Robert Longo

Robert Longo

Robert Longo

Painter, Sculptor

Location: New-York (US)





The American painter and sculptor Robert Longo was born in Brooklyn, New York, on January 7, 1953. Robert Longo practiced Painting, sculpture with equal success. Photography. Performance or video art. He is also a musician in the group of his companion Barbara Sukowa.
On the contemporary American art scene R. Longo stands out for the power of his expression. Partly because of the composite technique. That he uses in which the use of graphite pencil enters extensively, in part by the subjects he discusses. At all times, the artist, through the commission. Or by his personal will. Sometimes involuntarily, reflected the deep existential problems of the society in which he lived. It is the same with Robert Longo, whose immense work. Strong, dramatic, forces us to reflect on our contemporary world.


robert longo ROBERT LONGORobert Longo, charcoal on paper. | Robert longo, Ghost in the machine, Charcoal  drawing


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