Yener Torun

Yener Torun

Yener Torun


Location; Turkey





With architecture as his profession, Yener Torun borrows from lines. With colorful patterns. Symmetrical arrangements of the urban landscape his inspiration as a photographer. Born in Turhal in 1982, he trained at Istanbul Technical University. He practiced the profession of architect for ten years. He simultaneously roams the streets of the fascinating cultural capital of Turkey in search of subjects to photograph. His interest in this medium ended in 2013 with the use of Instagram. An online photography sharing platform revered by emerging young talents. Yener Torun then published his first photos there. Colorful, mimalist and unexpected, which will make him one of the most influential artists of his generation. He is now essentially dedicated to his practice. He trained in photography techniques and henceforth explored Turkey as a whole. Ankara. Bursa. Izmir and Kocaeli, cities which will very soon be the subject of a publication.


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