Paul Critchley

Paul Critchley

Paul Critchley


Location : Abruzzo, Italy






Perspective, its use and abuse, is at the core of my paintings. As can be seen from my paintings of interiors, such as ‘Rauric 12’. And in exteriors, both urban landscapes such as. ‘La Casa Blanca’ and landscapes such as ‘Early Summer’.

The definition of realism takes on a new meaning. When the paintings are shaped in perspective because a ‘realistic’ painting. In a square or rectangle relies on the acceptance by the viewer. That they are also looking at an illusion presented to them in an arbitrarily imposed shape. Finally, but when a painting. Is shaped to look like the object represented when seen in perspective, such as a painting of a door . which actually opens and closes like a real door.  Then the illusion of reality is intensified. Perhaps it would be more accurate to describe this increased realism as ‘supra-realism’.


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