever. Despite the elevation of consciousness that takes place throughout this movie. Her bond to her husband Hans and her two kids is strong. The most pleasurable part of watching this Nora’s story is seeing. How the males in her life have to make room for her, and do some learning themselves.




‘The Flight’ (‘Urojahaj’)

Directed by Buddhadev Dasgupta (India)


A village mechanic dreams of flying. After discovering the crash site of a World War II Japanese plane. Bachchu Mondal decides to rebuild it. His project doesn’t go. Unnoticed by the ghosts that haunt the place. All victims of broken dreams. Authorities begin their investigation of Mondal. As a life threatening series of bizarre events conspire.

Breaking the Limits

Directed by Lukasz Palkowski (Poland)


The fascinating, true-life story of endurance athlete Jerzy Gorski.  In 1990 in the World Triathlon Championships Double Ironman competition. He finished with a time of 24:47:46, setting a world record.  His story is full of incredible ups and downs. Tremendous effort, and unbelievable strength.  His achievements would not have been possible without two women in his life.  One woman he lost.  The other woman inspired him to fight for his life.  Extraordinary story of a man who found himself on a verge. Of self-annihilation only to overcome his addictions. And succeed in the most unbelievable way.



Lots of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle

Directed by Gustavo Salmerón (Spain)


“There’s something a little bit magic about Julita. Something of the fairytale” (Variety). Matriarch Julita’s three childhood wishes have been granted. Lots of kids, a monkey, and a castle. But after the financial crisis hits Spain. The family loses their castle but not their sense of humour and family unity. And through the wealth of hoarded objects she has accumulated over 81 years. A rich family portrait is revealed.




Witkin & Witkin

Directed by Trisha Ziff (England)


The world is full of things we can’t see. Even if they occur right in front of our eyes. With his surreal. Often grotesque, sometimes unsettling. Staged photographs, Joel-Peter Witkin creates a visual language for them. The world is also full of things we deliberately choose not to see. The socio-politically engaged figurative painter Jerome Witkin urges us with historically charged pictures to look at them.




Jaar, Lament of the Images (Chile)

Directed by Paula Rodríguez Sickert


Jaar, Lament of the Images is a documentary that focuses on the creative process of Chilean Alfredo Jaar. .One of the world’s most important contemporary artists. His works reflect important current issues. Such as immigration at the US-Mexico border. The genocide in Rwanda, and the coup in Chile. Believing that art is the last bastion of liberty in society. He presents his art as a symbol of resistance. This first film focuses on this invested artist. And proposes an exploration of his works influenced by the history of Latin America. All while following his exhibits in Finland. Buenos Aires. Venice, and New York. The soundtrack is composed by Alfredo’s son. Nicolas Jaar, one of the most influential artists in the world of electronic music.




Festival films : DOKUARTS 2018

Dokuarts Zeughauskin – Oct 4/21, 2018 Berlin (German)


The international exhibition of cinematic work presents. 24 new documentary films from 16 different countries. 12 of the films are contributed by female filmmakers.
All films are shown in Berlin for the first time. Most of them as German premiere. Nearly all filmmakers will be present to introduce their work.


DOKUARTS – Unter den Linden 2, 10117 Berlin, German



Shut Up and Play the Piano

Documentary about the composer, Canadian Chilly Gonzales (2018)

Directed by Philip Jedicke


Piano virtuoso, serial collaborator and self-declared genius. Jason Beck is a singular figure on the music scene. Fully immersed in his outsized alter ego of Chilly Gonzales. This Canadian cult star blurs the lines between rapper and classical composer. Performance artist and punk provocateur. He also has strong Berlin connections. Making German first-time director Philipp Jedicke’s documentary portrait. Shut Up and Play the Piano a natural choice for a Berlinale world premiere.


Shut Up and Play the Piano Poster



Contemporary art and video fair “CAMERA CAMERA”

Video Festival : Itinerary In Town In Hotel – Nov16/25, 2018 Nice (France)


In 2018, the OVNi Festival will take place across the city of Nice. Under the mentoring of Jean-Jacques Aillagon. While its contemporary-art fair Camera Camera. Will take place in the rooms of the Windsor Hotel. Conceived as a project of ‘artistic hospitality’. The OVNi Festival federates local actors. And invites French and international art structures to exhibit video-art works in hotels. Cultural spaces, and other unique venues. At the Windsor Hotel, the exhibiting galleries. Offer a show in the form of a walk through the rooms. In search of videos and fine-art works.


Website Full program



Boom For Real – The new Basquiat documentary, Dec 2018.

Directed by Sara Driver (US)


Following the documentary Jean-Michel Basquiat. The Radiant Child by the artist’s personal friend, Tamra Davis. One could mistakenly think they knew everything there was to know about Basquiat. The film unveiled intimate confessions. Went through the daily life of Basquiat as an underground artist. And got closer than ever to dispelling the mythical aura surrounding the painter. Divulging his joys, doubts and dreams. However. This winter, Sara Driver is taking another approach to the artist’s life. Boom For Real:.The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiatrecounts the painter’s youth.

Born in Brooklyn on December 22, 1960. Jean-Michel Basquiat was a precocious child. He knew how to read and write by four. And he had already cultivated an interest in art thanks to regular visits to MoMA with his mother. It was his mother, too, who gifted him the book that changed everything. Henry Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body, after a terrible accident ended in a trip to the hospital at seven. The scientific gaze helped him cultivate his signature artistic style later on. From his troubled childhood. Between delinquency and life on the street. The documentary showcases the birth of a free. Revolutionary artist, who reigned over the underground art scene. In an understated and unspoken way, all the time remaining as potent. And powerful as his brush would allow him to.

In theatres December 19, 2018



Al Pacino performs at the Théâtre de Paris

Théâtre de Paris on 22 and 23 October, 2018. Paris (France)


Notice to fans of the unforgettable performer of Tony Montana. While giving an interview to Le Figaro this Sunday, September 2. Al Pacino announced that he will play on the stage of the Theater of Paris time for two unique performances in October. And the show will have nothing ordinary. “It’s improvisation.Some things are planned, from time to time. But often I decide on the moment because the environment changes everything” . The theme ? He will talk about his career and will not hesitate to talk to the public. Unfortunately for the non-bilingual. The show will be interpreted exclusively in English. During the interview, Al Pacino also confided his enthusiasm when Richard Caillat. The producer and co-director of the Théâtre de Paris. Invited him to perform on stage. The box office will open on September 11th for only 48 hours.


Théâtre de Paris – 15 Rue Blanche, 75009 Paris



Rachel Maclean

Zabludowicz Collection – Sept 20 / Dec 16, 2018 London (England)


Three films by Scottish artist Rachel Maclean. The first is a brand new VR work that takes the viewer inside a dystopian version of Britain. Where tourist merch has reached epic proportions (imagine your average down-at-heal seaside shop, then multiply by 1000). The second is ‘Spite your Face’ a film that remixed the fairytale of Pinocchio to explore the very un-fairytale story of Brexit. And the third is ‘Make Me Up’. Created to mark 100 years of women having the vote in UK. And inspired by Mary Richardson’s famous slashing of Velazquez’s nude painting ‘The Rokeby Venus’.

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Zabludowicz Collection –  176 Prince of Wales Rd, Belsize Park, London



Searching (2018)

Directed by Aneesh Chaganty


After David Kim (John Cho)’s 16-year-old daughter goes missing. A local investigation is opened and a detective is assigned to the case. But 37 hours later and without a single lead. David decides to search the one place no one has looked yet. Where all secrets are kept today. His daughter’s laptop. In a hyper-modern thriller. Told via the technology devices we use every day to communicate. David must trace his daughter’s digital footprints before she disappears forever.



Sicilian Ghost Story (2018)

Directed by Fabio Grassadonia, Antonio Piazza (Italian)


Set in a small Sicilian town that’s cradled in a picturesque. Rocky valley and fringed by a shadowy forest, there is a sense that Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza’s film takes place on the very fringe of the ‘real’ world. Where there is still some fairytale magic. Both beautiful and deadly. It’s a feeling encouraged by the directors’ languorous. Almost bleary visual style. Their deft use of natural imagery. And a story viewed through the prism of a fiercely imaginative teenage girl. Who, rather noticeably, likes to wear red.




BlacKkKlansman (2018)

Directed by Spike Lee


If you’ve been pining for the return of the fiery. Political Spike Lee of Do the Right Thingand Malcolm X, good news. BlacKkKlansman is the director working at his electrifying best. Maybe the optimism of the Obama era robbed him of some of that righteous fury (which would be one explanation for his limp Oldboy remake). Or maybe middle age mellowed him; either way. Trump’s America—Charlottesville. Black Lives Matter and everything else—has brought the old mojo flooding back. Veering from a blaxploitation spoof to an undercover thriller. And ending with a no-punches-pulled real-life coda. BlacKkKlansman is riotously fun one minute. Savagely biting the next.




“The Kiss” (1896)

Directed by William Heise

The first kiss seen at the cinema.

At just 18 seconds long. “The Kiss” (sometimes known as “The May Irwin Kiss”) is one of the earliest films to be shown to the public. Directed by William Heise for Thomas Edison. It recreates a kiss from a popular musical of the time, The Widow Jones.

The sex scene
To be honest. It’s barely a kiss; there’s definitely no tongues or bodily fluids exchanged as actor John Rice tweezes his moustache in preparation before he goes in for what is more of a peck.

Why is it so groundbreaking?
Officially the first ever film to feature two people kissing. It caused an uproar, with one commentator writing that it was “beastly enough in life size on the stage. But magnified to gargantuan proportions and repeated three times over, it is absolutely disgusting.”




More (Full version)

Directed by  Barbet Schroeder 1969


Stefan (Klaus Grünberg) is a German student from Lübeck, who has finished his mathematics studies and decides to have an adventure to discard his personal commitments. After hitch-hiking to Paris, he makes friends with Charlie (Michel Chanderli) while playing cards in a Latin Quarter, and they decide to commit a burglary to get some money. At a swinging Left Bank party, Stefan meets a free-spirited-beautiful but elusive American girl called Estelle (Mimsy Farmer) and follows her to Ibiza. The two become lovers, with an atmosphere of easy sex, nude sunbathing and lots of drugs.

He discovers Estelle is involved with former Nazi German man called Dr. Wolf (Heinz Engelmann). Borrowing a villa from a hippie, Stefan saves Estelle from Dr. Wolf only to find she does not really want to be saved, and she introduces him to heroin (referred to by the old street name, “horse”), which she has stolen from Dr. Wolf. Stefan is initially against Estelle using heroin, but having used it previously, she persuades him to try it. Soon Stefan and Estelle are both heavily addicted to heroin. They try to break the addiction using LSD and initially manage to stay clean.

However, after a while, they are both using heroin again. Unable to break free of the addiction, it quickly spirals out of control, leading to a tragic end for Stefan.


More (film).jpg



J’aime (I love)

Experimental Film – Directed by Alain Lame (French)


The painter in the cinema is a fictional character emblematic of the figure of the artist. The creative genius renews the heroic figure of the adventurer. Solitary cowboy in a cultivated and urban universe (Paris or New York). It plays on the contradiction between individual freedom and the forms of social organization (family, recognition, exhibition, etc.).

Alain Lame shows us in his experimental film the art market. It refers to all transactions on works of art and works of art. Also, we will see the different actors of the art trade that are the artists. Merchants and antique dealers. Gallery or brokers. Collectors and amateurs.

Finally, we watch an organized bulimia !



Human Flow

Directed  by Ai WeiWei – Pekin (China)


Over 65 million people around the world have been forced from their homes to escape famine, climate change and war in the greatest human displacement since World War II. Human Flow, an epic film journey led by the internationally renowned artist Ai Weiwei, gives a powerful visual expression to this massive human migration. The documentary elucidates both the staggering scale of the refugee crisis and its profoundly personal human impact.

Captured over the course of an eventful year in 23 countries, the film follows a chain of urgent human stories that stretches across the globe in countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, France, Greece, Germany, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, and Turkey. Human Flow is a witness to its subjects and their desperate search for safety, shelter and justice: from teeming refugee camps to perilous ocean crossings to barbed-wire borders; from dislocation and disillusionment to courage, endurance and adaptation; from the haunting lure of lives left behind to the unknown potential of the future.


Human Flow comes at a crucial time when tolerance, compassion and trust are needed more than ever. This visceral work of cinema is a testament to the unassailable human spirit and poses one of the questions that will define this century: Will our global society emerge from fear, isolation, and self-interest and choose a path of openness, freedom, and respect for humanity?

Amazon Studios and Participant Media present, in association with AC Films, Human Flow, a film directed by Ai Weiwei. Human Flow is produced by Ai Weiwei, Chin-Chin Yap and Heino Deckert and executive produced by Andrew Cohen of AC Films with Jeff Skoll and Diane Weyermann of Participant Media.




Bachir in Wonderland (Short Film 16′)

Directed by Els Duran, Evelien Vehof –  2018, Netherlands


The children’s documentary ‘Bachir in Wonderland’ documents a few extraordinary weeks in the life of the stateless Saharan boy Bachir. This past summer, Bachir got the unique opportunity to go to summer camp in Spain, replacing his tent in a refugee camp in the middle of the Algerian Dessert by the apartment of a Spanish host family in Barcelona. With the presence of Bachir and the documentary directors.




Mary Page Marlowe

By Tracy Letts. Directed by Lila Neugebauer.

2NSTAGE Theater –  18/31 July, New-York (Us)


Tracy Letts’s fascinating Mary Page Marlowe presents a portrait of its title character in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. The play’s 11 scenes, each about eight minutes long, span nearly 70 years in the life of a Midwestern baby boomer, but they are presented out of chronological order; each new piece connects to others and fills in gaps until a larger picture emerges. But the play resists its own tendency toward neatness through a central conceit: Mary Page, at various ages, is embodied by six different actors (and one prop baby), a powerfully literal rebuke to the idea of a stable self. “I’m not the person I am,” Mary Page tells a psychotherapist—and she’s certainly, obviously, not who she used to be.

Orphan Black’s

Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany plays Mary Page in her twenties and thirties; we hear her dissect her joyless extramarital affairs in therapy and then watch her, later/earlier, engage in a hotel-room tryst. Susan Pourfar takes the reins for Mary Page’s forties, when she labors to raise kids, and Kellie Overbey plays her at 50, when she crashes into reality; Blair Brown takes over for the final decade of Mary Page’s life, when she has softened a bit with age and resignation. All four are excellent, as is most of the rest of the cast—18 actors in all, many appearing in only a single scene apiece.

While the play’s wide scope keeps the audience at a bird’s-eye remove, its components are vivid close-up snapshots. Director Lila Neugebauer keeps Mary Page in hard, revealing focus even as the character sometimes smudges herself in denial or passivity. (Substance abuse is a recurring issue: a need to be out of control.) Mary Page Marlowe combines moments of crisis into a longer view of time. It approaches life—this one life—with something that feels like wisdom.


Mary Page Marlowe

Website :



Directed by Drake Doremus – July 2018 (US)


In a time of haute technology and post-Black Mirror consciousness, what better time than now for a movie like Zoe to be made? Léa Seydoux and Ewan McGregor star in this romantic sci-fi where synthetic humans are normal in society and compatibility robots can discern whether two people are a perfect match. Although many movies have exhausted the tropes of the role of technology in relationships, Zoe seems to delve further into the idea, specifically with artificial intelligence’s potential to reduce loneliness.




Call me by your name

Directed by Luca Guadagnino, Italy


‘Call Me by Your Name’, Winner of the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, has delighted audiences at such festivals as Toronto, Sundance and the Berlinale. Elio spends every summer with his parents at their villa in the northern Italian countryside, where he enjoys the sun, reading, peace and quiet and the company of his friends. The summer that Elio turns 17, he meets Oliver, a handsome doctoral student working as an intern for his father.




Mamma Mia

Directed by Ol Parker – July 2018 (US)


What’s better than a Mamma Mia sequel? A Mamma Mia sequel featuring Cher, of course. Although the 72-year-old is somehow playing the mother of the 69-year-old Meryl Streep, it’s her first on-screen role in eight years, and what a way to return. Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! finds Sophie 10 years later, now pregnant and wondering how her mother felt when she was in the same position. Cue the flashback – we see how a young Donna got herself into a sticky situation with Bill, Sam and Harry. With ABBA songs old and new, a sparkling cast list and an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza planned if the trailer is anything to go by, it looks like it’ll be the perfect summer movie to go and see with friends.





Max Pugh and Marc J. Francis (French/Britich)


Heartfelt, if not entirely satisfying, Walk With Meprovides an up-close glimpse of the life of devotion, focusing on the monks and nuns who live at a rural monastery led by Zen Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Credited with introducing the practice of mindfulness to the West, the 90-year-old has been limited in his activities as the result of a recent stroke, but for a long time he appeared regularly on the lecture circuit, and many Americans (including this one) have heard him speak and been guided through meditations by him. To convey the powerful calm of his presence would be a tall order for any film. The documentary by Max Pugh and Marc J. Francis certainly has its potent moments. But its mix of the contemplative and the observational finally proves more illustrative than immersive.


Walk With Me [DVD] [2018]



The 100th anniversary of Bergman’s birth

Ingmar Bergman (Swedish)

The Swedish Museum of Performing Arts  – 14th (Stockholm)

The Royal Dramatic Theater – July 14th (Stockholm)


The Year of Bergman is being celebrated across the globe, with July 14th – the 100th anniversary of Bergman’s birth – featuring many special events and offerings. The Ingmar Bergman Foundation and the Swedish Film Institute are planning Bergman film screenings at cinemas across Sweden on July 14th. Meanwhile in Stockholm, the Royal Dramatic Theatre, the Swedish Museum of Performing Arts. SF Cinemas and the Stockholm City Museum are working alongside the Ingmar Bergman Foundation to celebrate what would have been Bergman’s 100th birthday. The Royal Dramatic Theatre offers Stockholmers and visiting Bergman enthusiasts alike an exclusive birthday tour, trailing in the footsteps of the great director, with guides offering both Swedish and English. The Swedish Museum of Performing Arts opens its doors to all, with free entrance throughout the day and the special Bergman – Truth and Lies exhibitionwhile the Stockholm City Museum arranges a city tour entitled Ingmar Bergman’s Stockholm.

Pictures of the movie Persona.

personna_bergmanRésultat de recherche d'images pour "ingmar bergman alma"

The Swedish Museum of Performing Arts – Sibyllegatan 2, 114 51 Stockholm, Suède

The royal dramatic theatre – Nybroplan, 111 47 Stockholm, Suède




Mitchell-Innes & Nash Gallery – JULY 9 – AUGUST 22, 2018

Mitchell-Innes & Nash is pleased to present 35 days of film, a group video screening of films dating from 1965 to 2018 presented in linear format on a single screen at the gallery’s Chelsea location this summer from July 9th to August 22nd.

The exhibition features a selection of films by a dozen artists whose respective work, while disparate in tone and subject matter, all highlight the aesthetic and political significance of film as a means of communication. Against the backdrop of today’s cultural environment where social media plays a dominant role in both disseminating and arbitrating public discourse on art and politics, these films call for a re-examination of the screen as the stage upon which reality can be reflected and changed.

The exhibition includes films by Monica Bonvicini, GCC, General Idea, Mary Kelly, Christopher Miner, Pat O’Neill, Hardeep Pandhal, Pope.L, Martha Rosler and Jacolby Satterwhite.


Mitchell-Innes & Nash – 534 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001, États-Unis



Video Art Miden / From zero to infinity!

Festival Art Video 05/06:07 July –  Kalamata (Greece)

Video Art Miden is expanding and broadening, and is ready to present a rich program of international video art in Kalamata (Greece) -more specifically at the Historic Center and the beach of the city. Celebrating the strong relationship of the organization with the city in which it started and initially developed, the curatorial team comes back with public projections of contemporary video art from all around the world, from July 5 to July 7, each day activating a different urban area of the city.

Video Art Miden is counting 14 years of continuous artistic & curatorial activity, gathering the most interesting works of Greek and international video art and finding new ways and new venues for projection and promotion of this specific form of art, in Greece and abroad. During this year’s summer events in Kalamata, the audience will have the opportunity to watch more than 170 video works, selected from the recent call for entries addressed by Miden to video artists internationally.


Video Art Miden // Kalamata - Greece // July 2018

Video Art Miden :  Kalamata (Greece)



Woman Walks Ahead

Director by  Susanna White 2018 (USA)


Based on true events, WOMAN WALKS AHEAD tells the story of Catherine Weldon (Jessica Chastain). A widowed artist from New York who, in the 1880s, traveled alone to North Dakota to paint a portrait of Chief Sitting Bull (Michael Greyeyes). Her arrival at Standing Rock is welcomed with open hostility by a US Army officer (Sam Rockwell). Who has stationed troops around the Lakota reservation to undermine Native American claims to the land. As Catherine and Sitting Bull grow closer, and as their friendship-and his life-are threatened by imperious government forces. Catherine must contend with the violence that underlies her position.




Review: In ‘Araby,’ the Story of a Wandering Laborer

 Directed by João Dumans, Affonso Uchoa 2017 Brazil


Araby begins by observing the day-to-day of Andre, a teenager who lives in an industrial area in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. After a local factory worker, Cristiano, has an accident on the job, he leaves behind a handwritten journal, which the boy proceeds to read with relish. The film shifts into road-movie mode to recount the story of Cristiano, an ex-con and eternal optimist who journeys across Brazil in search of work, enduring no shortage of economic hardship but gaining an equal amount of self-knowledge. Invigorating and ever surprising, Araby is a humanist work of remarkable poise and maturity.




Apocalyptic, unfathomable essay film from the legendary Jean-Luc Godard. (French)

Jean-Luc Godard presents himself as a one-man YouTube in The Image Book (Le Livre d’Image, also known as The Picture Book). The old dog of the New Wave is as provocative, and impenetrable, as ever in a documentary essay / installation piece shaped around a blizzard of images culled from artworks, news footage and a vast sampling of classic films. From Hitchcock’s Vertigo to Pasolini’s Salò via Joan Crawford in Johnny Guitar.

The film is broken into chapters, with recurring images of hands and trains. There are voices on the soundtrack, including Godard’s. Writing on the screen and words that are mostly translated into English, but sometimes not. Watching the film is like trying to tune a radio. That stubbornly refuses to stay on the same wavelength.

Buster Keaton

Godard, now 87, certainly seems to be in apocalyptic mood as he focuses heavily on images of violence and suffering. Humans have an innate capacity for cruelty and self-destruction. Consuming the finite resources of a planet that we seem to conveniently forget that we share with other species. The recurring scenes of trains. Including, of course, Buster Keaton in The General – must, one assumes. Speak to the Holocaust, when railway tracks marked the road to hell.

Later in the film, Godard turns his attention to the Middle East in a chapter headed ‘Joyful Arabia’. The title of a work by Alexandre Dumas. He chastises the West for having no real interest in the people or the culture. The promise of prosperity from a foreign land lies at the heart of all colonialism.

There are themes and concerns that can be teased out from this largely unfathomable film. But it is always challenging. Maybe it is something that needs to be experienced and absorbed. Rather than dissected and understood. If it is to be Godard’s last feature then there seems something appropriate in his conclusion that ‘there needs to be a revolution.’




‘Three Faces’ Film Review: Once Again, Jafar Panahi Is Modest But Profound

Cannes 2018: The Iranian director is officially forbidden from making films for 20 years, but “Three Faces”. Is the latest exceptional work he’s made in the face of that ban.


For the past few years, Iranian director Jafar Panahi has been sending a series of quietly confounding films to festivals that he’s not allowed to attend. “Three Faces,” which premiered this weekend at the Cannes Film Festival. Is the latest of these little examples of his cinematic sleight-of-hand, and another Panahi gem that has more on its mind than it lets on.

“Three Faces” is typical of the canny director’s output in the way it’s modest but profound. Leisurely but urgent, a portrait of a country disguised as a meandering road movie.

But it’s not like he’s using misdirection or only pretending to be modest and leisurely. Panahi’s films are all those things at once. And this one is particularly timely at this year’s Cannes. In the way he manages, without openly criticizing his home country. To sketch a portrait of how the refusal to give women much agency in their lives is ingrained in the society.




Festival of Cannes. Movies. The 2018 Official Sélection.


Wim Wenders: ‘Pope speaks directly to viewer in new film’
Wim Wenders, writer and director of the new film “Pope Francis – A Man of His Word”, in an exclusive interview with Vatican News, says the movie allows the Holy Father “to speak directly about all his concerns and all the issues that matter to him.”
As the Holy Father celebrates 5 years of his Papacy, we’re going to preview the trailer of your new film: “Pope Francis – A Man of His Word”. What does this film mean to you? How did the film come to be, and what do you expect?

WW: Not in my wildest dreams would I have expected to make a film about Pope Francis. When I got the letter with an invitation to come to the Vatican and discuss with Don Dario Viganó the possibility of a film about the Pope. I first took a deep breath, and then I walked around the block. It seemed that such a project would represent a huge responsibility, at least it would be a whole different kind of task than any film I had made before. But of course I would go and find out what Don Dario had in mind.

Pope Francis – A Man of His Word

It turned out that he offered me Carte Blanche, let me write a concept and define myself the film I could imagine. And the Vatican would not interfere, and would open its archive for us. I said yes. Of course.

It needed a while for my concept to take shape, for the financing to fall into place and for the first shoot with Pope Francis to be organized. From that first interview to the finished film it took almost 2 years, 3 more long interview sessions and a shoot in Assisi. The home town of Saint Francis. And months and months in the editing room, until the film had taken its final shape. And it fulfilled the high hopes I had for it: that it would allow Pope Francis to speak directly to every viewer and listener. Almost face to face, about all his concerns and all the issues that matter to him. 

The Pope was involved in the shooting… Did anything happen on the film set that has particularly impressed you?

WW: Oh yes! I was very impressed how open Pope Francis was to each question, and how directly and spontaneously he answered. And after each of our four long sessions. He took time to shake everybody’s hands, and did not make any difference between producer or director or electrician or assistant.


You once said the Pope “is a true example of a man who lives what he preaches”. What well-wishes do you have for him today?

WW: I had the highest regard for Pope Francis before. I ever met him, just from seeing him on television and from reading his sermons. Or his encyclicals. But meeting him eye to eye. Then also seeing and hearing him every day. In the editing room. Not only in our own interviews. But also his many talks all over the world, to refugees. Prisoners. Scientists, children, rich or poor or regular people. Made me realize how courageous he was. How fearless. And finally, that would be my wish: that he never loses that relentless courage.

Whenever he left our set, the last thing he said was. “Pray for me!”. And that wasn’t just his way of saying good-bye. He meant it. And I’ve heard him ask the same from people all over the world.  From all these people (including my little film crew). Finally, for whom he represents a man whose word we can trust in. That has become such a rare and precious thing today. A man who is not acting for himself, but for the common good.




TATE MODERN : DATE & TIME 19 June 2018 at 19.00–21.30  Parviz Kimiavi, Mogholha, 1973 | Photo &copy; Parviz Kimiavi

An outstanding ‘collage’ of past. Present and future Kimiavi’s iconoclastic masterpiece. The Mongols is a reflection on modernity and cultural imperialism in 1970s Iran. The self-reflective film creates a critical reflection on the expanding presence of TV screens and antennas in Iran’s. Poor villages with a re-enactment of the Mongols 13th century invasion. Its innovation and self-reflection led the French critic Henri Chapier to label Kimiavi ‘Le Godard Iranian.’

Parviz Kimiavi The Mongols / Moqolhâ, Iran 1973, black and white / colour, 85 min



Woodend Winter Arts Festival Movies.

8 – 11 Jun 2018  Melbourn

The 14th annual Woodend Winter Arts Festival Cinema brings together Australian and international artists, performers. Authors and commentators for the Macedon Ranges’ premier arts festival.

Events this year include four performances of La Pellegrina: A Medici Extravaganza in its first professional performance in Australia. Davide Monti, Pietro Roffi. Joseph Tawa dros, Melbourne Ensemble, Jacqueline Ogeil, Ensemble Gombert and Accademia Arcadia. See the beloved Max Gillies in two special performances.

Words and Ideas events include panels with Don Watson and Craig Emerson. Interviews and discussions with authors Alex Millar, Graeme Samson. Anne Buist. Susi Fox. Dee White. Kirsty Manning. Ann James and others. Slam poet specialist Emilie Zoey Baker (EZB). Will run a poetry writing workshop and a poetry at the pub session.

Free events for adults and children include four spectacular exhibitions. Also, different local and regional artists. . A fantastic way to support local community organisations.

All this just one hour from Melbourne in the beautiful Macedon Ranges.

Various venues, Woodend, Victoria, 3442 – Australie

Dance. Opera.

Dance. Opera.

Welcome to our section Dance. Opera. The will of the HappenArt, Arts & Culture Platform is to offer you its best selections of dancers, ballets and events that will interest you.

Dancer,  Opera, submission your work here

L’absolu of Boris Sibé

Theater Nest – April 23/ May 4, 2019 Thionville, (France)


The Absolute is first and foremost an experience outside the walls. Since the viewer will enter, not in a theater. But in a huge silo of silver metal. Designed by the company Les Choses de Rien. In this strange circular marquee of sheet metal. On four floors, the audience will be overhanging the artist. Circassian along two helical ramps. This industrial space will become metamorphosed. In turn, image well. Court. Chasm. Way to infinity in a poetic show. Interrogating our usual perceptions.


Théâtre Nest – 15 route de Manom, 57100 Thionville (France)



Shen Yun 

Palais de Congrés – May 8/12, 2019 paris (France)


Regularly present in Paris. Shen Yun Company is one of the ambassadors of Chinese Classics. Inspired by Chinese legends and mythologies. based in New York, the troop actually. There are five, which rotate around the world in parallel. Presents a book of wonderful stories about the themes of virtue. Courage and beauty A big plateau for a blockbuster that counts on the number. Technological effects. The costumes and sets to pack the viewer.


Le Palais des Congrès. – 2 Place de la Porte Maillot, 75017 Paris (France)



Retrospectives of Lin Hwai-min’s

Hong Kong Cultural Centre – Feb 21/24, 2019 Hong Kong (China)


A celebration of world-famous Taiwanese choreographer Lin Hwai-min’s. Nearly five decades’ worth of work. These performances demonstrate classic dances and routines created by Lin’s company. Cloud Gate. Lin has been credited for helping bring Asian dance culture. To a wider international audience. This is your chance to experience his unique lyrical. And meditative choreography. Which draws from martial arts. Ballet and calligraphy.


Hong Kong Cultural Centre – 10 Salisbury Rd Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong 



Blanca Li Company

Theater National of Dance Chaillot – Nov 08 to 15, 2018


Beware, this is a committed show. In an intricate fusion between visual perfection. Ecological urgency and hypersensitive feelings. The choreographer Blanca Li shakes our consciousness. Whilst delighting the senses.

Air, water, earth, fire. To talk about the threats weighing on our planets. Blanca Li summons the four elements. On an immaculate stage. She implements with an enchanting and unique scenography. The complex and ambiguous relationship that we have with our environment. A veil of aerial tulle imagined by Pierre Attrait is in turn a cloud. The ground, the sky, or wind. And becomes the base of suggestive videos. In the midst of the recreated nature.

15 dancers accustomed to all styles embody our humanity. Their organic dance elates beauty. But also the fragility of an ecosystem in danger of which we are just one of the components. The lyric or percussive music composed by Tao Gutierrez intensely underlines. The multiple forms of our relationship to the world. Produced by Chaillot last season. This creation acts as an alarm for our future and is more than ever of concern today.


Dance Opera

Theater National of Dance Chaillot – 1 Place du Trocadéro, 75016 Paris (France)



Judson Dance Theater Performance : “The Work Is Never Done”

MOMA – Until Feb 03, 2019 New-Yok (USA)


For a brief period in the early 1960s. A group of choreographers. Visual artists. Composers, and filmmakers gathered in Judson Memorial Church. A socially engaged Protestant congregation in New York’s Greenwich Village. For a series of workshops that ultimately redefined what counted as dance. The performances that evolved from these workshops. Incorporated everyday movements—gestures drawn from the street or the home. Their structures were based on games. Simple tasks, and social dances. Spontaneity and unconventional methods of composition were emphasized. The Judson artists investigated the very fundamentals of choreography. Stripping dance of its theatrical conventions. And the result, according to Village Voice critic Jill Johnston was the most exciting new dance in a generation.


MOMA – 11 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019, USA



Porgy and Bess

English National Opera – Oct 11/Nov 17, 2018 London (England)


The Gershwins. Porgy and Bess explores the relationships between members of a close-knit community in 1920s South Carolina.

More than 80 years after its premiere. Porgy and Bess receives its first ENO staging. Written for a large cast. With a 40-voice chorus specially formed for this production. And full orchestra, Porgy and Bess is infused with unforgettable melodies. Including the much-loved ‘Summertime’. This is a stage work that is emotionallycharged, powerful and moving. Delivered through jazz, ragtime, blues and spirituals.


Image associée

English National Opera – St Martin’s Ln, London WC2N 4ES, Royaume-Uni



Martin Zimmermann – EINS ZWEI DREI

Biennale of the Dance of Lyon – Until 30 Sept, 2018 Villeurbanne (French)


Packed with visual collisions. Zimmermann’s wordless theatre has circus. Dance and visual-arts roots. Here, with live piano accompaniment. A tasteful museum space catalyses. In tragi-comic manner. The violence and complexity of human passion As the three characters (at once actors. Dancers and circus performers). Come up against the institution’s walls and their own limits. And things go irresistibly askew. What chance survival. Will the seeds of conflict finally cause them to snap, or rewrite the rules?


TNP – Théâtre national populaire Lyon – 8 Place du Dr Lazare Goujon, 69100 Villeurbanne (French)



All George Balanchine

New York City Ballet – Sept 21/22/26, 2018 New York (US)

This evening’s four distinctive ballets. Created across more than three decades.Reveal the wonderful variety of  Balanchine’s neoclassical style. In Concerto Barocco he matches the serene purity of Bach. Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux is a tour de force that never fails to thrill. And Stravinsky Violin Concerto dazzles with its intricate dynamics. The ebullient Symphony in C. Set to Bizet. Remains one of the most treasured ballets of the Balanchine repertory.


New York City Ballet – 20 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY 10023, US



Saburo Teshigawara / Rihoko Sato

National Theater of Dance – Sept 27 / Oct 5, 2018 Paris (France)


As one of the most influential Japanese creators of his time. Saburo Teshigawara renews on stage with his accomplice and dancer Rihoko Sato for The Idiot. Not really an adaptation, more a reinterpretation..

“I knew it would be impossible to create a choreography taken from such a novel”. Saburo Teshigawara said about Dostoievski’s The Idiot. “But this impossibility has been key to approach and create something completely new. A dance that only exists in the present”. A duo transforming each voice, each cry or murmur into movement. It is not however question of a narrative dance. But more the idea of recreating a body language. The gestural grammar developed and magnified by Rihoko Sato and Saburo Teshigawara are rich in tempo. vVrtuoso and slow motion. The result is a labyrinth of sensations in which one can get los. Or find oneself. The Idiot, after major pieces such as Flexible SilenceGlass Tooth or Miroku, testifies once again to Saburo Teshigawara’s creativity. Whether it be with group or duo pieces, he uses the body as an amazing artistic laboratory.


Théâtre national de Chaillot – 1 Place du Trocadéro, 75016 Paris (France)




The Lowry – Oct 10/12, 2018 Salford (England)


Life is a Dream is a spectacular new dance show from the Olivier Award-winning choreographer Kim Brandstrup. Alongside dramatic. Lyrical dancing from Rambert’s brilliant ensemble. Imagery from legendary filmmakers. The Quay Brothers creates a dream-like experience. And a live orchestra playing the rich music of Witold Lutosławski. Adds to the otherworldly atmosphere.

They combine in a contemporary re-imagining of a classic play by Calderón. A study of desires as recognisable in today’s world as at any time in the past 400 years. The longing for authentic experience, and the need to dream.


The Lowry – Pier 8, The Quays, Salford M50 3AZ, Royaume-Uni



Chaillot, a memory of dance

BNF, François-Mitterrand / Allée Julien Cain – Until August 26, 2018 (Paris)


In June 2016. The National Theater of Chaillot officially took the name of National Theater of Dance. The opportunity for the BnF to explore its collections. To rediscover the great moments of dance that have marked. The history of this place for more of a century. Presented at Allée Julien Cain. The gathers programs, posters. Photographs and archives and shows the diversity of the choreographic proposals. Also evokes the dancers. And companies that made and still make the history of dance. From Isadora Duncan to Angelin Preljocaj via Maurice Béjart. José Montalvo. Carolyn Carlson or Philippe Decouflé. Over the artistic directions and architectural evolutions. The Palais du Trocadéro to recent works. Including the construction of the Palais de Chaillot in 1937.


Exposition Chaillot, une mémoire de la danse

BNF, François-Mitterrand – Quai François Mauriac, 75706 Paris




Sydney Opera House – 08/12 Aug, 2018 Sydney (Australia)


Two women dance on stage inside an increasingly small space. One is clothed. The other naked, both moving in perfect sync with the other. This is Split a  work of contemporary dance by fearless Australian Lucy Guerin.


After a successful run in 2017. Split is returning to the stage to awe audiences with its stark. But beautiful portrayal of power, vulnerability and synchronicity. Bringing Split to life on stage are dancers Melanie Lane and Lilian Steiner. The latter of which has won a Helpmann Award. For best dancer in 2017 (with Melanie Lane nominated in the same category).

As the size of the area in which the dancers move decreases. The choreography becomes fraught with tension. Ambiguity surrounds the performance. The dancers locked in an struggle. Are they in a relationship. Or are they two halves of the same person?

Split isn’t explicit in its meaning and it doesn’t need to be. Also, with the powerful performances of Lane and Steiner. Enthralling audiences.Backed. By a rhythmic and complex percussive. Score by UK composer Scanner (real name Robin Rimbaud). Finally, Split is an hour of frantic, mesmerising contemporary dance.



Sydney Opera House – Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000, Australie



Ballet Festival

Joyce Teater 26June/07July – New York


The Joyce Theater Foundation presents a buffet of ballet dancers who work. Oof the usual large-company model. This year’s lineup includes Dimensions Dance. Theatre of Miami (June 26, 27). Joshua Beamish/Move. The Company (June 28, 29). BalletX (June 30, July 1). The Ashley Bouder Project (July 2, 3, 5). And Barak Ballet (July 6, 7). Each program includes a Joyce commission.


Joyce Teater 175 Eighth Ave – New York 10011



Alain Platel

Festival de Marseille 06/07/08 July – France


For more than thirty years, the choreographer and director Alain Platel and his collective, Ballets C de la B (C for Contemporary, B for Belgium), has constantly pushed the boundaries of dance, theatre and music. A unique combination of grace and triviality, the grotesque and the sublime, charged with human fragility, his work takes audiences to the limits of human suffering with delicacy and empathy.

Alain Platel trained as a remedial teacher and is a self-taught theatre director. In 1984, with friends and family members. Also, he set up a dance company operating as a collective. The ballets C de la B. Emma (1988). Bonjour Madame (1993). La tristeza complice (1995) and Lets Op Bach (1998). Brought them international renown. With the author Arne Sierens. Hence, he staged several shows supporting the development of the children’s theatre company Victoria in Ghent. In 2003 he staged Wolf for the dance. Then the choral project. Coup de Chœurs for the opening of KVS. Which marked the beginning. Of a close collaboration with Fabrizio Cassol. In 2006. VSPRS heralded a change of direction. Finally, the exuberance of his early. Shows giving way to greater introspection. And nervousness and revealing a world of impulses and aspirations. As well as violence (Nine Finger (2007). With Benjamin Verdonck and Fumiyo Ikeda).

For Pina

This approach then evolved (Pitié ! (2008). Out of Context. For Pina (2010). Exploring how to express intense feelings and aspiring to something beyond the individual. In 2010 he staged Gardenia in collaboration with Frank Van Laecke. Then in 2012, for the Teatro Real in Madrid. Produced C(H)ŒURS, which explored the dangerous beauty of the group and was his most ambitious project ever. The political overtones of his shows such as Tauberbach (2014). And Coup fatal (2014) are rooted in his zest for life and the energy that bursts onto the stage. Expressing ways of living and surviving in terrible circumstances.

The same instinct for life drove the dancers. In their quest for possibie  in Nicht schlafen (2016). In parallel. Alain Platel works on more personal large-scale choreographic projects. Also, and has been involved in several films on dance. With the British filmmaker Sophie Fiennes. I Sing in 2001.  And working alone (Les Ballets de-ci de-là  in 2006).




Chinese choreographer Wen Hui draws up the inventory of 1960-1970 Maoism.


Wen Hui translates into dance the traces. Left on bodies by the amazing movements of Chinese society. Through gesture and backed by files. Interviews and videos. Also, She breaks the bonds between history and intimacy. In “Red”, she revives “. Red Detachment of Women”. The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution iconic ballet. Did this choreography stand the test of time?. A fascinating history(ies) book, open-body.





Batsheva Dance Company Ohad Naharin 

Théâtre Nationnal de Chaillot – Mercredi 17 Oct. 2018 à 20h30


Ohad Naharin is a choreographer. The Artistic Director of Batsheva Dance Company, and creator of the Gaga movement language.

Naharin was born in 1952 in Mizra, Israel.  First of all, is mother is a choreographer, dance teacher. Feldenkrais instructor, and his father was an actor and psychologist.  He joined Batsheva Dance Company in 1974 despite having little formal training.  During his first year. Guest choreographer Martha Graham invited him to join her own company in New York.  Between 1975 and 1976. Naharin studied at the School of American Ballet. The Juilliard School. With Maggie Black and David Howard.  He then joined Maurice Béjart’s Ballet du XXe Siecle in Brussels for one season.

Naharin returned to New York in 1979 and made his choreographic debut at the Kazuko Hirabayshi studio the following year.  From 1980 until 1990. Naharin presented works in New York and abroad, including pieces for Batsheva Dance Company. The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, and Nederlands Dans Theater.  At the same time. Also, he worked with his first wife, Mari Kajiwara, and a group of dancers in New York.  Naharin and Kajiwara continued to work together until she died from cancer in 2001.

In 1990, Naharin was appointed Artistic Director of Batsheva Dance Company, and in the same year. He established the company’s junior division. Batsheva . The Young Ensemble.  He has since created over thirty works for both companies.

In addition to his stagework. Naharin also developed GAGA. also, innovative movement language based on research into heightening sensation and imagination. Becoming aware of form. Finding new movement habits, and going beyond familiar limits.  GAGA is the daily training of Batsheva’s dancers and has spread globally. Among both dancers and non-dancers.





Fall Season –

Every fall, join American dance Ballet Theatre at the David H. Koch Theater . For two weeks of mixed repertory ballet and dance performances. Featuring classic choreography. Groundbreaking World Premieres, and our world-class company of dancers.

2018 Fall Season information will be announced in July 2018.

Akademi’s The Troth is a gripping wartime story of love and loss. Told through powerful dance theatre.

Inspired by the classic Hindi short story Usne Kaha Tha (written in 1915 by Chandradhar Sharma Guleri). The action moves from the intense life and colour of rural India. To the horrific darkness of the trenches in Belgium. Where young Indian men have been brought to fight for the Allied Forces. As the drama unfolds. We learn about the secret promise made by one soldier. 

Marking the centenary of World War I. Also, iwinning choreographer Gary Clarke unfolds the poignant narrative through contemporary dance. Music and film. The show features a specially  music score by Shri Sriram and a cast including Vidya Patel. (BBC Young Dancer 2015 finalist).

Supported by Arts Council England and British Council’s. Reimagine India cultural exchange programme. This international project is a collaboration between creatives from the UK and India. Touring both countries during January to March 2018 as part of the UK-India Year of Culture.

7 Chakra Moves

Concert Music

Concert Music

Arts & Culture Platform section: Concert Music. All musicians.

The will of the HappenArt team is to offer you its best selections of concerts and events that will interest you.


Concert Music, musicians, submission your work






IFEMA – Feria de Madrid – Until Sept 15, 2019 Madrid (Spain)


Immerse yourself in the psychedelic universe. 0f one of the most iconic bands in music history. Pink Floyd. ‘The Pink Floyd Exhibition’ is an audiovisual journey through 50 years of the group’s music. Art and design. See more than 350 pieces. Some previously unseen. Including David Gilmour’s Fender Telecaster Custom guitar. Which he played when the band recorded ‘Animals’. You’ll also see reconstructions of legendary set designs. From the band that gave us unforgettable albums like. ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’. ‘Wish You Were Here’. And ‘The Wall’ and ‘The Division Bell’.


Concert Music

IFEMA : Ferial Juan Carlos I. AV Partenón, Nº 5, 28042 Madrid, (Spain)



Joan Baez

Beacon Theater – May 1, 2019 New-York (Usa)


Joan Baez, legendary artist. Militant and inducted into the R & R Hall of Fame in 2017. Also extended her sold-out tour in 2018, until 2019. Along with the release of Whistle Down The Wind, her first studio album for ten years. Already announced as one of the best.

Baez said, “Although this is my last long official tour. I’m looking forward to touring with a great album that I’m really proud of. I am happy to be able to share this new music. And the long-time favorites with my audience around the world. ”


Beacon Theater – 2124 Broadway New York  10023

4 July , 2019 – Gent Jazz Festival Ghent, BELGIUM

6 July , 2019 – Insel Grafenwerth Bad Honnef, GERMANY

19 July , 2019 – Flower Festival Turin, ITALY

21 July, 2019 – Theatre Antique Vienne, FRANCE

28 July, 2019 – Teatro Real – Universal Music Festival Madrid, SPAIN



Shannon Shaw and Neko Case 

Vic Theatre – April 26/27, 2019 Chicago (USA)


In the decades that followed the recording of his first solo EP. In the kitchen of his Chicago apartment. Neko Case has established itself as a great country and a rock troubadour (and an integral part of the great Canadian independent rock band The New Pornographers). In coproduction with Björn Yttling by Peter Bjorn and John, Hell-On.

Shannon Shaw.

The last album from Case, plays with all his strength. In addition, filled with folk-rock ballads that showcase the powerful voice of Case. Also, his sense of humor reliable and dark. During the two evenings at the Case. Concurrently, Case supports Shannon Shaw of Shannon and the Clams.


Vic Theatre – 3145 N Sheffield Ave Chicago, USA



Coachella Festival 2019

April 12/14 & 19/21, 2019, Los Angeles, (USA)


Coachella is a gigantic eclectic festival. Also, it takes place in California, in Indio. One of the best festivals in the world. In addition, it is undoubtedly the list of all music lovers and festivals!

Year after year, the festival is armed with unparalleled programming. Crammed with the most popular and influential artists of the moment. Anderson.Paak & the Free Nationals. Lizzo. Rüfüs du sol. Nina Kraviz.  That they are part of the pop. Hip-hop. Rock. Eclectro or any other kind.


Coachella 2019 – Los Angeles, USA



Lenny kravitz – New album 2018


“It’s hard not to feel concerned about what’s going on right now. Ten years ago, I could not have written this album. Our time is really dark, disturbed, anxiety. In 2018, people are still fighting each other, racism and misogyny still exist. ”




Erik Satie Night – 8:30 Hours Concert at the Philharmonie

Philharmonie and the Cité de la Musique – Oct 06, 2018 Paris (France)


On the occasion of the 2018 Nuit Blanche, the Philharmonie and the Cité de la Musique host four extraordinary programs. Travel to America, Night with the Ghosts of Composers. Meeting with Erik Satie and tribute concert Studio Venezia!
Erik Satie Night in the Great Hall Pierre Boulez.
Accustomed to the philharmonic. Nicolas Horvath will perform the Complete Piano Works by Erik Satie, 8:30 concert. In 2016. He had already delivered an 11-hour concert at the Philharmonie in Paris. With the complete piano works of Philip Glass.


Philharmonie Cité de la Musique (Hall Pierre Boulez) – 221 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 75019 Paris (France)



BAM 2018 Electrònica experimental – Music festival


Spanning more than twenty years. Barcelona Acció Musical (BAM) has become a festival renowned. For discovering emerging talents from dance. Electronic, rock and pop music from Catalonia and from across the globe. More than 40 groups fill different stages. Across the city each year with unique. New and original sounds, always coinciding with La Mercè. The city’s patron saint festival.


CCCB –  Carrer de Montalegre, 5, 08001 Barcelona, Spain



Robert Plant And The Sensational Space Shifters

Champions Park – Sept 22/Louisville, KY (USA)


We last heard from Led Zeppelin when the band put out a snazzy. Full-catalog reissue a couple years back. But don’t get your hopes up for much else. In the way of reunion shows or releases. You can, however. fFnd leonine lead man Robert Plant on the road performing solo. Or alongside his current cross-cultural concern. The Sensational Space Shifters. Following 2017’s sensuous new solo album, Carry Fire.


Champions Park – 2050 River Rd40206Louisville, KY, US

27 September – City Bank Auditorium, Lubbock, TX, US

29/30/01 September – Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater,  Austin, TX, US

26 October – The O2 Arena, London, ENGLAND



Gretchen Peters

La Chapelle des Lombards – Sept 11,  2018 Paris (France)


Over time, beauty is bittersweet. Concurrently, the changes it brings are as heartbreaking as comforting. In addition, the inevitable tension that stems from this influence is the most reliable muse of Gretchen Peters. “The years go by like days. Sometimes days go by like years. And I do not know which one I hate the most. ” Also, she sings in “arguing with ghosts”. After that, the opening, haunting and haunting, cuts his new album, Dancing with the Beast.


La Chapelle des Lombards –  19 Rue de Lappe, 75011 Paris



Ennio Morricone and Susanna Rigacci (Soprano)

Palais 12 – Nov 24, 2018 Brussels (Belgium)

The legendary Italian composer,with Soprano Susanna Rigacci.  Whose film scores include ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’. ‘The Untouchables’ and ‘The Good. The Bad and The Ugly’. Plays his last ever London Concert Music.


Palais 12 – Avenue de Miramar, , Brussels Capital, 1020, Belgique



Festival de la India

Teatros del Canal – Setp 25, 2018 Madrid (Spain)


The Indian Festival in Concert aims to bring the public of Spain the talent. Creativity and cultural richness of India through music and dance. This festival celebrates its fifth edition in 2018. After the successful result of the four previous editions.

On this occasion he will have the Gundecha Brothers. The most active performers of Dhrupad (the oldest musical style of classical music in northern India). With Ambi Subramaniam Ensemble. The most important young classical violinist in India. And with Attakkalari Dance Company. Which will present Bhinna Vinyasa. “A universe of changing configurations or ensembles”. Where the images of arts and literature are transformed with the memories of contemporary experiences lived.

Teatros del Canal – Calle de Cea Bermúdez, 1, 28003 Madrid, Spain



Pete Tong Ibiza Classics

The 02 Arena – Nov30, 2018 London (England)

Pete Tong is more than a piece of latter-day cockney rhyming slang. He’s also a scene-shaping DJ. This winter, he’s teaming up with the 60-piece Heritage Orchestra. To raise the O2’s roof  with some big-room anthems. For all you ravers who only want to grow up a little bit.


The 02 Arena – Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX, (England)



Michael Jackson: On the Wall review

National Portrait Gallery – Until October 21 2018 London

HIs every crotch grab sent jolts of ecstasy across the globe, his every spasmodic hip thrust left the world reeling. That’s an inhuman level of power for one human to have. It ended up being too much for Michael Jackson, and maybe too much for the rest of us too, which may explain how the National Portrait Gallery can put together a whole show of art inspired by MJ and without it being mega-cheesy or ultra-dull. I had more reservations than an over-hyped London restaurant when it came to this exhibition Concert Music, but let it be publicly stated here: I was wrong.

But don’t come expecting biographical information, chronology, memorabilia or easy narratives – this is about artistic reactions to the king of pop, not chintzy nostalgia. The show treats MJ as the ultimate symbol of fame, obsession, talent and the power of black America. It begins with the MJ you expect. He’s sat on a horse, clad in ludicrous armour, in an obscenely ostentatious Kehinde Wiley portrait. Showy, proud, showbiz. And then look at the starry-eyed adoration in Andy Warhol’s manic documenting. But that’s the façade.

Susan Smith-Pinelo’s dancing cleavage, bouncing to ‘Working Day and Night’ across a series of screens, tells you infinitely more about the man. MJ made the world dance, and in the process opened floodgates of black sexuality and cultural pride. There are plenty of brilliant black artists here. Glenn Ligon paints MJ as a child as if it’s a self-portrait, Isaac Julien uses his face in collages, Auppau Junior Boakye-Yiadom attaches helium balloons to a pair of shoes, leaving them eternally on their tiptoes. This is MJ as a statement of the power and legitimacy of black America, a revolution in pop and culture.


But he also represents the absolute excesses of fame. Suddenly, MJ becomes twisted, troubled, fragmented. He’s Jesus in David Lachapelle’s photos, he’s the capitalist antichrist of communism in Dan Mihaltianu’s installation of masks, he’s the modern Baudelaire in Lorraine O’Grady’s photos. But he’s a ghostly spectre too. Jordan Wolfson obscures everything but MJ’s eyes in a glaring video, taken from the musician’s statement against accusations of child molestation. The show takes a very dark turn, and Wolfson’s piece is the most disturbing work here.

But maybe Candice Breitz’s video installation of 16 Germans singing the entirety of ‘Thriller’ start to finish sums it up best. In their MJ outfits and out of tune, obsessive voices, these hilarious, passionate doofuses make you realise that MJ never really existed: he was an idea, a god, an idol to worship.

Not everything here is brilliant, but as a whole, this exhibition is an incredible example of using art to decode, uncover and reveal myriad concepts and ideas. This is a show about fame and obsession, about how desperately we seek idols and how remorselessly we consume them. It’s also about how much impact one person can have on the world. That’s the true power of Michael Jackson: the way he makes you feel.


Michael Jackson: On the Wall review

Website :



Martha Argerich (Argentina)

Concert Performance on 07 July 2018 Colmar (France)


There are few artists in the world that become a legend while alive. Martha Argerich is one of those rare pianists to have raised her art to dazzling heights. The exemplary story begins in her native Argentina. Where from the age of two and a half years, her precocious talent for the piano is identified. When she comes to Europe to continue her musical education. She has already performed on stage at the Teatro Colón. She retains the excellence of her outstanding play, full of ardor and sensitivity. From a long tradition of musicians including the famous Nikita Magaloff (friend of Prokofiev), Friedrich Gulda or Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli.

Martha Argerich won the Geneva Competition at the age of 16 years and three prizes at the Chopin Competition in Warsaw. All mapped out, her great career will however be like no other. Fiercely free, she has a reputation to never sign a contract and admirers still have painful memories of the long years in which she moved away from the scene. The recitals became a challenge for the artist who suffered from too much solitude. After which she decided in 1980 to only play either when accompanied by an orchestra, or surrounded by her friends such as Nelson Freir., Misha Maisky or Gidon Kremer. The most incredible is that even today, even though the orchestral repertoire is less bountiful than before, the great pianist Martha Argerich has lost none of her skills or talent. Each Concert Music is a suspended moment, stolen from eternity.


Eglise ST. Matthieu – Colmar (France)



The Pretenders, Jack White, Neil Young and Robert Plant top the Arroyo Seco Weekend 2018 lineup – Los Angeles (Us)

Concert June 23 and 24

Arroyo Seco Weekend is back for another year at the Rose Bowl, and this time around the Concert Music festival has brought an even better lineup along with some logistical upgrades.

The second annual Arroyo Seco Weekend will set up three stages in the Rose Bowl-adjacent Brookside Park on June 23 and 24. Neil Young and Jack White headline Saturday of the two-day fest while Kings of Leon and Robert Plant top Sunday’s lineup. The rest of the lineup includes the likes of Belle and Sebastian, Alanis Morissette, Third Eye Blind, Pretenders, Kamasi Washington, Seu Jorge, Violent Femmes, Gary Clark Jr. and more.


Brookside Park 360 N Arroyo Blvd  Los Angeles



Kimya Dawson

Concert Saturday 14 July 2018 – El Cortez – Brooklyn (US)


As one half of New York antifolk duo the Moldy Peaches. Kimya Dawson wrote some deliciously smutty tunes back in the early aughts. As a solo artist she’s produced some lovable, off-kilter records (not to mention her part in pulling together the soundtrack for teen prego-comedy Juno). It’s been seven long years since her last solo album. Thunder Thighs, and we’re pleased to note Dawson seems poised to unveil some new material in the not-too-distant future. If you haven’t already, check out her heartrending ode “Cyclone”. Before she takes the stage for a pair of intimate gigs in Bushwick.


El Cortez / 17 Ingraham St Brooklyn 11206



Gary Clark Jr.

Concert Saturday 14 July 2018 – Grande Halle De La Villette, Paris, (France)


Acclaimed as the savior of blues, Gary Clark, Jr. has shared the stage with many legends of rock and roll. His live performances, as well as his recordings, blend rock, soul and blues, infusing fluid guitar with a guttural howl and a falsetto trill that mix together. Despite his roots, Clark comes across as someone who is forging something unique in the Concert Music world. More specifically, his 2010 self-titled EP debuts his ability to explore various genres of music, while demonstrating his independence and distinctiveness from the heavily saturated music industry.

Born and raised in Austin and rockin’ a guitar since the age of 12, Clark played small gigs throughout his teens – until he met promoter Clifford Antone, proprietor of the Austin music club, Antone’s, which was the launching pad for Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmie Vaughan. Soon after meeting Clifford, Clark began to play with an array of musical icons, including Vaughan, who, among Vaughan and others in the Austin music community helped Clark along his musical path, facilitating his ascent in the Texas rock & roll scene. Today, Clark is one of the many black musicians in rock & roll who are resurrecting the blues for a mdern-day audience. Critics claim his music highlights how the influence of rock and roll and the blues have ubiquitously shaped virtually every medium of music over the past century, ranging from hip-hop to country music.





‘U2 coming through…’ EXPERIENCE & INNOCENCE Tour heading to North America from May to July and Europe from August to November.


In addition to the tour, U2 detailed their December 1st-bound album Songs of Experience, complete with the LP’s 13-song track list. The album features the previously released tracks “You’re The Best Thing About Me” and “The Blackout” as well as “The Little Things That Give You Away,” which U2 debuted during their Joshua Tree 2017 tour.

“American Soul” is a fleshed-out version of “XXX,” the band’s collaboration with Kendrick Lamar that featured on the rapper’s Damn. The digital and CD deluxe edition version of the LP features four additional tracks. Fans who preorder Songs of Experience will also receive the just-released album track “Get Out of Your Own Way” as an instant download.


  • 24 jun New-York, City (USA) Pennsylvania Station –
  • 16 Sept Lisbon (Potugal) Altice Arena –
  • 20 Sept Madrid (Spain) WiZink Center –
  • 4 Oct Hamburg (Deutch) BarclayCard Arena –
  • 12/15/16 Oct Milano (Italie) Mediolanum Forum –
  • 27 Oct Belfast (Royaume uni) SSE Arena –
  • 5 Nov Dublin (Irlande) 3Arena –




Another Brick in the Wall 2019

Just Announced! NEW FOR 2019

The World’s Greatest Pink Floyd Show

BRIT FLOYD Another Brick in the Wall 2019

Celebrating 40 years of The Wall, plus much more.

Brit Floyd, the Concert world’s greatest Pink Floyd tribute show, returns to the stage in 2019. With its most ambitious and best production yet, a very special 40th Anniversary retrospective of Pink Floyd’s iconic rock opera. ‘The Wall’.

Released in November 1979, a semi-autobiographical concept album from the mind of Pink Floyd founding member Roger Waters. The Wall remains one of the biggest selling albums of all time, and an important moment in Rock music history.

As well as performing a host of musical highlights from The WallBrit Floyd will perform classic gems from. The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals and The Division Bell plus lots more.

The Brit Floyd Show has truly become a phenomenon, widely regarded as the world’s greatest live tribute to Pink Floyd. Faithfully recreating the scale and pomp of the final 1994 Division Bell tour, complete with a stunning million dollar light show. Large circle screen and arch plus moving lights, lasers, inflatables and theatrics. A Brit Floyd show really is as close as fans will get to experiencing the magnificence of a Pink Floyd Show live.




Mari Samuelsen plays the ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ Stradivarius 1724, generously on loan from Florian Leonhard Fine Violins, London.

Acclaimed Norwegian violinist MARI SAMUELSEN has enjoyed a remarkable rise on the international concert stage through a characteristic mixture of artistry and enterprise. Her concerts combine a breathtaking musical finesse and virtuosity and an imaginative and innovative approach to presentation.

For more than 25 years she has also collaborated in duo with her brother. Cellist Hakon Samuelsen, performed together. Connecting with audiences and musicians around the world. In spring 2015. They released their debut album, Pas de Deux, Mercury/Decca (Universal). The centrepiece of which was a new work written for them by the Oscar-winning composer. The late James Horner. It went directly to no. 1 in the Norwegian pop chart., The first classical album to do so in more than 20 years.


Mari Samuelsen has appeared as soloist at some of the world’s most prestigious venues including Carnegie Hall, New York. Théâtre des Champs – Elysées, Paris; Konzerthaus, Berlin; Smetana Hall, Prague; Kremlin Hall, Moscow and the Victoria Hall. Geneva, most recently making debuts in recital at the Barbican, London and the KKL. Lucerne, with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. at the Hollywood Bowl and the opening concert of the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Christmas concert

She is founder and artistic director of ‘A Christmas concert from Norway’. Which she started together with her brother in 2003. It’s been broadcast several years on the Norwegian BBC (NRK) and in the US through PBS, hosted by Princess Märtha Louise  of Norway.

Mari Samuelsen has also been artistic director of Yellow Lounge in Norway and bringing the Berlin-born club night to Oslo. Collaborating with partners such as the pre-eminent video artist. Philipp Geist, keeping classical music in the mix at the forefront of contemporary art.

Her late st album, Nordic Noir, released on Decca in September 2017. Went again straight to top of Norwegian pop chart (2nd place). Her upcoming and ongoing collaborations with leading composers of today. As well as electronic music artists such as Jeff Mills and Dubfire. Puts Mari Samuelsen in a position as an artist who is thriving and new thinking. Being innovative and reaching out to new audiences.





Books To Read

Books To Read

Arts & Culture Platform section: Books To Read and New Novels.

The HappenArt team is to offer you its best selections of books and events that will interest you.


Books To Read, Novelists, Whriters, submission your work 

Installation Art

By Claire Bishop (England)


Installation Art provides both a history. And a full critical examination of this challenging area of contemporary art. From 1950 to the present day. Using case studies of significant artists and individual works. Claire Bishop argues that. As installation art requires its audience to physically enter the artwork. In order to experience it. Installation pieces can be categorised. By the type of experience they provide for the viewing subject. As well as exploring the methodologies. Of the artists examined. Bishop also explains the critical theory. That informed their work. While revising and in some cases. Re-assessing many well-known names. This fully illustrated book will introduce the reader. To a wide spectrum of younger artists. Some yet to receive critical attention.


Editor :  Tate Publishing



Bill Traylor

By Valérie Rousseau, Debra Purden (USA)


Born into slavery around 1853/4 on a cotton plantation in Benton. Alabama, Traylor has become one of the most important self-taught artists of the twentieth century. And certainly one of the most celebrated African-American artists. Along with Thorton Dial and William Edmondson. The story of Bill Traylor’s life and work is a remarkable one. It is a story that deserves attention both nationally and internationally.

This publication. Generously illustrated with full-page high-quality reproductions. Provides a close examination of Traylor’s recurrent themes. Composition schemes. Favored iconography, and contextual information related to the artist’s biography. Creative process and tools. Visual environment, and artistic mindset.


Each artwork is considered in a context beyond that of an isolated image. And in response to one another. Forming a series of intricate and consistent narratives. Intriguingly cinematic in its development. The elements of Traylor’s biography are the anchors of an individual mythology. Instead of merely being a basic depiction. The subject becomes a visual statement structuring Traylor’s mind. Bringing together hidden symbols from Kongo Vodou. Hoodoo. Southern Baptist. Freemasonry, and Blues sources, as well as layers of references. Slavery, uncensored violence in the Jim Crow era. And turbulence within the black enclave known as ‘Dark Town’ in Montgomery, Alabama.


Editor :  5 Continents Editions



Bio Art: Altered Realities

By William Myers (Nederland)


A visually striking, authoritative survey of the crossover between art and biotechnology by an expert in the field.

In an era of fast-paced technological progress. And with the impact of humans on the environment increasing. The concept of “nature” itself seems called into question. Bio Art explores the work of “bio artists”. Those who work with living organisms and life processes to address. The possibilities and dangers posed by biotechnological advancement.

A contextual introduction traces the roots of bio artistic practice. followed by four thematic chapters. Altering Nature. Experimental Identity and Mediums. Visualizing Scale and Scope. And Redefining Life. The chapters cover the key areas in which biotechnology. Has had an impact on today’s world, including ecology. bBomedicine. Designer genomes, and changing approaches to evolutionary theory.Include profiles of the work of sixty artists. Collectives, and organizations from around the world. Interviews with eight leading bio artists and technologists provide deeper. Insight into the ideas and methods of this new breed of creative practitioners. 300 illustrations.


Editor : Thames & Hudson



Art Brut in America: The Incursion of Jean Dubuffet

By Valérie Rousseau, Jean Dubuffet (French)


Art Brut in America. The Incursion of Jean Dubuffet traces the influence of Art Brut in the US. Through works from Dubuffet’s art brut collection. The exhibition and its accompanying catalogue are organized around two seminal art-historical moments. The display of Dubuffet’s collection at the home of artist and collector Alfonso Ossorio in the 1950s. And Dubuffet’s provocative speech “Anticultural Positions”. Delivered at the Arts Club of Chicago in 1951.

Including both little-known and canonical works–such as drawings. Annotated manuscripts. Letters. paintings. Embroideries and sculptures–created by 38 artists. Including Aloïse Corbaz. Heinrich Anton Müller. Francis Palanc. Jeanne Tripier and Adolf Wölfli. As well as artworks by anonymous artists and children. This volume points to the influence of Art Brut on the burgeoning American style of Abstract Expressionism. As well as on individual artists and collectors.


Editor :  Art Museum; Annotated edition (2016)



Peter Lindbergh: A Different Vision on Fashion Photography

By Thierry-Maxime Loriot, Peter Lindbergh (German)


When German photographer Peter Lindbergh. Shot five young models in downtown New York City in 1989. He produced not only the iconic British Vogue January 1990 cover but also the birth certificate of the supermodels. The image didn’t just bring revered faces together for the first time. It marked the beginning of a new fashion era and a new understanding of female beauty.

Coinciding with his major retrospective at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This book gathers more than 400 images from four decades of Lindbergh’s photography. To celebrate his unique and game-changing storytelling and the new romantic. And narrative vision it brought to art and fashion.


Books to read

Editor : Taschen



La poésie du mouvement

By  Julien Benhamou (French)


Photographer Julien Benhamou. Has captured the beauty of the dancing form for decades having shot.For some of the most professional dancers of the contemporary world from Marie-Agnès Gillotto. Ludmila Pagliero. Hugo Marchand and Germain Louve. In this poetic collection of photographs. Benhamou gifts the reader with a close up of both the beauty. And suffering of these dancing bodies.


Editor : Normal Editions



East Village USA

By Dan Cameron, Liza Kirwin, Susana Ventura


East Village USA revisits the sprawling. Renegade art scene that flourished in the East Village during the 1980s. Many prominent artists, including Jeff Koons. Kiki Smith. Peter Halley, and Philip Taaffe. Began their careers in the occasionally makeshift. Storefront galleries that prospered for several years as low-priced alternatives to Soho’s rapid gentrification. Representing traditional media such as painting. Sculpture, and photography, while emphasizing the film. Music, and performance art of the period. This lavishly illustrated exhibition catalogue contains works by more than 75 artists. As well as documentary photographs of people. Galleries, performance spaces, and clubs. It provides a striking contribution to the resurgence of interest in a brief. But little documented and even less understood period of art history.

Covering the stylistic gamut from graffiti and punk expressionism to Neo-Geo. And appropriation through some 200 images. East Village USA examines the key exhibition sites. And events that shaped the neighborhood and includes work by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Sarah Charlesworth. Keith Haring. Jenny Holzer. Lady Pink. Tom Otterness. Kenny Scharf. Fiona Templeton. Tseng Kwong Chi. David Wojnarowicz, and many others. The catalogue accompanies an exhibition at the New Museum of Contemporary Art.


Editor :  Dan Cameron



Jean-Michel Basquiat

By Dieter Buchhart – (Austria)


In 2018 the Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris. Will host exhibitons on two of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Egon Schiele, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Both exhibitions will have the same curator. And will be held at the same time. The shows will illustrate exactly what it is that linked the two artists: line, and the use of expressive force.

This, the catalogue of the Basquiat exhibition. Labelled “the definitive exhibition” by its curator. Brings together 100 of the artist’s most important masterpieces. Sourced from interational museums and private collections. With the astonishing radicalness of his artistic practice. Basquiat renewed the concept of art with enduring impact. This Basquiat retrospective centres on the idea of Basquiat’s unique energetic line. His use of words, symbols, and how he integrates collage in his paintings. Sculptures. Objects, and large-scale drawings.

The catalogue includes texts by great authors. Including Paul Schimmel who tells of his meeting with Basquiat in California. Francesco Pellizi who knew Basquiat well and has not written about him for a long time. And Okwui Enwezor who talks about the Afro American identity.


Editor : Gallimard



Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman and Designer

By Carmen C. Bambach (USA)


By Carmen C. Bambach. This catalogue accompanies The Metropolitan Museum of Art Department of Drawings and Prints exhibition. Michelangelo Buonarroti (Italian, 1475-1564) was especially celebrated for his disegno. A term that embraces both drawing and conceptual design. Featuring more than 200 drawings as well as paintings. Sculpture, and architectural plans and views. This authoritative volume examines the Renassiance master as “the divine draftsman and designer” whose work. According to Giorgio Vasari, embodied the unity of the arts.

In each thematic chapter. Related drawings and other works are illustrated and discussed together. Many for the first time, to provide new insights into Michelangelo’s creative process. In addition to St. Peter’s, other featured projects include the Sistine Chapel ceiling. The Tomb of Pope Julius II, and the architecture of the Campidoglio in Rome. Carmen C. Bambach is curator in the Department of Drawings. And Prints at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "carmen bambach michelangelo: divine draftsman and designer"

Editor : Metropolitan Museum of Art



Saul Leiter (Photofile)

By Saul Leiter – Photographer (USA)


Saul Leiter (b. 1923) is one of those photographers who seek neither fame nor commercial success. Despite their talent for imagemaking. Born in Pittsburgh, he spent the 1940s and 1950s in New York. In an intensely creative environment where ideas from Europe and America. Came together and intermingled. There he encountered Rothko and the Abstract Expressionists. And discovered street photography and the work of Cartier-Bresson. His mastery of color is displayed in unconventional cityscapes in which reflections. Transparency, complex framing and mirroring effects. Are married to a very personal printing style, creating a unique urban view. 64 duotone photographs.


Editor : Thames & Hudson



Before the Fall: German and Austrian Art in the 1930s

Stefanie Heckmann, Andreas Huyssen, Alfred Pfabigan, Ernst ploil (Contributor)


The 1930s in Germany and Austria were marked by economic crisis political disintegration. And social chaos. This beautifully illustrated catalog surveys the development of the arts in these two countries. Between the two World Wars. Presenting nearly 150 paintings and works on paper. This book reveals artistic developments that foreshadowed. Reflected, and accompanied the beginning of World War II. Works by Max Beckmann. Otto Dix. Max Ernst. Oskar Kokoschka, and Alfred Kubin are presented alongside pieces by lesser-known artists such as Friedl Dicker-Brandeis. Albert Paris Gütersloh. Karl Hubbuch. Richard Oelze. Josef Scharl. Franz Sedlacek, and Rudolf Wacker. This book features essays about the appropriation of artistic idioms. The reactions of artists toward their historical circumstances. And major political events that shaped the era.


Editor –  Olaf Peters



Carolee Schneemann: Kinetic Painting

Sabine Breitweiser (Austrian Author)


This fully illustrated monograph is devoted to the full range of Carolee Schneemann’s pioneering work. Unapologetically incorporating her body into her works of art.  Carolee Schneemann emerged as one of the leading forces in the feminist art movement of the 1970s. This wide-ranging book follows Schneemann’s remarkable career in its entirety.


Editor : Prestel



Jasper Johns: Pictures within Pictures, 1980-2015

Fiona Donovan (USA)


In the late 1970s, after the artist’s explosive Pop Art beginnings and a period of abstraction. Representational objects made their way back into Jasper Johns’ work. Supported by the artist’s words and previous scholarship. Jasper Johns is the first comprehensive study of his later paintings and works on paper.


Editor : Thames & Hudson



Jill Freedman : Resurrection City, 1968

John Edwin Mason and Aaron Bryant (USA)


Published in 1970, Jill Freedman’s Old News. Resurrection City documented the culmination of the Poor People’s Campaign of 1968. Organized by Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. And carried out under the leadership of Ralph Abernathy in the wake of Dr King’s assassination. Three thousand people set up camp for six weeks in a makeshift town. That was dubbed Resurrection City. And participated in daily protests. Freedman lived in the encampment for its entire six weeks. Photographing the residents, their daily lives, their protests and their eventual eviction.


Editor :  Signed Books



Items: Is Fashion Modern?

Paola Antonelli and Michelle Fisher (Italian Author)


Arranged A-Z encyclopedia-style. It includes designs as iconic as Levi’s 501 jeans. The pearl necklace and Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking. And as ancient and rich as the sari, the Breton shirt, the kippah and the keffiyeh.

The catalog accompanies the first fashion exhibition to be mounted at MoMA since 1944. An essay by curator Paola Antonelli opens the volume. Highlighting the Museum’s unique perspective on fashion. And exploring the latter’s role in the changing international landscape of design. The 111 texts that follow trace the history of each item in relation to cultural forces past and present, touching on labor, marketing, technology, religion, politics. Aesthetics and popular culture, among many others. These concise essays are richly illustrated with a lively mix of archival images. Fashion photography, film stills and documentary shots.



Editor : MOMA



Adam Pendleton: Black Dada Reader

Adrienne Edwards, Laura Hoptman


Black Dada Reader is a collection of texts and documents that elucidates “Black Dada”.A term that acclaimed New York–based artist Adam Pendleton (born 1984). Uses to define his artistic output. The Reader brings a diverse range of cultural figures into a shared conceptual space. Including Hugo Ball, W.E.B. Du Bois. Stokely Carmichael. LeRoi Jones. Sun Ra. Adrian Piper. Joan Retallack. Harryette Mullen. Ron Silliman and Gertrude Stein. As well as artists from different generations such as Ad Reinhardt. Joan Jonas, William Pope.L, Thomas Hirschhorn and Stan Douglas. The Reader also includes essays on the concept of Black Dada. And its historical implications from curators and critics including Adrienne Edwards (Walker Arts Center / Performa). Laura Hoptman (MoMA). Tom McDonough (Binghamton). Jenny Schlenzka (PS122) and Susan Thompson (Guggenheim).


Editor : Koenig Books



Ma vie en peintures (French Edition)

Maria Gainza (Argentina)


Ma vie en peintures est une délicieuse fiction autobiographique dans laquelle l’histoire de l’art joue un rôle central. Notre protagoniste, une brillante critique et journaliste argentine. Parcourt avec intelligence et avec humour les épisodes les plus marquants de son enfance. De sa jeunesse et de son âge mûr. Elle nous raconte les relations intenses. Souvent conflictuelles qu’elle a eues avec sa famille et avec ses amies.

Mais elle le fait en nous décrivant, en même temps. Les rapports qu’elle entretient avec un certain nombre d’artistes et de tableaux qui composent sa galerie la plus personnelle et intime. De Dreux. Courbet. Hubert Robert. Toulouse-Lautrec. Le Douanier Rousseau. Foujita. Le Greco et Rothko. Aux côtés des peintres argentins Cándido López et Augusto Schiavoni, sont les principaux membres de ce cercle privé. Au fil des chapitres. Ces artistes et leurs œuvres deviennent les secrets miroirs émotionnels dans lesquels se reflètent les petits et les grands


Ma vie en peinture (Du monde entier) (French Edition) by [Gainza, María]

Editor : Gallimard



New Museum: 40 Years New

Lisa Philips


Through a detailed chronology that captures the New York museum’s legendary firsts,. Major milestones, groundbreaking exhibitions. And prescient curatorial thinking, this book provides the first authoritative history. On an institution whose bold and experimental spirit. Has made it a model twenty-first-century art museum. The book traces its growth, from its beginnings in a classroom at the New School. To its role as an international institution.


Editor : Phaidon



Fashion Climbing: A Memoir with Photographs

Bill Cunningham (USA)


For Bill Cunningham. New York City was the land of freedom. glamour, and, above all, style. Growing up in a lace-curtain Irish suburb of Boston. secretly trying on his sister’s dresses . And spending his evenings after school in the city’s chicest boutiques. Bill dreamed of a life dedicated to fashion. But his desires were a source of shame for his family. And after dropping out of Harvard. He had to fight them tooth-and-nail to pursue his love.


Editor : Pinguin Press


Berlin Noir

Miron Zownir (German Author, Photographer)


Released in March this year. This beautiful 232-page coffee table book. Is a hardcore tome offering a unique photographic insight into “eternal Berlin”. By the veteran photographer/ filmmaker/novelist who’s called the city home for 40 years. Junkies with needles in their veins. Tattooed bodies hung from butcher’s hooks at Kit Kat. Desolate ruins of the old Palast der Republik. Inflatable dolls. Nudity. Police brutality…

This is no material for the faint of heart! Many photos date back from the late 1970s and the 1990s. Others are more recent. (the latest, of a street musician playing guitar in a bear mask in Mauerpark, is from 2015). But strangely enough. As shot through Zownir’s signature high-contrast B&W lens. They all show a city that’s retained the same raw. Hedonistic beauty that made us fall in love with it. The sleaze, ruins and junkyards. So dear to this tough romantic might be slowly growing extinct. But Zownir hasn’t given up on “his” Berlin. A testament to this city’s enduring dystopian beauty. By a man who’s withheld his gaze.


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Editor : PogoBooks



German for Artist

Stine Marie Jacobsen (Danish author)


Danish artist Stine Marie Jacobsen reflects on the philosophical aspects. Of the German language in this critical. Yet also hilarious linguistic guide to the throbbing. And international cultural scene of Berlin. Aspiring artists and curators will find useful advice. For making themselves understood in various typical professional. Social and practical situations in Berlin.

Others might find interesting insights. Into the paralinguistic enclave of international cultural actors. In a city known as the cultural nerve center of Europe. Jacobsen herself an immigrant artist. Has lived and worked for several years in Berlin. Where she taught German grammar and language to fellow artists. In German for Artists she shares. Her linguistic and anthropological knowledge of Berlin. Intriguing artists scene. Jacobsen has exhibited and performed extensively internationally with shows in Germany. Denmark. Turkey. Finland and China.


Editor :  Ida Bencke Graphic /  ENGLISH/GERMAN




Robert Carrithers & Louis Armand (US)


Literary Nonfiction. Art. Photography. CITY PRIMEVAL is a constellation of personal documentaries of place. And time by key contemporary writers, poets. Musicians. Designers. Filmmakers. Photographers. Artists. Editors. Performers from within the New York, Berlin and Prague underground scenes. From the late 1970s to the present. From New York Post-Punk & No Wave. To the fall of the Berlin Wall and Reunification. The Velvet Revolution and the Prague Renaissance.

City Primeval: New York, Berlin, Prague (Litteraria Pragensia) by [Carrithers, Robert, Armand, Louis, Lunch, Lydia, Bockris, Victor, Resnick, Marcia, Zedd, Nick, Cerny, David, Garcia, Thor, Reeder, Mark, Coupon, William]

Editor : Univerzita Karlova



Extending The Artist’s Hand

Chris Bruce & Keith P. Wells (USA)


A quiet country town nestled at the foot of Washington’s Blue Mountains. With one high school and a population. Of just under 30,000 is the unlikely home of a world-class art organization. The Walla Walla Foundry. On one particular day. Curious onlookers outside the unassuming building could have observed a crane lifting. A women’s torso onto legs to form a giant urethane foam model. Several stories tall. Now ready to be molded and cast. Once inside, they might have watched expert workers pour glowing molten metal into a monument-sized plaster mold, weld architectural elements, perform wax tooling. Or remove a rubber mold from a huge plaster model.

Established in 1980 and winner of the 1996 Governor’s Arts Award. The Walla Walla Foundry has become a prominent fine arts bronze casting. Facility where skilled technicians craft artistic vision. Into actual artwork through digital scanning. Machining. Manipulation. Assembly,.Casting. Fabrication, and design. Renowned artists such as Robert Arneson. Terry Allen. Deborah Butterfield. Jim Dine, and Tom Otterness have utilized the firm’s services to create. Produce, and install finished art pieces worldwide. With full color photography and informative text. The Walla Walla Foundry celebrates the collaboration between artist and technician. Explores the fascinating journey of metal sculpture from initial concept. To final installation. And documents the history and achievements. Of this extraordinary eastern Washington enterprise.


Editor : Mark A. Anderson



Men Without Women – Stories

Haruki Murakami (Japan)


Across seven tales. Haruki Murakami brings his powers of observation to bear on the lives of men who, in their own ways. Find themselves alone. Here are lovesick doctors. Students. Ex-boyfriends. Actors. Bartenders, and even Kafka’s Gregor Samsa. Brought together to tell stories that speak to us all. In Men Without Women Murakami has crafted another contemporary classic. Marked by the same wry humor and pathos that have defined his entire body of work.


Editor : Vintage International



The Man Who Never Stopped Sleeping

Aharon Appelfeld  (Romanian Author)


Erwin doesn’t remember much about his journey across Europe. When the war finally ended because he spent most of it asleep. Carried by other survivors as they emerged from their hiding places. Or were liberated from the camps. And made their way to the shores of Naples. Where they filled refugee camps and wondered what was to become of them. As he struggles to stay awake. Erwin becomes part of a group of boys. Being rigorously trained both physically and mentally by an emissary from Palestine. For life in their new home.

The fog of sleep slowly begins to lift. And when Erwin and his fellow clandestine immigrants are released by British authorities from the detention camp in Atlit. He and his comrades are assigned to a kibbutz. Where they learn how to tend to the land and speak their new language. But a part of Erwin desperately clings to the past–to memories of his parents. To his mother tongue. To the Ukrainian city where he was born–and he knows. That despite what he is being told. Who he was is just as important as who he is now becoming.

The Bible.

When he is wounded in an engagement with snipers. Erwin must spend long months recovering from multiple surgeries. And trying to regain the use of his legs. As he exercises his body. He exercises his mind as well. Copying passages from the Bible. Also, in his newly acquired Hebrew and working up the courage to create. His own texts in this language both old and new. Hoping to succeed as a writer where his beloved. Tormented father had failed. With the support of his friends and of other survivors. And with the encouragement of his mother (who visits him in his dreams). Erwin takes his first tentative steps with his crutches–and with his pen.

Editor : Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group



Churchill m’a menti 

Caroline Grimm (French Author)


C’est une histoire vraie et oubliée.
Celle de l’île de Jersey. Abandonnée par Churchill en juin 1940. Envahie par les Allemands deux mois plus tard.
Comment vont survivre les habitants de l’île livrés à l’ennemi ? Pour qui les nazis font-ils construire les seuls camps de concentration de l’Europe de l’Ouest ? Des centaines de Français y seront déportés. Pourquoi Churchill n’en a-t-il jamais parlé ? Ces années de lutte, Caroline Grimm les raconte en suivant le quotidien palpitant de personnages qui n’ont eu d’autre choix que de collaborer avec l’ennemi ou de résister.

Un roman passionnant et bouleversant sur un chapitre ignoré de la Seconde Guerre mondiale.

Churchill m'a menti (Littérature française) (French Edition) by [Grimm, Caroline]

French Editor : Flammarion



Coney Island: 40 Years

Harvey Stein  (US)


Since 1970, when world-renowned photographer Harvey Stein first turned his discerning eye toward Coney Island.  Is love affair with this New York beachfront amusement park began to grow. Over 200 compelling black and white photos tell the tale of his 40-year romance with this iconic locale. Entering Coney Island through his lens is like stepping into another culture. Capturing the lives and times of those who work and play there. There is a sense of adventure, a thrilling escape from daily worries, and much pleasure. Whether riding the jarring Cyclone roller coaster, walking the boardwalk, viewing the Mermaid Parade. Or sunbathing on the beach. Coney Island, America’s first amusement park, is celebrated worldwide. It is a fantasyland of the past with an irrepressible optimism about its future.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Coney Island 40 Years"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Harvey Stein Coney Island 40 Years"

Editor :  Schiffer Publishing, Ltd



Mirror Mirror


Ryan McGinley. One of the most important photographers of his generation. Asks his friends and colleagues. To take the camera into their own hands. Following instructions given to them by the artist, a group of individuals explore their own image.

He since the earliest days of his unparalleled career. Has chronicled his friends and cohorts. Whether on the now legendary annual road trips. He has organized with a large coterie of twentysomethings documenting. Summertime exploits or documenting the early gritty years in downtown New York. McGinley is known as the consummate storyteller about freedom and abandon of youth. A few years ago. However, he wanted to challenge his creative habits. And asked more than one hundred of his friends and colleagues. Guided by detailed instructions and a camera given to them by the artist. To take nude self-portraits using mirrors and other props.


Though related to the ubiquitous selfie. The participants didn’t have the benefit of seeing. The image before they clicked the shutter. Furthermore, McGinley would make the selection of the final image. To represent the photo session. The experiment yielded scores. Of intimate and psychologically revealing photos that. Even though not done by his own hand. Bear some signature McGinley flourishes in their emotional depth and resonance.


Ryan McGinley

Editor : Rizzoli Electa



Paris Reconnaissance

Jim Dine (US)


This book is the catalog to Jim Dine’s (born 1935) exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, covering four decades of his varied and prodigious output. Over the past years Dine has donated large personal selections of his art to museums across Europe and the US, including the British Museum, the Albertina in Vienna, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Centre Pompidou.

One such gift to the Centre Pompidou, consisting of 24 paintings and sculptures from 1966 to the present, is the subject of this book. Featuring double-page reproductions of each work―covering Dine’s major motifs including his hearts, bathrobes, birds, self-portraits and tools―as well his new 40-page interview with Centre Pompidou director Bernard Blistène (supplemented with archival photos), this book is the most detailed survey to date of one of the most important contemporary artists.


Editor:  Steidl / Editions du Centre Pompidou; Bilingual edition (April 24, 2018)



The Rise and Fall of Classical Greece

Josiah Ober (US)


Lord Byron described Greece as great, fallen, and immortal, a characterization more apt than he knew. Through most of its long history, Greece was poor. But in the classical era, Greece was densely populated and highly urbanized. Many surprisingly healthy Greeks lived in remarkably big houses and worked for high wages at specialized occupations. Middle-class spending drove sustained economic growth and classical wealth produced a stunning cultural efflorescence lasting hundreds of years.

Why did Greece reach such heights in the classical period―and why only then? And how, after “the Greek miracle” had endured for centuries, did the Macedonians defeat the Greeks, seemingly bringing an end to their glory? Drawing on a massive body of newly available data and employing novel approaches to evidence, Josiah Ober offers a major new history of classical Greece and an unprecedented account of its rise and fall.


Ober argues that Greece’s rise was no miracle but rather the result of political breakthroughs and economic development. The extraordinary emergence of citizen-centered city-states transformed Greece into a society that defeated the mighty Persian Empire. Yet Philip and Alexander of Macedon were able to beat the Greeks in the Battle of Chaeronea in 338 BCE, a victory made possible by the Macedonians’ appropriation of Greek innovations. After Alexander’s death, battle-hardened warlords fought ruthlessly over the remnants of his empire. But Greek cities remained populous and wealthy, their economy and culture surviving to be passed on to the Romans―and to us.

A compelling narrative filled with uncanny modern parallels, this is a book for anyone interested in how great civilizations are born and die.


Editor: Princeton University press



The Underground Railroad

Colson Whitehead (US)


Cora is a young slave on a cotton plantation in Georgia. An outcast even among her fellow Africans, she is on the cusp of womanhood—where greater pain awaits. And so when Caesar, a slave who has recently arrived from Virginia, urges her to join him on the Underground Railroad, she seizes the opportunity and escapes with him. In Colson Whitehead’s ingenious conception, the Underground Railroad is no mere metaphor: engineers and conductors operate a secret network of actual tracks and tunnels beneath the Southern soil.

Cora embarks on a harrowing flight from one state to the next, encountering, like Gulliver, strange yet familiar iterations of her own world at each stop. As Whitehead brilliantly re-creates the terrors of the antebellum era, he weaves in the saga of our nation, from the brutal abduction of Africans to the unfulfilled promises of the present day. The Underground Railroad is both the gripping tale of one woman’s will to escape the horrors of bondage—and a powerful meditation on the history we all share.


Editor: Anchor Books



My Emily Dickinson

Susan Howe (US)


For Wallace Stevens, “Poetry is the scholar’s art.” Susan Howe―taking the poet-scholar-critics Charles Olson, H.D. And William Carlos Williams (among others) as her guides―embodies that art in her 1985. My Emily Dickinson (winner of the Before Columbus Foundation Book Award). Howe shows ways in which earlier scholarship had shortened Dickinson’s intellectual reach by ignoring the use to which she put her wide reading. Giving close attention to the well-known poem. “My Life had stood―a Loaded Gun.” Home tracks Dickens, Browning, Emily Brontë, Shakespeare, and Spenser, as well as local Connecticut River Valley histories. Puritan sermons, captivity narratives books, and the popular culture of the day. “Dickinson’s life was language and a lexicon her landscape. Forcing, abbreviating, pushing, padding, subtracting, riddling, interrogating, re-writing, she pulled text from text….”


Editor: A New Directions Book




Paulo Coelho (Brazil)

Drawing on the rich experience of his own life. Best-selling author Paulo Coelho takes us back in time to re-live the dreams of a generation that longed for peace and dared to challenge the established social order. In Hippie, he tells the story of a young Brazilian man. Paulo, and Karla, a Dutch woman in her twenties, who share a journey of self-discovery aboard the Magic Bus, as it travels from Amsterdam to Kathmandu in 1970. In his most autobiographical novel to date. Paulo Coelho interweaves adventure, philosophy, and the true stories of his own life to give readers an essential book for our time.

Hippie, Paulo Coelho takes us back in time to re-live the dream of a generation that longed for peace and dared to challenge the established social order–authoritarian politics. Conservative modes of behavior, excessive consumerism, and an unbalanced concentration of wealth and power.


Following the “three days of peace and music” at Woodstock. The 1969 gathering in Bethel, New York that would change the world forever, hippie paradises began to emerge all around the world. In the Dam Square in Amsterdam. Long-haired young people wearing vibrant clothes and burning incense could be found meditating. Playing music, and discussing sexual liberation. The expansion of consciousness and the search for an inner truth. They were a generation refusing to live the robotic and unquestioning life that their parents had known.

At this time, Paulo is a young, skinny Brazilian with a goatee and long, flowing hair who wants to become a writer. He sets off on a journey in search of freedom and a deeper meaning for his life: first, with a girlfriend, on the famous “Death Train to Bolivia,” then on to Peru and later hitchhiking through Chile and Argentina.

His travels take him further, to the famous square in Amsterdam, where Paulo meets Karla. She convinces Paulo to join her on a trip to Nepal. Aboard the Magic Bus that travels across Europe and Central Asia to Kathmandu. They embark on a journey in the company of fascinating fellow travelers. Each of whom has a story to tell, and each of whom will undergo a transformation. Changing their priorities and values, along the way. As they travel together, Paulo and Karla explore their own relationship, an awakening on every level that brings both of them to a choice and a decision that sets the course for their lives thereafter.

editor : Hardcover



British Books Publishers Fear Brexit Will Bring a U.S. Invasion

LONDON — Atopening of the London Books  Fair on Tuesday, a mobile massage company set up a row of stools for anyone in need of a shoulder and neck rub. It’s been a feature of the fair for years, but the service has never seemed more timely.

The Olympia exhibition center in West Kensington teemed with British publishers and editors, a cohort badly in need of stress relief these days. Britain’s looming departure from the European Union has set many people here on edge.

“Because the details haven’t been worked out yet, it’s hard to know what is coming next.” said Francis Bickmore, a director at Canongate, a Scottish publisher. “I think we’re sort of in denial.”

Nearby, Nick Barley, who runs the Edinburgh International Books Festival, was more blunt. “Half the time” he said, “people are scared out of their minds.”

Britain’s vote to leave the union produced a brief boomlet here for publishers, which hurried out titles such as “The Brexit Survival Activity Books,” “The Brexit Cook books” and, of course, the latest popular riff on Enid Blyton’s classic children’s books, “Five Escape Brexit Island.” Since then, the national referendum has produced something very different for the business: a whole lot of anxiety.

Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype by  Clarissa Pinkola Estés Phd


Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts. Passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. Her name is Wild Woman, but she is an endangered species. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D. “psychic archeological digs” into the ruins of the female unconsious. Using multicultural myths, fairy tales, folk tales, and stories. Dr. Estes helps women reconnect with the healthy, instinctual. Visionary attributes of the Wild Woman archetype.

Dr. Estes has created a new lexicon for describing the female psyche. Fertile and life-giving, it is a psychology of women in the truest sense, a knowing of the soul.



Philip Roth, the Incomparable American Novelist, Has Died at Eighty-Five

Philip Roth,a fearless novelist who wrote about Jewish life and male sexual identity, died Tuesday night at a hospital in New York.

Prolific novelist

Roth was one of America’s most prolific and controversial 20th-century novelists. With a career that spanned decades and more than two dozen books. In addition to a Pulitzer for fiction writing. He won other top literary honors, including National Book Awards and PEN/Faulkner Awards.
“From the beginning of his long and celebrated career, Philip Roth’s fiction has often explored the human need to demolish, to challenge, to oppose, to pull apart,” the Pulitzer committee said when it awarded him the prize two decades ago for “American Pastoral.”

No more writing

In 2012, Roth announced that his most recent novel.”Nemesis,”.Published two years earlier about a polio outbreak in New Jersey. Would be his last. He made the decision after he reread all his books.
“I decided that I was done with fiction,” he said at the time. “And I don’t want to read any more of it. Write any more of it, and I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. … I no longer feel this dedication to write what I have experienced my whole life.”
After he stopped writing. He spent his free time reading, swimming and meeting friends.
“He was such a driven perfectionist. So when he felt his power ebbing, he wanted to quit at the top of his game, and he did,” Thurman said.

Military and teaching

Roth was born in Newark. New Jersey, on March 19, 1933. Philip briefly attended the Newark branch of Rutgers University before. He transferred to Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, to discover “the rest of America,” according to the Philip Roth Society. He earned his master’s degree from the University of Chicago in 1955.
Following graduation. He enlisted in the Army but was discharged after he suffered a back injury. He returned to his Chicago alma mater. Where he was an English instructor while he wrote fiction.
A few years later, his first books was published.
Roth’s death comes a little over a week after that of Tom Wolfe. Another literary giant. Wolfe, an innovative journalist and author of masterpieces. Such as “The Bonfire of the Vanities” and “The Right Stuff,” died May 14 at 88.

Fashion Stylist

Fashion Stylist

Arts & Culture Platform section: Fashion Stylist.

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Fashion Stylist, submission your work 

Fashion Stylist

Maison Margiela 

Spring/Summer  2020 – Fashion Week Paris (France)


While haute couture houses presented their next collections in the French capital. Maison Margiela was able to impress the audience. A performance that leaves speechless.

John Galliano.

For this new collection. Artistic Director John Galliano proposed dark clothes. This is the German model Leon Dame. Who stole the show, though? To these clothing creations by closing the parade of an original approach.




Fashion Stylist

Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion

Bendigo Art Gallery – Until Nov 10, 2019 Melbourne (Australia)


Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. Mightn’t be quite as famous as Coco Chanel. And Christian Dior. But both those designers tipped their hat to Balenciaga. As the leader of his generation. Dior said he was “the master of us all”. Chanel said he was “the only couturier in the truest sense of the word”.


Elise Daniels with street performers, suit by Balenciaga, Le Marais, Paris, 1948 - © The Richard Avedon Foundation

Bendigo art Gallery : 42 View Street, Bendigo VIC 3550 Melbourne, Australia



Fashion Stylist

Iris van Herpen

Spring-Summer 2019 Collection


The house Iris van Herpen. Presents its new spring-summer 2019 collection during the fashion show in Paris. Check out all the looks of Iris van Herpen’s show on video.


Website :



Fashion Stylist

Karl Lagerfeld Fashion Drawings Auction

Urban Culture Auctions – April 18, 2019 Palm Beach (USA)


Karl Lagerfeld died two months ago and is one of the greatest fashion designers of our time. His work remains unforgettable for Chanel, Fendi, Chloé, Patou and Balmain. However, there is another step in Lagerfeld’s life, which many ignore: his short-term work for the Roman fashion house Tiziani in the 1960s. As he became known, the collector who had provided him withheld 125 of his favorite sketches. They must now find new owners at an auction on April 18, 2019.

$ 3,000

The starting offers for the drawings, with Lagerfeld’s comments and often fabric samples, can reach $ 3,000 per copy and the actual prices are likely to be much higher. We are viewing a selection of fashion drawings, including a drawing by Lagerfeld for Elisabeth Taylor.


Urban Culture Auction / Palm Beach Modern Auctions – 417 Bunker Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33405, USA




Fashion Stylist

Louis Vuitton

Fall Winter 2019/2020

Louis Vuitton presented its new Fall-Winter 2019-2020 collection. At the ready-to-wear parade in Paris. “The Pompidou Center, Beaubourg, Les Halles, Place des Innocents … A neighborhood like a fascinating incubator. An incredible mix was converging on this epicenter. Bands, style, life … ” Says Nicolas Ghesquière in the note of intent about the inspiration of this collection.


Fashion Week Paris, 2019




Fashion Stylist

Goerges Hobeika 

Collection Spring/Summer 2019


Lebanese couturier Georges Hobeika. It’s inspired this season from the era of Marie Antoinette. In addition, it is the last queen of France whose reign ended during the French Revolution.

The sumptuous essence of the royal residence. The Palace of Versailles, was captured by Baroque embroidery. Also, nostalgic silhouettes reminiscent of the eighteenth century. However, reimagined with a contemporary twist (combinations and numbers without metallic straps).


Fashion Week Paris, 2019




Fashion Stylist

Tim Yip

HKDI Gallery – Until March 31, 2019 Hong-Kong (China)


Marking the artist’s first large-scale solo exhibition in Hong Kong. “Tim Yip: Blue – Art, Costumes and Memory”. Captures over 30 years of artistic evolution of the award-winning Tim Yip. Lauded for his artistic direction and costume designs. For “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” (Oscar Academy Awards. British Academy of Film and Television Award). Tim Yip is a world-renowned visual artist. Stage and film art director and costume designer. Who has over the years left an imprint in art. Culture and performance across the globe.


Tim Yip: Blue – Art, Costumes and MemoryRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Tim Yip HKDI" Instagram Image by KI T.T Y MOK (@nga_wun_mok) with caption : "Tim Yip: Blue – Art, Costumes and Memory #timyip #hongkong #hk #hkdi #exhibition #art #design #costume #performance #fil" at 香港知專設計學院 (HKDI) - 1947176716653246731

HKDI Gallery – 3 King Lung St Tseung Kwan O – Hong Kong (China)




Fashion Stylist

Las femeninas de la moda de España

Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas – Until March 31, 2019 Madrid (Spain)


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid is on from January 24 to 29. So of course you can expect that museums around. The Spanish capital would host exhibitions related to this world of glamour. Suits, fabrics and needles. The Museum of Decorative Arts offers up this show (‘The feminine lines of fashion in Spain 1930-2018’). Featuring works by some 50 journalistic photographs in dialogue. With garments by Spanish designers and accessories such as jewellery, hats and shoes.


Las costuras femeninas de la moda en EspañaRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Las costuras femeninas de la moda de España"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Las costuras femeninas de la moda de España"

Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas –  Calle de Montalbán, 12, 28014 Madrid, Spain




Fashion Stylist

1920, the birth of the modern woman

Museo del Traje – Nov 17/ Jan 06, 2019 Madrid (Spain)


The woman of the 1920s, independent. Hard-working, flirtatious, with her straight suit. And her small hat stuck in, is born of a Europe devastated by the First World War. And decimated by the Spanish Flu. This modern woman. Who increasingly has a presence in universities and in jobs. Previously dominated by men and who continues to fight for their right to vote. Seeks above all comfort without sacrificing elegance.


If there is a hat that defines the time. There is no doubt that it is the cloche. French word that means bell. Cloche alludes to the shape of the hat. That although hardly varies in form throughout its reign. Yes that shows a great diversity in what refers to materials and finishes. Other hats that triumph are the turban, the hat and three-cornered hat. The headdress at night, and of course the wide-brimmed hat that despite its. Detractors does not just disappear.

This is an exhibition that will cause delight among hat and fashion lovers. As well as a well-deserved tribute to the modern and elegant woman of the twenties.


Hat: Amaterasu de Henar Iglesias, exhibition With hats and the crazy, Museum of CostumeModiste année 30Headdress: GranGatsby by Sylvia Martinez. Exhibition With hats and crazy, Costume Museum

Museo del Traje – Av. Juan de Herrera, 2, 28040 Madrid, Spain




Fashion Stylist

Maurizio Cattelan and Gucci

Yuz Museum – Until Dec 11, 2018 Shanghai (China)


A new masterpiece by Maurizio Cattelan. With a new exhibition that focuses on the notion of “copy”. Famous for his irreverence and extravagance. Maurizio Cattelan makes the art of repetition. Imitation and cultural appropriation the watchword of this exhibition. Thus, The artist is present brings together about thirty foreign artists. Including Philippe Parreno. Oscar Tuazon. Danh Vo. Yan Pei-Ming. Damon Zucconi. Christopher Williams. Ma Jun. Aleksandra Mir. Everyone tries to question the originality. The intention as well as the artistic expression.


Fashion Stylist

Yuz Museum of Shanghai – 35 Fenggu Rd, Xuhui Qu, Shanghai Shi, China




Fashion Stylist

Moncler Genius & Pierpaolo Piccioli

The most fashionable jacket of the winter 2018


After (among others) Simone Rocha for line 4. And Craig Green for line 5. Moncler launches line 1, this time entrusted to Pierpaolo Piccioli. Who signs a very personal test. From the Renaissance painting. The creator has retained the mystical and majestic essence of the Italian Madonnas. Which borrows both the Moncler Genius collection and his creation Valentino. Thus Pierpaolo declines the down jacketsin capes. Long or short. Skirts or gaiters with hierarchical look. Like so many fixed, timeless silhouettes. Maintaining the ambiguity between references. To the past or futuristic inspirations. For a result so fair, the creator is surrounded by Sidival Fila.  Artist and Italian priest, who participated in the scenography of the presentation of the collection at the Palace of Scintille in Milan, February 20. The collection is already available.





Fashion Stylist

Between Art & Fashion. Collection of Carla Sozzani

Museum für Fotografie – Until Nov 18, 2018 Berlin (German)


Carla Sozzani, former editor-in-chief of the Italian Elle and Vogue magazines. Has collected photographs for many years. Since 1990, she has also exhibited these works. In her Milan gallery in close cooperation with numerous internationally. Renowned photographers – including Helmut Newton four times. “Ritratti di donna” in 1993. “Impressions, Polaroids” in 1996. “Us and them” in 1999. Together with his wife June, aka Alice Springs, and “Yellow Press” in 2003.


Peggy Moffitt, en Rudy Gernreich, maillot de bain sans haut, 1964. William Claxton.

Museum für Fotografie : Jebensstraße 2-3, 10623 Berlin, Germany




Fashion Stylist

Yves Saint Laurent : Dreams of the Orient

Musée Yves Saint Laurent – Oct 02/Jan27, 2019 Paris (France)


The first temporary exhibition to be held at Paris. Musée Yves Saint Laurent is set to open this October. “Yves Saint Laurent: Dreams of the Orient” Transports visitors to the enchantments. Of the east by means of a stunning collection of haute couture dresses. And the traditional pieces of Asian art that inspired the French designer.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Yves Saint Laurent : Dreams of the Orient"Image associée

Musée Yves Saint Laurent –  5 Avenue Marceau, 75116 Paris (France)




Fashion Stylist

Chanel will present its Métiers d’Art 2018-2019 collection at the Met

Following shows in Rome, Paris and Hamburg last year. Chanel’s Métiers d’Art show will come to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on December 4.


In 2005. Chanel became the subject of a special exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And the house will return to the iconic New York museum on December 4. To present its Métiers d’Art 2018-2019 show. A tribute to the skill that Métiers d’Art exemplifies. The show will take place in the American metropolis. To which Karl Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel have a profound connection. the French house’s designer having visited for the first time in 1931. Having previously made the city the first place where one could buy her first hats. Which were created in 1912. The last presentation of Métiers d’Art by Chanel was in Lagerfeld’s hometown of Hamburg in December 2017. And this edition will mark the third time a Chanel show is held in NYC.





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A documentary about Antonio Lopez is about to be released


A portrait of fashion illustrator and photographer Antonio Lopez’s vibrant life during the 70s. Directed by James Crump, is set to be released. “Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex, Fashion & Disco”. Follows one of fashion’s most well-known illustrators. From his beginnings in East Harlem. Where, at age eight. He took an interest in fashion illustration after seeing René Bouché’s work in VogueElle and WWD. In 1969, Antonio Lopez travelled to Paris. Where he met Karl Lagerfeld and struck up a friendship with Jerry Hall – even though she was only 15 at the time.

Antonio had tasted artistic freedom. And in a matter of moments his illustrations had become well-known throughout France. Antonio’s fantastical.colorful and exotic drawings. Inspired by boldly liberated models. Live on in the work of today’s designers. Former Vogue ParisEditor in Chief Joan Juliet Buck decreed Lopez’s work was “the ideal lived reality at the end of a crayon.” Conversely, Lopez’s own lived reality in Paris was blighted by racism and prejudice. And the documentary paints an accurate. Unflinching portrait of the illustrator. And his friends (who included Grace Coddington. Jessica Lange and Bill Cunningham) share anecdotes about his mischievous nature. And his radiant take on kitsch fashion. “Antonio Lopez. Sex, Fashion & Disco” will be in US theatres September 14.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Antonio Lopez Ginger Rogers, 1970–1979"Antonio Lopez (1943-1987) Gloria Swanson, 1970s




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Surface/Depth: The Decorative After Miriam Schapiro

Museum of Arts and Design – Until Sep 09, 2018 (New-York)


The 1970s saw a number of artistic reactions to the Pop Art. Minimalist and Conceptualist aesthetics of the previous decade—among them. The Pattern and Decoration movement (often abbreviated to P&D). Which borrowed motifs from craft traditions particularly. Weaving usually excluded from fine art. Because many of these disciplines were associated with so-called women’s work. Pattern and Decoration had a feminist slant. Most decidedly in the work of Miriam Schapiro (1923–2015). One of P&D’s founder (not all of the artists in the group, however, were female).

This show revisits the legacy of Pattern. And Decoration by taking the Schapiro’s oeuvre as a point of departure. Hanging a selection of her self-styled mixed-media femmages alongside contributions by notable contemporary artists influenced by Schapiro. Including Sanford Biggers. Ruth Root and Jeffrey Gibson among others.


Miriam Schapiro“Surface/Depth: The Decorative After Miriam Schapiro”Miriam Schapiro

Museum of arts and design – 2 Columbus Cir, New York, NY 10019, États-Unis




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Hussein Chalayan

Fashion Stylist – (Cypriot-born Turkish)


Chalayan was born in the Turkish community of Nicosia on the island of Cyprus in 1970. His parents separated when he was a child. At the age of eight, he joined his father, who had moved to the United Kingdom. Chalayan was sent to a private school in London when he was twelve, but returned to Cyprus to study for his A-level examinations. He went back to London and attended Central Saint Martin’s College at the age of nineteen to study fashion. Chalayan rose to fashion fame soon after he received his B.A.Degree from Central Saint Martin’s in 1993. His graduating collection, titled The Tangent Flows, was the now infamous series of buried garments that were exhumed just before the show and presented with a text that explained the process.


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Eckhaus Latta: “Possessed”

Whitney Museum of American Art – Aug03/Oct08, 2018 New-York


This summer, the Whitney Museum of American Art will present the first museum solo exhibition of Eckhaus Latta, the New York-and Los Angeles-based fashion label, founded in 2011 by Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta. Eckhaus Latta: Possessed highlights the work of this compelling young design team who belong to a new generation of designers operating at the intersection of fashion and contemporary art. The exhibition, part of the Museum’s emerging artist series, will be on view in the first-floor John R. Eckel, Jr. Foundation Gallery from August 3 through October 8, 2018. Access to the gallery is free of charge.

Eckhaus Latta’s fashion designs—for which they are currently finalists for the 2018 LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers—explore, in part, identity and reflect the fluid nature of gender and sexuality. While they fully participate in the fashion system, Latta and Eckhaus remain self-aware of their roles in consumer society. Their recognizable designs have featured experimental knitwear; a wide range of materials including lace, rust, and recycled fabrics; and a general approach that supersedes gender binaries. At times, models are sent down the runway wearing clothes that challenge traditional definitions of male and female. Vanessa Friedman, fashion director and chief fashion critic at the New York Times, wrote that their clothes “are a kind of petri dish of associative splicing,” and that they “grapple honestly with what is on the designers’ minds: questions of gender and difference and the details of fallible beauty…”

This will be the first exhibition related to fashion stylist at the Museum in 21 years, since The Warhol Look: Glamour, Style, Fashion (1997).


A model with a bag on her head.“Eckhaus Latta: Possessed”

Museum of American Art : 99 Gansevoort St, New York, NY 10014, États-Unis




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Story of Gabrielle Chanel and Deauville 1912 (France)





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ÆRENA Gallerie – July 01 /31, 2018


ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens is delighted to bring you, Fame – Is It Any Wonder, a showcase of Robert Mars’ latest works. Through graphic compositions and rich colors, Mars explores his fascination with the Golden Age of American popular culture and the icons of the 1950s and 1960s. Drawing inspiration from the near-mythical fame that surrounded celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn – and before the all-encompassing presence of the internet – Mars’ fresh approach is a timeless, vintage aesthetic.

Mars begins his paintings with planes of color and sheets of brown paper, then layers paint and vintage newspaper unique to the subject’s era. Influenced by quilting, he collages historical icons and high-profile brands, such as Chanel and Dom Perignon, with layers of more mundane paper ephemera. Mars then sands areas of the composition allowing specific elements of the underpainting to emerge and create lively patterns throughout. With a final layer of thick resin, Mars seals his composition, rendering the image a time capsule of America’s glamorous past.


Stay GoldYou Shall Be My EveTable Tipsy MarilynLast Caress

ÆRENA Gallery – 604 Main Street – Napa, CA 94559 USA



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The Met – Until October 8, 2018 – NYC


The Costume Institute’s spring 2018 exhibition—at The Met Fifth Avenue and The Met Cloisters—features a dialogue between fashion and medieval art from The Met collection to examine fashion’s ongoing engagement with the devotional practices and traditions of Catholicism.

Serving as the cornerstone of the exhibition, papal robes and accessories from the Sistine Chapel sacristy, many of which have never been seen outside The Vatican, are on view in the Anna Wintour Costume Center. Fashions from the early twentieth century to the present are shown in the Byzantine and medieval galleries, part of the Robert Lehman Wing, and at The Met Cloisters.


Evening dress by Gianni Versace featuring a Byzantine cross designEnsemble by Dolce and Gabbana inspired by a Byzantine mosaic designChristian Lacroix ensemble featuring a reliquary cross design with gemstone adornments

The Metmuseum : 1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028, USA



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J. Paul Getty Museum – June 26–October 21, 2018 Los Angeles (US)


The 10 decades encompassed in Icons of Style: A Century of Fashion Photography, 1911–2011, opening today at the Getty in LA, conclude at a telling time in culture. By 2011, Instagram and Snapchat were born, and street style blogs had become as much of a draw for fashion lovers as the print pages of high-fashion glossies. While traditional fashion photography wasn’t on the wane, it was doubtless undergoing a shift, propelled in large part by the merely curious and creative, who got in the habit of grabbing a Nikon or iPhone and simply pointing and shooting for themselves.

The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman, along with his former partner, fellow street-style chronicler Garance Doré, were two of the of the lensmen ushering in this new era. Chronologically, Schuman’s work bookends that of two others featured in the exhibition, Edward Steichen and Baron Adolf de Meyer, both considered originators in the field and worked extensively for Condé Nast and Hearst.

Whereas Steichen and de Meyer were tasked with elevating the then-nascent genre to the level of highly romanticized images created by the late 19th-century illustrators like Erté, by the beginning of the 21st century, fashion photography would be stripped of much of its artifice. In lieu of carefully coiffed, exactingly styled models, Schuman et al. would shoot urban dandies, colorful gallerists, and polished magazine editors, all (attractive) civilians who caught his eye.

Portraiture from the decades in the interim reflected the fashion zeitgeist, from Irving Penn’s regimented ’50s studio glamour and Neil Barr’s off-kilter ’60s psychedelic vibes to Guy Bourdin’s louche ’70s surrealism and Herb Ritts’s athletic ’80s posturing.


Organized roughly by decade and separated into galleries within a gallery. The exhibition offers a series of striking visual time capsules. Conjuring specific moments in history and popular culture ranging from the end of World War II to the dawn of “heroin chic. Household names like Gordon Parks. Man Ray, and Helmut Newton feature. As do lesser-known artists like Glen Luchford. Toni Frissell, and Corinne Day.

Clothing, including a black, nipped-waist Dior .“New Look” dress, and an unforgiving, bias-cut ivory satin Vionnet gown complement the photography. As do video film segments, lending the show an apropos Hollywood spin. While the “fashion show”. Scene in George Cukor’s The Women is well-trod cinephile sartorial ground. Ditto the “think pink” sequence from Funny Face—fewer people are likely aware of a 1979 Chanel No. 5. “Share the Fantasy” commercial directed by none other than Ridley Scott.

Paul Martineau.

Granted, the focus remains on photography, a medium which exhibition curator Paul Martineau still finds uniquely compelling. “I continue to be intrigued by the ability of some photographs to transcend their original commercial function in order to be considered true works of fine art,” he says. Whether this ultimately translates to images from the current social media era—and another exhibition—remains to be seen.


Actress Mary Nash Modeling a Diaphanous Dress, 1923, Wynn Richards, gelatin silver print. Courtesy of and © Condé Nast / Vogue, January 1, 1923Jumping a Puddle, 1934, Martin Munkácsi, gelatin silver print. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Gilman Collection, purchase, the Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation Gift, through Joyce and Robert Menschel, 2005 (2005.100.1103). © Estate of Martin Munkácsi, courtesy of Howard Greenberg Gallery, New YorkThe V Back Evenings, Suzy Parker, Dress by Trigère, New York, 1955, Lillian Bassman, gelatin silver print. The J. Paul Getty Museum. © The Estate of Lillian Bassman

The Getty Center – N Sepulveda Blvd & Getty Center Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90049



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Mona von Bismarck (US)

Meet the 20th century’s queen of couture: Frazier History Museum

Louisville, Kentucky (US) Until 29 July 2018


Before “Best Dressed” lists were overflowing with reality TV. Stars and movie celebrities, there was the original fashion icon. A Kentucky born femme fatal who was the first American to earn the coveted title.

Known for her trademark silver hair and aquamarine eyes, throngs of famous fashion designers admired the Countess Mona von Bismarck.

Think Chanel, Mainbocher, Lanvin, Vionnet. Lucien Lelong and her personal favorite, Balenciaga. Each was a fan of the Kentuckian’s sophisticated, classic and timeless style.

But how did these famous designers. End up so enamored with a woman who grew up in Louisville. Who, honestly, is someone you’ve probably never heard of?

That’s what the Frazier History Museum, 829 W. Main St., hopes to answer.

“Mona was the fashion reference for her era,” said Scott Rogers, who is working with the museum to curate a show about Bismarck’s fashion. And her place in international society. “She was a flawless symbol of elegance in western society. That is near impossible for anyone to repeat in this day.”


Where: Frazier History Museum, 829 W Main St., Louisville




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One Grand Show this summer by Jean Paul Gaultier (French)

Friedrichstadt-Palast  from 22 june/05 July – Berlin


The one must-do on our Berlin bucket list is the One Grand Show – which closes July 5 andhas returned to glowing praise at the Friedrichstadt-Palast. The most highly-anticipated aspect of the showcase is certainly the performers’ costumes, designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier. The French couturier has created 500 spectacular costumes. In his renowned sexy and extravagant style. The story written by Roland Welke follows a young man. An a leather jacket and a Scottish kilt (a Gaultier staple). Who is transported to a wild rave in a quirky punk-art universe.

Throughout their journey the protagonists meet odd creatures. A corseted Madonna, a curvaceous Kim Kardashian, sailors, men wearing latex, ringleaders with their feather headdresse. High level glamour punctuated by the vocal stylings of a burlesque singer, the spectacle is pure enchantment for the spectators . Prepare to catch yourself oohing and aahing during the aerial acrobatics and sensual cabarets. Crossing genders and intertwining bodies mimic the ever-changing backgrounds.


Friedrichstadt-Palast – Friedrichstraße 107, 10117 Berlin, Deutschland



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The V&A’s Next Major Fashion Exhibition Is All About Mary Quant And 60s Mini Skirts

Celebrating the swinging 60s.


As the much-anticipated Frida Kahlo exhibition draws ever closer. The V&A Museum have announced their next major fashion showcase, and it’s a good’un.

With previous shows displaying everything from the costumes of David Bowie and Alexander McQueen’s legendary fashion meets art pieces. To famous wedding dresses throughout the ages and examining the role shoes have played in providing pleasure and pain all over the world, the V&A is infamous for its commitment to history.

And their next major exhibition isn’t set to disappoint either. Simply titled, Mary Quant, the museum’s latest blockbuster fashion spectacle will be an ode to the legendary 1960s designer.


Mary Quant Exhibition


The first international retrospective of the revolutionary designer in nearly 50 years. Mary Quant will be a celebration of the swinging sixties designer.  Often credited with instigating the ‘youthquake’ movement and more notably, popularising the decade-defining mini skirt.


In addition to having unprecedented access to Mary Quant’s archive including over 200 acquired pieces. The V&A are also aiming to display original designs bought by women in the 1960s. And they’ve taken to social media to get the word out there. Curator Jenny Lister issued a nationwide callout using the hashtag #WeWantQuant and releasing the following statement:

‘We want to hear from women who wore Mary’s radical designs and experienced the appeal of the Mary Quant brand at first-hand. To help us tell these incredible stories. We are asking people to check attics, cupboards, as well as family photo albums, for the chance to feature in our exhibition.’


Mary Quant Exhibition


So, if you’re lucky enough to own an original mod mini skirt or an iconic Quant PVC raincoat, this is your chance to be part of fashion history.

Speaking on the retrospective of her work, Quant said, ‘The V&A is such a precious and iconic organisation for which I have the utmost admiration and respect, and it is a huge honour to be recognised by them with this dedicated exhibition and book.

‘It was a wonderfully exciting time and despite the frenetic, hard work we had enormous fun. We didn’t necessarily realise that what we were creating was pioneering, we were simply too busy relishing all the opportunities and embracing the results before rushing on to the next challenge!


Mary Quant Exhibition


‘Friends have been extremely generous in loaning, and in many cases, donating garments and accessories to the V&A which they have lovingly cherished for many years, so it will be fascinating to see what else will emerge! I am enormously grateful to have been involved with so many talented people whose contribution to that ground-breaking, revolutionary and memorable era will also be recognised.’

Alas, the exhibition won’t open until April 2019, but in the mean time you’ll find us wearing go-go boots and vinyl trench coats Quant-style.

Mary Quant runs at the Victoria & Albert Museum London –  from 6th April 2019 – 8th March 2020. Tickets will go on sale in Autumn 2018



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Marimekko: Fashion Stylist Icon 1951 to 2018

Until 11 Jun 2018 – Melbourne


Established during the golden age of post-war modernism, Marimekko is the Finnish textile and fashion company that achieved international fame in the 1960s and 70s with its bold screen prints and pop art style graphics. Coinciding with the emerging liberation of women, the founding of Marimekko, or ‘Mary dress’ as the name literally translates, represented a pure concept; free from rules and constraints.


This exhibition traces Marimekko’s meteoric rise from the 1950s to the present, and explores the dualities that define its aesthetic. Its iconic fabric patterns and unconventional ready-to-wear outfits brought colour and informality to an otherwise self-conscious fashion world. With more than 60 outfits, swatches of original fabrics, homewares, sketches and other archival materials, the exhibition focuses on the work of the talented individuals who defined this local textile practice and created its internationally recognisable designs.


A Marimekko fashion image from 1963

Bendigo Art Gallery, 42 View Street, Bendigo, Victoria, 3550. Australie



Fashion Stylist

Friday 1 June – Sunday 22 July

Exhibition searching for the new luxury – Netherlands


State of Fashion Stylist  is the first large-scale international public event that is entirely devoted to sustainable and honest fashion. The first edition will take place from 1 June until 22 July 2018 in the Melkfabriek in Arnhem. Large-scale modern houses and designers such as G-Star RAW, H&M and Zegna will present their vision on a sustainable future alongside innovative start-ups and designers such as Bruno Pieters, Osklen and Iris van Herpen.




Fashion Stylist

2018 Fashion Week Country 

Oscar de La Renta – Feb 2018


Mar 27-31 SA Fashion Week South Africa
Apr 23-27 Barcelona Bridal Week Spain
May 13-17 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia
”       25-26 Fiji Fashion Week Fiji
”      26-Jun 2 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta
Jun 20-24 Paris Fashion Week – Men France
Jul 1-5 Paris Fashion Week – Haute Couture  France
”     3-7 Berlin Fashion Week Germany
”     22-26 Helsinki Fashion Week Finland
Sep 14-18 London Fashion Week United Kingdom
”       25-Oct 2 Paris Fashion Week – Women France
Oct 4-7 Marbella Fashion Week Spain
”      23-27 SA Fashion Week South Africa




Dries Van Noten | Fall Winter 2018/2019 Full Fashion Show -Paris
Until now, the Belgian designer Dries Van Noten has always resisted the call of large modern groups preferring to remain independent. The designer was distinguished by his desire not to yield to the pressure of the  industry, to move at his own pace.

L’instant mode : l’expo sur les Belges à BozarRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Dries Van Noten | Fall Winter 2018/2019 Full Fashion Show -Paris"




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Dance in the street, Peter Knapp and 1960-1970 fashion stylist at the City of Fashion in Paris. From March 9 to June 10, 2018.


Dancing in the Street, Peter Knapp et la mode 1960-1970 à la Cité de la mode


It is through the keen eye of Peter Knapp that the City of Fashion and Design in Paris. Plunges us into two pivotal decades in the history of fashion stylist and women’s emancipation. From March 9 to June 10, 2018. The Quai d’Austerlitz presents the exhibition “Dancing in the Street. Peter Knapp and the 1960-1970″ . which highlights the work of one of the greatest photographers of fashion at a time. When women freed themselves from the shackles imposed by the patriarchal society.

60s and 70s.

Through more than 100 photographs, mostly unpublished. The graphic universe of this creator of images tells how the fair sex freed themselves during the 60s and 70s. Of the codes of their elders, those dresses in particular, for a fashion more free, in their image. “It is now in the street, in the fields, on the beach. … That are discovered silhouettes free of all restraint.The models dance and jump, the essential is in the movement”. Thus raises the City  to present the work of Peter Knapp.


This exhibition is all the more interesting as the images presented come from the photographer’s personal archives. Whether you are trendy or feminist fiber, this exhibition is unmissable!

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