Marko Blazo

Marko Blazo

Marko Blazo


Location : Kosice, Czechoslovakia






From Mark Blazo.  My visual poetry is constructed from my free imagination. I build my fantasy world, where people. Animals, plants are saved and embodied into the shells of architecture. I play with them and move them out for  into gallery spaces. Inspiration comes from the land of nobody. I build my toys in the zone of love. And in the borders between the quarelling questions of evolution, god. Science, religion, intellect, folly, madness and art. Totally fascinated by various architectural sites. Their transformations into my works of art help me in my everyday. Self-renovation from life feelings and phobic experiences. Inspired by the question of how to make still attractive. The ancient examples of architecture for the thinking of modern man. Who has different needs as yesterday’s souls.



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