Conor Harrington

Conor Harrington

Conor Harrington
Painter, street art

Location: London (UK)






Conor Harrington (b.1980) is an Irish-born street / graffiti artist based in London, England. Conor attended the Limerick School of Art and Design and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2002. His career picked up quite quickly after graduation and years of street art and graffiti. His larger-than-life paintings on the sides of buildings have become increasingly popular. By taking inspiration from old masters and incorporating them into his works. Harrington also began to create gallery art with his murals that he would create in cities.


Harrington uses realistic images of people. He combines them with abstract elements. Then it incorporates meaning and a story related to the events unfolding at the time. His pieces have been called dreamlike. With the balance between the senses and then the realism of the characters in the play. Harrington’s use of the smooth lines of the human body. Against the hard and hard lines of the abstract form. It also gives juxtaposition and understanding. It’s a more modern room than you might think. His understanding and use of the combination of the old and the new in his pieces to create a harmony that the viewer can perceive is one of the things that sets Harrington’s work apart.


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