Liang Ban

Liang Ban

Liang Ban

Visual Artist

Location : Pekin (China)


Liang Ban was born in Guangxi, China, in 1985. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sculpture in 2010 from the Guangxi Art Institute in Nanning, China.

Liang’s work includes video recording. Installations and paintings. His working style almost resembles a lone gravedigger. In the void of reality, he aimlessly searches subcultures. Pan-images. Pseudo-mythologies and other messages to check. From the ideology of universal value. By connecting them to the tragedies of individuals and social policy. He converts this information in question into an unknowable “theater”. In the process, Liang succinctly fills his works with the poetic and the fictional. Provoking sympathy in the public for what is encountered in reality.


Liang BanLiang Ban






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