Lev Khesin

Lev Khesin

Lev Khesin 
Location: Berlin (Germany)






Artist, painter Lev Khesin, born in Penza, Russia. He lives and works in Berlin since 1999. Making sculpture-like paintings that bring the complex interplay between color and materiality.
Defying the grip of linguistic systems. Khesin, a graduate of Frank Badur’s master class in Berlin, explores the cognitive potential of an art free from any concepts imposed on objects and phenomena.
In a time-consuming process and using various tools. Lev lays down layer after layer of dyed translucent silicone in a variety of shades.


Molds smooth surfaces and ragged structures. Experimentation and discovery are always part of the spirit of Khesin artistic method. Each layer of silicone covers the surface of the panel like a film. The number of coats on a painting varies from a dozen to a hundred. Khesin mixes transparent silicone with different pigments and therefore each layer may differ from the other in terms of color. degree of transparency.


By painting with silicone enhanced with pigments, Khesin appeals to the senses of sight and touch in equal measure.
Since 2005, he has had numerous individual and collective exhibitions in museums and galleries in
Germany. United States, Italy. Netherlands. Russia. Swiss. France and Japan.
Her art book “Morphology” was published by Distanz Verlag, Germany in 2019.


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