Laure Prouvost

Laure Prouvost

Laure Prouvost

Visual artist
Location: London / Brussels


Laure Prouvost (French, born in Croix in 1978) is a multimedia artist who examines the relationship between the contemporary viewer and the past. Using modern technology. She studied at Central Saint Martins in London between 1999 and 2002. Then at Goldsmiths College. During her early years in London, she worked as an assistant to John Latham (British, 1921-2006). Conceptual artist known for his studies on the relationship between art and science.

Experimental film.

Prouvost, whose art combines experimental collages, installations and film. Latham as his “conceptual godfather”. Through his work, the artist seeks to destabilize the relationship between language and understanding. She uses family stories in her films to engage the viewer and turn expectations around by incorporating other irrelevant narratives into this surreal visual landscape.


Laure ProuvostÉpinglé sur Performance and InstallationLaure Prouvost, “This means” 2019 | Tiered cake stand, Art object, Tiered cakes







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